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Man and Van

How are Man and Van Different?

If you are in dilemma about what kind of services you should book for your smaller number of items. Remember that the man with van service is perfect for short-distance and small-scale moves. So, if you are moving to a new Studio apartment or 1-bedroom apartment within Adelaide. If you are assisting your daughter or son to become more independent after moving out of the house, then our man with van solutions is more than suitable for the requirements. Man with van works on a moving van which is meant to take care of small moving requirements.

When you have limited stuff to move, so you will not need a conventional moving truck for that. In such a situation, we introduce our man and van services to cater to small requirements. As the name suggests, this service includes only one person along with a van to help in moving small-scale needs

When you have limited stuff to move, so you will not need a conventional moving truck for that. In such a situation, we introduce our man and van services to cater to small requirements. As the name suggests, this service includes only one person along with a van to help in moving small-scale needs.

What Sets us Apart From Other Regular Services?

Option for partial deletions

Our man and van services are ideal for both residential and commercial customers who need to transport certain goods, furniture, or equipment to a short-distance destination or simply need assistance moving things around the property.

Vehicles that are up to date and repaired regularly

Whether you’re relocating your entire house or just a single piece of furniture, how the objects are moved is critical. To ensure a smooth ride, all of our transit vans are inspected regularly and come equipped with safety blankets. The vehicles can handle a variety of transfers, from a few boxes to a few pieces of light furniture.

Questionnaire by video

If your property is larger, CBD Movers can conduct a video survey. The goal is to make your booking process easier and to provide you with a more accurate price. The survey usually takes just a few minutes.

Insurance coverage in its entirety

Nobody wants their belongings to be destroyed once they’ve been moved. A professional driver with public liability insurance performs our insured man with a van service.


About Man and Van Service

Our moving van is well equipped to take care of anything that is loaded and transported to a new address. However, we also prefer to be notified if any fragile or antique items are required to be wrapped with extra materials for better protection. CBD Movers Adelaide offers fully qualified operators and provides you with various moving vans of different sizes. In our man with a van, service providers one Man to as many as the client requires, the choice is available.

After choosing our two men and truck service, you can get relaxed on the part that your goods are in safe hands. Our man with van staff will care for your every requirement from the start of each move, from assembling, packing, and loading your goods onto the house removals van. Transiting to the new destination, unloading, unpacking, and reorganizing them as per clients’ requirements. CBD Movers Adelaide greets all clients-whether you choose us to move a single item or for multipurpose service, we offer men very affordable van prices.

01. Pre-move Examination

Man with van conducts a survey which allows them to index the household items of the client which help them recognize the vital packing materials and requirement of specific tools during the move. A pre-move examination also assists in calculating the amount of space needed in the truck and decreases time spent during the move.

02. Economical Service

With all packing materials like straps, blankets, bubble wrap, etc. moving any items quickly becomes costly. But we have a very competitive range of prices for men with a truck service assisting in loading and unloading, the charges usually depend on per hour basis for a small transit. Among all the services, man and a van or 2 men and a van came along as the most economical service for people who want to move small scale belongings.

Once you are connected with our two men and truck service, you can be sure on the part that your personal belongings are in safe hands. Our man and can prices are very cost-effective that anyone can easily afford it such as from students to grown-ups, it is pocket friendly for everyone. There is complete transparency with our prices, which makes us more loyal to our customers.

03. Availability of Different Sizes of Trucks

Being a professional man with truck moving services, so we have different variety of removal vehicles that we utilize for our moving tasks. Our whole range of moving van service is reliable, modern and furnished with proper tools and equipment like, removal straps, furniture moving blankets, ramps and trolleys, etc. are available as per the requirement of clients. Our van removals in Adelaide are well established and highly qualified. From one-room offices to an entire office building or all types of houses, our man with van services is here to cater for all kinds of requirements. From one item to a whole bunch of things, we aim for customer satisfaction in experiencing a comfortable move.

