Why Do You Need to Hire Expert Removalist?

There is a huge pool of removalists that it is highly confusing for a customer to choose one from. Adding to that, many of these movers are not experienced or reliable enough to provide a satisfying relocation experience that you could end up feeling stressed throughout the entire relocation period.

While some may choose based on the budget furniture removalists Adelaide, others may favor the quality over the cost. But there are only a few removalists who can provide you with an affordable relocation package with the best service. These expert relocation services know the right way to execute the relocation and give the customers a happy and stress-free experience.

To avoid all these issues and get the right kind of help with your relocation, it is important to identify and hire the expert removal experts for your relocation.

Get Help in Packing Your Stuff

It can be very tedious to pack every single thing in your home all yourself. Especially when you have a child at home or when you are a working professional or a student, you can find it hard to make the time to pack the things that sometimes you may have to cramp up and compromise on quality packing in the last few days before your relocation.


It is always good to have some help to free you from all that stress of relocation. You may have a lot of other work in addition to packing during relocation like redirecting all your posts to your new address, updating your new place with the government authorities, completing your accounts or transferring any cards you hold, etc.

Therefore, it is nice to have some experienced removalists come in and do the work for you. The removalists can help in packing some of the heavy things like your furniture and appliances which are also the ones that will cost you a lot more if it gets damaged. These movers will do a fantastic and thorough job at packing all your important stuff that it will be protected from any untoward problems during the relocation.

Better Transportation

When you are living in an apartment or have a narrow hallway to pass through, it is better to have some experts who can plan and strategize on how to take out all your stuff to the truck. When you have to carry your packed stuff through a narrow flight of stairs, it can be hard and may even lead to damage to your things. Also, you will need to make several trips up and down the stairs and lift heavy things through the narrow places which can affect your health too.

But expert removalists have the experience with handling and carrying huge stuff even in the narrowest spaces that they will have no problem in safely bringing your stuff out from your home and load them securely into the truck.

moving house

When you hire the house movers for transportation, they will not only bring your things to the truck from the difficult spaces, they will also unload all your stuff and place it back in your new home and help you with unloading them. It can save some valuable time in helping you unpack soon and get adjusted to the new home. Along with this, we can even help you plan to move during rain.

Complete Insurance Coverage


There are only some moving companies who can provide insurance coverage along with your relocation packages. The moving insurance that you opt should cover you for the accidental damages all throughout the relocation. Some relocation insurance may have some fine print in between the lines which wouldn’t cover for some of the most common damages or during damage during transit. You need to enquire and spend time reading the insurance terms before signing for it.

The moving team will not engage in any such unethical activities and will provide you complete insurance coverage for the loss you incur.

If you are looking for budget removalists in Adelaide to take care of your relocation, then it is time you make a call to the CBD Movers. We go all out to ensure that our customers felt cared and their relocation goes on smoothly without any hitch. Contact us to get a free quote for your relocation needs.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Packing Fragile Items

There can be many problems during relocation and a good majority of it can be avoided if you know the right way to do. Relocating fragile items can be a huge nightmare especially when you have some pricey stuff among them.


There are certain procedures to follow when packing fragile items and when you miss some important steps in it, you can end up breaking up your stuff. Here are some common mistakes that people generally make when packing fragile items. Keep a note of all these points when packing fragile items and ensure to avoid them.

Rushing your packing

We all make this mistake of miscalculating the amount of time we need to pack all our stuff for relocation and at the end, rush the packing to get it all done before the day of relocation. During those few rushing days, packing the fragile items may not be a good idea.

Fragile items need extra care and attention while packing to ensure that every step is performed to perfection. But when you are rushing, you may miss out some important details of packing which could prove fatal for your fragile items.

To avoid the loss of your items and your money, start your packing with the fragile items so that you can give its due time and care.

Being stingy on the packing materials

This is a big no-no. Maybe you are out of some packing materials and are lazy to go around to the shop to get more or maybe you are packing in the middle of the night when you are short of packing materials but want to complete most of your packing before the next day. No reason is good enough to go stingy on the packing materials, especially for those fragile items.

There is a procedure to pack every fragile item like china dishes, wine glasses, arts, etc. And every procedure requires a certain amount of packing materials. Skipping any of the packing materials could get your items damaged.

