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Hiring 2 Men & A Truck – 7 Factors That Determine Your House Moving Cost in Adelaide

2 men and a truck

It is not going to be practical to put a finger on a particular figure, especially when every family or household differs in terms of the volume of cargo they need to move. It also depends upon the distance that they are traveling because the miles on the vehicle are also going to determine the entire cost of your move. So if you’re looking for 2 men and a truck in Adelaide, and want to know how much it is going to cost, you must consider the following factors:

The Size Of Your Property

The first factor is the size of your property and the number of furniture pieces that you want to move. The complexity of your cargo and your various furniture pieces is also going to determine the overall cost of your move. For example, the bigger property you have the more furniture pieces you tend to possess. Likewise, the more delicate and complicated they are to handle, the more care and precision will be required of the moving company. Therefore, the quality and category of service are going to change significantly. This will form enough basis for the two men and a truck company to charge you a different rate as compared to something that a regular household would pay for a smaller move. Remember, the size of your property is going to reflect the size of your move which is going to directly impact the cost that you have to bear.

The Degree Of Preparation Required

Again, when you pay attention to the complexity and intricacy of your belongings, furniture pieces, and all the objects that you own, you will understand the degree of preparation required to keep all of them safe and protected while in transit. The packing and moving company is also going to look for these characteristics that dictate the level of precision, quality, and degree of preparation that must go into making this move possible. For example, if you have unusually large furniture pieces that require a long time in disassembling their components, the moving company is going to come up with a quote depending upon the same. Let’s take another example of delicate and expensive items that are very critical to pack and move. They will require special attention and a completely different category/quality/variety of packing materials. They will also require double-lined moving boxes that are more durable and protect your expensive trinkets and gadgets while they are being transported to your new house.

Distance To Be Traveled

This is a very clear factor that will dictate how much you have to pay in the form of “2 men and a truck” rates in Adelaide. Let’s imagine that you have come to a conclusion as to how many boxes and the volume of furniture you want to transport to your new house. The next factor that the moving company is going to consider is the distance that you want to travel. If it is within the city, the overall cost is going to come out to be very affordable. If it is somewhere on the outskirts or probably in a different city, the number of miles is going to increase. Likewise, the cost will too and it will also comprise the fuel consumption and any statewide taxes or entry fee that might be applicable.

Accessibility Around Your Home

Another factor that is going to increase or decrease your overall packing and moving cost is access routes in and across your house. If there are too many staircases or ramps that the packing and moving company has to cover, the time taken to remove your belongings from your old house is going to increase. Another thing that they will have to take care of is the safety of your cargo. The professionals will have to employ more resources to safeguard your belongings when they are being moved from the first floor to the ground floor and then finally onto the truck. If there are too many staircases or steps, they will require additional packing, stretchable moving straps, highly skilled labour, and also various other protective measures across your hallway and passageway so that your things can be conveyed onto the moving vehicle. Depending upon how easy or complex it becomes for the moving company to transport your belongings to your new house, they are going to quote an amount that will most likely be their final offer.

The Average Time Taken To Perform A Move

There is a general rule of thumb that these professionals follow. If you look at it practically, you are going to take at least 1 hour to load 10 cubic meters of space onto a vehicle. You will also take one more hour to unload that much amount of cargo once you are in your new house. If you have a small two-bedroom apartment, it is going to take you 4 to 6 hours to pack the entire house. Similarly, a four-bedroom apartment is going to necessitate that you take out at least 7 to 10 hours a day. This will also be one of the factors that the house moving services provider is going to consider when giving you a quote.

Understanding What An Average Move In Adelaide Looks Like

An average move in Adelaide looks like something that you might have seen in your favorite web series or movies. However, the glamour quotient is quite negligible. But the one thing that you can rest assured about is that they are going to help you set up your house just like they help your favorite actors set up their new apartments in your favorite movies. Yes! They are very polite and thoroughly professional which makes it a pleasure to work with them.

  • If you are looking to move a two-bedroom apartment, it is going to take at least 4 to 6 hours as pointed out above. You will need at least 2 movers in addition to your own two hands. The cost should be somewhere between $585 and $845. This will be added to a $65 average travel charge which will be applicable if you are moving within the city.
  • Similarly, if you are looking to move a 4-bedroom house, as pointed out above, it is going to take you somewhere between 7 and 10 hours. You will need the assistance of at least 3 movers and the entire cost is going to be somewhere between $935 and $1,445. The travel charge is going to be somewhere between $85 and $90 provided that you are moving to a local area within the city.
  • But hold on. If you decide to move on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you might have to pay an additional charge which can be $10 an hour. This will be in excess of the amount that you pay for your regular move.

The Various Services You Can Request From The House Moving Company

 In the end, the number of services that you expect from the 2 men and a truck company is also going to determine what your entire cost of moving will be. In Adelaide, people usually opt for the following:

  • Packing supplies such as moving boxes and tape
  • A very dependable/special vehicle
  • Temporary storage if the need arises
  • Loading and unloading furniture pieces
  • Packing and unpacking moving boxes and this includes all your small items
  • Assistance when cleaning your house, both old and new
  • Special services such as piano and delicate object removal
  • Transport of pets if you own any

Final Thoughts

There are numerous factors at play here. You cannot just point out one determinant that will decide what your final moving cost in Adelaide is going to be. This was just an attempt to give you an idea of what your move is going to look like.