04. Experience

Choosing a professional man with van service means that you’ll be entrusting your belongings to qualified employees. Our crew of men and van in Adelaide have vast experience and are knowledgeable on all moving matters. In their daily routine, moving goods and personal belongings from one place to another are not an exception. But when it comes to man with van services, all tasks are done while keeping customer satisfaction in mind. From handling big and heavy items to fragile items, our experts have ample experience in packing all of them securely and delivering them to their location safely.

05. Qualification

At CBD Movers Adelaide, we only hire qualified employees for our two men and truck or man with truck services, who’ll be entrusted to handle client’s belongings properly. Each individual has mastered the art of moving through proper training and vast experience in the field. Every crew member goes through rigorous vetting in the selection process because we never risk spoiling our esteemed reputation as a result of employee incompetence.

However, when it comes to man with van services, qualification is a matter of performance. We are very specific about hiring employees, especially when it comes to moving truck hires in Adelaide.

06. Equipment

Our moving house services primarily in man with van come fully equipped with equipment that makes moving a cakewalk. We have an accurate moving van that is suitable for any type of move. This mainly includes forklifts for lifting bulky items, moving dollies, furniture sliders, moving straps, protective gear, and many more.

Our man and van in Adelaide are not limited to local areas, our interstate removalists are also capable enough to move your items from one state to another. This represents that we have the potential of handling and moving belongings for both small-scale and large-scale moves. Now, considering these facts, you can have man and van services that are fully equipped to handle your type of move.


Advantages of Hiring
Our Man with A Van Services

Relaxing Service: Preferring to move the items on your own can become a very stressful task. However, dealing with a limited number of items and getting regular removalists can make things more complex. However, getting man and van service in Adelaide is the best choice, because their moving van can accommodate your stuff easily and it can make moving the items a very relaxing experience. In addition to that, it becomes much more economical compared to regular removalists.

Availability: Man with trucks have flexibility when it comes to the requirement of clients. Whether you require the services after some months or instantly within a day. Our man with a van service will have complete availability for the clients

Pocket-friendly: Evidently, getting a man and a van service will not put a load on your pocket. Whereas, it makes you save a lot of money because of its reasonable prices. Any kind of person can easily afford these services, as they are pocket-friendly and easily fit into your budget.

Best Option: Overall, a man and a van are the best options with all the attractive benefits it offers. With the kind of professionalism and expertise we have, it gets very easy to relocate your personal belongings with complete safety. Our two men and a van make sure that they save your time and money and provide smooth transportation and storage services.

A variety of van sizes are available through our Man with a Van service. It implies that you can select a van that is just the proper size for your task and that you won’t be charged for one that is too large. In addition, you can be assured that Man with a Van can complete any work, no matter how huge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CBD Movers Adelaide can handle heavy furniture such as large sofas and couches. Even large beds that require disassembly before moving can be managed by CBD Movers. Heavy furniture is moved with the help of the right equipment and the removalists take care that no damage is done to the furniture.

Pricing plans depend on the volume of your items and the distance for the interstate removal. Interstate removalists CBD Movers will first understand and gather requirements from you and send you a quotation that is free from any hidden costs.

Apart from generic removalist services, the Adelaide movers offer pet removals, valet services, piano removals, antique removals, and packaging materials.

It depends on the number of items that you need to move. The removalists will gather requirements and then communicate the required operational costs with you. Generally, a 4.5-ton to an 8.5-ton truck can do the removal. Also, if the removal requires multiple round trips, then the number of trucks would be less.

Yes, CBD Movers Adelaide offer pet-friendly and interstate removalists services in Australia. The movers can handle large-scale removals as well. Pet removals are a premium service offered by Adelaide removalists.

CBD Movers Adelaide provide safe temporary storage space in Adelaide. These storage spaces are weather-resistant and can be used for stretched periods of time.