Always have a surplus of the packing materials so that you don’t have to rush in the middle of the store. Don’t be stingy with the packing materials. See the bigger picture here: a few more bucks of packing materials or a pricey art?

Also keep in mind about the weather conditions because if it’s raining, then you have to plan for moving during rain. The packing material should be waterproof so that if in any case, your packages get drenched in rain and you have already prepared for it in advance. it will save a lot of your efforts

Forgetting to mark your boxes as ‘fragile’


When you are packing your stuff by yourself and have hired removalists to just relocate your things, then you need to make sure that the removalists working on your relocation know which boxes have your fragile items.

You may point out the boxes and tell them but in the sea of boxes, it can get mixed up. Therefore, the simple universal way to let the removalists know which boxes need to be given extra care is by writing the word ‘fragile’ in big, bold letters on all sides of the boxes. Also, don’t forget to mark which side is up to not mess up your airtight packing.

Things will become easier if you have hired removalists for relocation. Consult a removal agency and consult with them for house removals along with your fragile items.

Packing the items too tight

Most fragile items have a tendency to break when hard pressure is applied to it. This happens when you try to stuff in more items in the box so that all your fragile items are very tightly applying pressure on each other. If in any case, you have an expensive wine collection, check out our article on how to pack wine bottles

During the transportation, this long applying pressure could break your fragile items even after a secure packing.

Therefore, it is important to know the difference between packing a box tight and super tight with high pressure.

It is okay to pack a box tight so that things don’t move but when you can see the box bulging on the outside or the items held too tight with each other that there are chances of it to break when to try to remove them, then it is advisable not to proceed.

Not using shock absorbers

When you are relocating your stuff in a vehicle, there is bound to be some bumpy rides along the way. These jumps could send shock waves inside the boxes which the fragile items can’t withstand. Therefore, line the bottom of the boxes with bubble wraps, newspapers, packing papers, etc to absorb the shock.

For items like glasses, bowls, etc which has a hollow surface, the hollow part has to be filled with bubble wraps or any clothes to absorb the shock.

Our article on tips to pack your moving truck will help you adjust your delicate house items properly in the vehicle.

Getting Your Furniture Prepared for Your Move

Packing your whole house into a truck isn’t an easy feat. You have to be smart with the packing options keeping in mind the space constraints. Of all the things in your home that take up a whole load of space, furniture will top that list.

Packing your furniture for relocation needs patience and expertise to safely transport them in a good condition to use next. Getting your huge couch out through your tiny doorway, disassembling the furniture without any damage, assembling the furniture in the right setting are just a few of the issues that you may face with relocating your furniture.

You can save yourself a lot of time and probably some money if you take to spend time getting your furniture prepped for the move. Here are simple, easy tips that everyone can follow to ensure that their furniture relocation is a successful one.

Know which ones to disassemble


Well, this is a crucial one, obviously. If you, by any chance, try to disassemble furniture, that shouldn’t be disassembled, then it could end in disastrous results probably making the furniture unsuitable for use.

To know which furniture to disassemble and which ones you shouldn’t, here is a simple way to identify. For all those furniture that came in pieces along with a manual to guide you install it all together, you can confidently disassemble them provided you have the manual to guide you to assemble them back in your new house.

In case you remember installing the furniture on your own, and therefore know that you can disassemble the furniture, but don’t have the manual to guide to assemble it back, then it is best to get the help of the removalists. Furniture removalists from a good removals company will have the experience of handling various type of furniture and therefore they can assemble your furniture without the help of manuals.

Now that we have seen the furniture that you need to disassemble, there is some furniture that you absolutely shouldn’t disassemble. Some antique furniture or furniture that hasn’t been disassembled from the time you were a child or any other furniture that came in one piece when you bought should be relocated as such without trying to disassemble them.

If you have any doubts about whether you can disassemble furniture or not, it is best to get the help of the removalists you have hired to guide you. It is important to consult them before you take matters in your own hand and try to disassemble furniture on a hunch.

Packing your furniture

packing furniture

If you have original packing box the furniture came in, then it is best to pack them back in it. You will have all the covers, bubble wraps in the packing box and all you need to do is fit the furniture parts in the box and seal it with packing tape.

In case if you don’t have the original box of the furniture, you can get some good sturdy boxes from your local supermarket or any hardware stores. Use bubble wraps to fully cushion your furniture against any breakage. Any other packing materials you use should be checked thoroughly to see if it doesn’t contain any sharp or scraping material in it which could damage the furniture.

