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Awesome, prompt hard workers. Great job! Would recommend CBD Movers to anyone. Great price too!

  • Ando Gray

    Prompt Diligent & Affordable

Friendly and professional movers. They were really quick and got the job done well. Price was pretty good too, at $80 an hour. Highly recommended CBD Movers

  • Krystal Commandeur

    Professional Quick & Affordable

Very satisfied customer! I called 8.30pm to organise an urgent job for the following day at 9am. The representative on the phone was very helpful and willing to do what ever I required in order to confirm the job. I needed a 4.5 tonne truck at 9am sharp. He said he would get the driver to call me 30 minutes beforehand. I contacted them at 9am and they said that the only 4.5 tonne truck was about 1 hour away. This was going to be too late so they offered to send me a 10 tonne truck instead which was only 15 minutes away instead (at no extra charge). The job went smoothly and without delay. I was very satisfied with the service of CBD Movers and the charge was very reasonable. I would definitely be happy to use them again. 

  • Justin Ben-David

    Professional Punctual & Affordable

Hi! I used CBD Movers for my "monster" move and Singh & friend were an excellent team! Both are professional with an extremely helpful attitude which made my life less stressful that day for sure. They even helped me dislodge my dishwasher. I would recommend both to anyone and my dealings with the office was without hassles. All worked out beautifully...and I can only recommend CBD Movers for their good set up. Conny ( happy, but exhausted! )

  • Conny Schoppe

    Professional & Excellent Team

CBD Movers, Amazing experience. Had 3 bedroom move which went so smooth that I was just surprised. Cheers to the guys who arrived on time and helped me throught this stressful move. Highly recommended.

  • Gary Rolens

    Professional & Punctual

Three guys in a ten tonne truck moved our 3 bedroom house in 5 hours. The guys were respectful, courteous and whilst not as big as the major companies (I think) they were just as professional. Nothing was broken and everything arrived in good condition. I will definitely recommend CBD Movers in Canberra.

  • Shazz M

    Professional & Courteous

Truck name T40 sydney happy and jind are awesome..100% very very happy!!! Thanks CBD Movers

  • Glennis Wilkinson


This I the second time I've moved with CBD Movers, I feel the job overall was as smooth as possible and definitely recommend giving them a go.

  • Loz Mac


Available at short notice and competitive price. Very helpful movers and speedy. Thank you so much! CBD Movers

  • Tess Elmer

    Professional & Affordable

CBD Movers helped us to move and they were excellent. Quick, efficient, good hard workers and easy to deal with (called 2pm on saturday and had a team there by 3pm).Thanks guys!

  • Tom Orchard

    Quick Efficient & Diligent

Excellent experience with CBD Movers, the guys were professional, friendly and super efficient! Would highly recommend them to anyone that is moving! The first ever Stress free move I’ve done! Thanks CBD Movers

  • Kay Roxburgh

    Excellent Experience with CBD Movers


Absolutely seamless transition from one house to another through these guys. They were efficient but not careless and did an excellent job. Arrived on time and in the end was unbelievably affordable. Thank you CBD Movers, will definitely be going through you for my next move.

  • Rodney Gleadhill

    Affordable Efficient & Professional

The guys from CBD Movers in Brisbane were super reliable, from the moment I rang to the very end of the move, they were professional, timely in their communication & respectful, and clever in regards to the move. I moved to an apartment on the 4th floor, old building with no elevators, these guys used such incredibly clever methods to hoist all my stuff upstairs, and one of the guys wasn't feeling very well and still moved everything. legends.

  • Hazel Cuizon

    Professional Reliable & Punctual

CBD Movers provided an excellent service to me today. They arrive with a truck not large enough and did 2 trips for me which meant a very late night. Really appreciate the boys efforts. Would highly recommend.

  • Kerri Pullan

    CBD Movers Provided an Excellent Service

Both boys were punctual for starters. They were quick, organised & extremely careful with our personalised goods to say the least. There was no mucking around, no time wasted and it was all done so effortlessly. They didn’t need to be instructed at all they just knew what had to be done. I would definitely use CBD Movers again. Thank you so much CBD Movers Perth team for your diligence & amazing work!

  • Irina Letica

    Professional Punctual Quick & Efficient

A very successful move! Great communication before and during the move and the two removalists Pete and Manny were very careful with all our items, as well as doing a fantastic job of jigsawing it all into the truck and then unloading into appropriate rooms in our new house. Highly recommended CBD Movers.

  • Heidi McCarthy

    Communicative & Professional

They were fantastic!!! I never had CBD Movers before first time and impressed!

  • Mariah J


Good smooth service, everything moved in 100% condition. Definitely recommend CBD Movers to my friends & family.

  • Jason Ross

    Smooth Service

Our best move yet. Friendly, happy, quick, professional.

  • Tash Harper-Madden

    Quick Professional & Friendly

They were very responsive. Anmol and sandeep were very fast at moving. Only took 1.5 hours. If you need to move book CBD Movers

  • Anushka Britto

    Responsive & Quick

Very efficient and professional! Arranged what I needed at very short notice. Highly recommend! CBD Movers to everyone. 


  • Peter Ridgers

    Efficient & Professional

CBD Movers in Brisbane were awesome. Pete & Pankesh were absolutely amazing. They were very careful and got on with the job and never stopped till the job was complete I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to move. I am very happy with the service I received.

  • Esther Knight

    CBD Movers in Brisbane were Awesome

T22 is the truck that came out to us they were super punctual and professional. Super happy with our experience and the boys were lovely. Would highly recommend CBD Movers to everyone. Thank you!

  • Elli Simoes

    Punctual and Professional

Amazing quality, prices and staff. An absolute delight to deal with. Thanks CBD Movers

  • Therese Hallcroft

    Amazing Quality Prices & Staff

Two moves in two days. On time and budget. Very responsive and diligent. Highly recommend CBD Movers

  • Terry McAllister

    Punctual & Affordable

CBD Movers was quick,cheap and their movers were friendly. Would definitely recommend 

  • Ramona Reed

    Quick Friendly & Affordable

Great service. Will surely recommend the services of CBD Movers

  • Dhevika Rani Somasundram

    Great service

Very well in moving stuff. Very quick service. Very helpful and gentlemen as well. I am very satisfied with the service of CBD Movers.


  • Christine Ramsay

    Professional & Quick

Very prompt and courteous service. I was very stressed about moving and the 2 gentleman put my mind at ease as soon as they arrived. I am extremely grateful for their hard work which made our move so much easier. Great thanks to CBD Movers

  • Emily Harkins

    Prompt and Courteous

CBD Movers were very friendly, completed the job very quickly and even negotiated an awkward stairwell with a large couch quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend. Great value too.

  • Taryn Stoklasa

    Professional & Quick