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12 Things To Remember When You’re Moving House

Moving House

If you have moved house before, you know that there is absolutely nothing you can do if you have forgotten something important in your old home. If it is an interstate move, there is absolutely no chance that you can possibly go back to your house and collect that item. You will either have to forget about it or buy it again. It could be anything including your expensive headphones, home assistant, Bluetooth speakers, laptop charger, power bank, or maybe another expensive accessory.

In this blog, we are going to talk about a few things that you should always remember when you’re moving house. It includes all the items that should go on your moving checklist and also a few of those things that you should never forget when you are packing an essentials bag for yourself and your children and pets. Let’s begin:

What To Remember When Moving House?

Remember To Hand In Your Notice

Now this applies to you if you are renting your space. You will have to come up with a notice for your landlord and also your real estate agent if that is the norm that you follow. Make sure that you are aware of the notice period. It can be one month and at times, two. Also, you will have to check with your landlord and have a second look at your contract as well to find out whether you have a break clause in it or not. You will also have to confirm the moving date before you give notice to your landlord.

Declutter Your Apartment

Decluttering your apartment is one of the biggest responsibilities that you will have to perform. This is your opportunity to show just how much of a clean freak you can be. According to experts and the leading furniture removalists in your city, this is the most critical thing to do. Only the homeowner can do that. It is because you are in the best position to understand just what items you want to do away with and which ones you want to take to your new home. Chances are that you will find a lot of items that can be donated to the nearest charity. Also, if you have any books or stationery items, it is always better to donate them to the nearest school or library. This not only helps you downsize your moving boxes but also helps the community as a whole.

Arrange For Kids And Pets Pickup

If you have kids and pets in your house, they are bound to get a little agitated, nervous, and anxious as well. If you have chosen to bring furniture removalists into your house, chances are that they will feel a little out of place and would start jumping around. The best solution for that is to ask your best friends, neighbours, or your parents to come and pick them up for the day. You might want to move them to your parents’ house just for the time being or probably for a few days. By the time you are done sorting and packing your stuff for interstate moving, you can have them back where they belong.

Update Your Details Online And Offline

Never forget to update your details both online and offline. You will have to make the changes in your LinkedIn account and also in the details that are probably linked to your email address. You will also have to get in touch with a new doctor, new dentist, a car mechanic in your new area, and also a few utility providers in the new city. The following parties should be notified of your new address when moving house:

  • The local council or the relevant authority for tax purposes 
  • Your current employer 
  • Utility companies as mentioned above 
  • Phone and internet service provider 
  • Your bank 
  • Insurance company

What Should I Not Forget When I Move?

Get Your Car Checked And Repaired

If you have decided to perform this interstate move on your own, it is better to get your car checked and thoroughly inspected for any problems. You don’t want any vehicle-related troubles at the last moment. Get your tires checked and your engine serviced before you leave for your new city. Make sure to check all the oil filters and containers including the brakes as well. Check the route that you have to take to the new city.

Inform Your Friends Before Moving Interstate

Informing your friends about the change of address is something that you should never forget. They have been there with you through thick and thin and this is why you need to inform them at least a month in advance. The reason is two-fold. First is that they deserve to know before anybody else. Second is that they are your friends and you should be able to take advantage of them. Yes! Don’t hesitate in asking your friends to babysit your children and pets when the need arises. Have them come over for snacks and give them a few packing responsibilities to speed up the process. After all, this is what friends are for, right?

Keep All Your Valuables In A Separate Box

Now coming to creating a valuable box for the final day of the move. This box is going to contain all the items that you will need throughout the transit. Keep all your important documents, tax-related paperwork, marriage and birth certificates, passports, driving licences, agreements, contracts, deeds, and lease papers, and all other important and valuable items in this box. Making this box and keeping it easily accessible is very critical. Make sure that this box or container is kept inside your personal vehicle only.

What To Do The Day Before Moving House?

The day before you move out of your old home, it is important to give the interstate furniture removalists a phone call.

  • Confirm the moving date with them 
  • Ask for any room for any flexibility 
  • Talk to them about the estimated time of the move 
  • Discuss the possible and the shortest route options 
  • Confirm with them the timing of the vehicle or moving van 
  • Chart out a moving plan for the next day

Accessories To Pick For Yourself

Now it is also important to make a list of all the accessories and items that you will be needing on you when moving house. You will have to create a list that may comprise the following:

  • Bedding for you and your partner 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Sanitizer 
  • Hand soap 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Shampoo 
  • Conditioner 
  • Night dress for the whole family
  • work clothes 
  • First aid kit
  • Paper towels and cotton towels for every family member

Items To Pick For Kids

  • Travel cot for your child 
  • Favourite toys
  • Change of clothes 
  • Colouring book 
  • Headphones 
  • Entertainment such as games, ipad, building blocks, and more
  • Laptop 
  • Nightlight

Your Pet Belongings

  • Pet food 
  • Toys 
  • Water bowls 
  • Litter bag 
  • Crate 
  • Medication 
  • Collar and leash

Making An Edible Box

Making an edible box is also very important. You will have to carry paper plates and cups with you along with other basic cutlery items that may or may not be washable and reusable. Dinner takeaway items, breakfast items, snacks, water, electric kettle, coffee mugs, milk, cereal, bottle openers, and more should be on the list.

One Last Walk Around

Finally, it is time to walk around your property for the last time. Have a look at all the areas including your pantry, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, and all the areas where you have not been in the longest time. Look for any items that you may have forgotten and put them in the extra box with you. You are done now and it is time to start the ignition. Happy moving!