While using your own box for the packing, use enough packing materials so that the furniture is properly sealed in and doesn’t move during the transportation. Use sufficient packing materials both above and below the box so that it can withstand any shocks during the ride.

When you are getting boxes to pack your furniture in, always ensure that the finally packed box can pass easily through your doorway. If you think there might be some difficulty, you can always pack it outside the house and transport them directly.

Packing your moving truck and relocating the heavy furniture can be a tiring process. If you can afford to spend a little more money, you can hire furniture removalists to disassemble, pack and assemble the furniture. CBD Movers Adelaide is a reliable removals company who will work on your furniture relocation from scratch. They will even bring their own packing material; therefore, you do not need to worry about the safe relocation of your furniture at all!

Relocating Heavy Objects: When Safety is Essential

We have all seen the DIY relocation tips and the methods to do it. Of course, it looks easy to read about it or see a video on the internet. In fact, some of it seems enticing enough to make us try.

Only when we actually get down to work and try to do it on our own do we see the difficulties and the exhaustive work that accompanies it. Only a few can handle the whole relocation work all on their own – without any help from friends, families and most of all, removalists.

It is okay to spend time trying out the DIY relocation ideas before spending money on hiring a removals company. It is fine when you try the DIY packing tips for packing your clothes in polythene covers or use that new method of labeling the boxes. But as the level of difficulty increases enough to threaten our safety or the safety of anyone near us, then this is where we need to draw the line.

One important area where you need to properly consider before going the DIY way is relocating the heavy objects. Here are a few things that you need to definitely consider before going around and relocating the heavy objects all on your own.

Understand the risks involved

It may look like a small wooden tea table to you which may even seem of normal weight when lifted for a second. But when you carry around a normal weight through a flight of stairs and down to the truck, then it automatically becomes more and more difficult.


If this is the case for a tea table, then think about the other bigger furniture in your house. Maybe you have an eight-member antique dining table or a heavy piano.

There are high chances that you may pull your back, drop the heavy object on your leg or anyone else standing near you, or pull any muscles. Anything could happen when you are carrying around a heavy object and it is best to understand the risks involved in it. moving house requires expertise so think twice before doing anything

Even if you are ready for furniture removal after understanding the risks, it is important to clear out the way you will take, ensure that everybody stays out of the path and take enough rest to let your body re-energize in between your work. Have a first aid kit in your home for any problem that may need immediate attention.

Know the limits

If you are used to lifting a lot of weights in the gym, then this can seem simple to you. But it is important not to overjudge yourself or over judge your ability. You must where you limit ends and where you need to stop.
Keep in mind the consequences of pushing yourself over and away from your limits which can end in damaging your body.

Also, it generally takes two people to move the heavy objects and therefore, know the limits of the other person too. If you see them getting tired or feeling a little white, then take a break and allow them to cool off. Don’t try to overexert them to pick just that small table one last time. When the other person says they need a break, respect their wishes and give them enough time to recuperate. When they say that they can’t do it, anyone, respect their decision because nobody knows their body better than themselves.

When to make the right call

When you have tried to relocate the heavy objects on your own but couldn’t, then it is important to stop yourself from trying so hard and hire removalists to do it.

Removalists have been trained to do just these kind of work and experienced removalists from reputed removal companies will complete the job in such a short time that you would be surprised at their efficiency!

CBD Movers Adelaide is one such removal company which is specialized in house and office relocation in and out of Adelaide and its nearby suburbs. We have experienced removalists who can pack and relocate all kinds of furniture and heavy objects with ease. Contact us today to get a free quote immediately.

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What to Consider When Choosing A Storage Facility

However big our home is, most of us tend to wish for that little extra space that we need. If you have ever felt like that, then you can possibly understand why many make use of the storage spaces. There are a lot of factors that come in while choosing the right storage space.

The first and important detail that you need to look for in long-term storage is the nearness to your home. If you wish to access your storage facility frequently, then you definitely need to look for one that is in the nearby facility. After you have shortlisted some of the decent storage locations in your area, you will then need to look for a few other factors before finalizing on that one location. Here are some of the important points that you definitely need to consider when you are zeroing in on one storage location.

Take stock of the storage space


If you are storing your things for a short time, say during your relocation, then you may go with a storage location recommended by your removal services and ask the removalists to drop off and pick up your stuff on your own.

In case if you are looking for a long-term option, then it is best to visit the storage facility on your own. See the size that the different storage facility offers. Take stock of the entire volume of the space. It is always best to consider a little bigger size than what you need. It is better to have some free space than be short of space and have things piled up on one another till every inch of the ceiling. Consider the things that you can’t stack on one another and consider the volume of the storage space.

You can also take the suggestion of the manager at the storage unit to choose the right sized facility for your things.

Consider the security measures


Security is one of the important factors that you need to scout out and this can only be done when you visit in person. Even though you may have a conversation over call about the security measures in place, nothing comes close to seeing all the measures on your own and getting a secure feeling about the measures employed.

See the number of security guards they have, security cameras, accident kits, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, the locks on the storage facilities and the system of gated entries. Only when you are sure that every one of the listed security measures is sound and functioning, you can choose that storage facility to save your belongings.

Consider the ease of use

See how easily you can load and unload your things from the allocated storage facility. If you are planning to visit often, then you need an easily accessible storage location. Depending on the size of the things you store, see if it will be easy for you to take in and out. Consider the pathway you need to take with the heaviest things you are placing in the storage facility.

Some storage options may be on the first level for which you need to maneuver your way to the above with the stuff. Therefore, consider the size, the distance and the accessibility of the pathways when choosing a storage facility.

CBD Movers has a lot of storage facilities all around Australia with some of the cheapest options for long-term storage facilities. Contact us now to get a free storage quote in your nearest area.

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4 Ways by Which You Can Save Money During House Relocation

You may have just bought a new house, taken a long trip outside or have an outstanding loan that is robbing every penny you earn. Whatever the reasons are, if you are worried that relocation is going to cost heavily on your pocket, then these tips will help you save a lot of valuable money.

Pick a normal weekday to move

Moving on the weekend or on holidays will generally cost you a lot even if you are hiring local or interstate removalists just for the purpose of transportation. On the other hand, the removal services will be far less cheap in the weekdays as the demand will be lower. So if you want to save money on your relocation, the first place you can start is by seeing which is the least demanding day for the removalists.

Get free packing boxes

packing boxes

By packing boxes, it doesn’t essentially mean the cardboard ones but also the wooden ones which will be necessary if you want to keep valuable things safe. If you are buying these boxes, they could cost you some considerable money. To save your money, you can visit the nearest supermarket during their closing hours or their loading hours to get lots of good quality cardboard boxes of different sizes. If you are lucky, you may even have your pick and get sufficient boxes along with some packing materials too.

If you want wooden boxes for free, go to the local businesses which deal in the supply side. Most of these businesses will have a lot of spare or unused wooden boxes which they will be looking to discard. You can also try your hand at a bookstore or a liquor store who may have the sturdy boxes which will be great to pack your electronic stuff and arts.

If you know anyone working in such a place where they may have access to the packing boxes, then don’t feel shy to ask for their help.

Hire removalists smartly

hire removalists

Removalists charge separately for every kind of work in relocation – packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, transportation, packing materials and so on. If you want to save money on your relocation, get a complete plan of how the removal company charges and try to do the easy work on your own and hire them only for specific needs. You will, of course, need the removalists for transportation; so you can maybe do the packing on your own and use their services for loading and unloading alone.

There are some furniture removalists who will charge by the hour. To save your money while hiring such removalists, you can fast forward the work they do by keeping everything ready and accessible for them so that they can get to work the minute they come in. If there are light boxes on the upper floor, you can carry them yourself downstairs. You can help them while they are doing the work – by guiding them to the next box and keeping the path clear for them to do the work and in turn, reduce their working hours and eventually, save your money.

Plan your substitutes for the pricey packing

There may be some packing things that you can’t do without but getting a good substitute in place of it will help you save huge bucks.

packing wardrobe

For example, getting a wardrobe box for packing all your clothes can be pricey. You can substitute these wardrobe boxes by normal trash bags which will give the same amount of security to your clothes. You can then place these clothes in normal boxes and securely pack the box with plastic wrapping.

Similarly, packing supplies for arts, pricey liquor (wine bottles packing), fragile dishes, books and so on can get expensive. Think of smart alternatives and look for DIY tips before you decide to spend good money on it.

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