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Interstate Moving

What Is Our Interstate Moving All About?

Our top interstate removalists have an active fleet of trucks throughout Australia, making the whole process less stressful. This allows the clients for easy tracking and assures the high quality of the interstate moving services. Whether you are moving to a neighboring state or from coast to coast, CBD Movers Adelaide has the expertise, resources, and network to ensure a seamless relocation anywhere in the country.

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When choosing between moving companies, you want one that believes in a comprehensive relocation that caters to clients’ unusual needs, especially when moving a long distance. Whether you want to move house or a commercial area, our interstate removalist can provide you with a completely serene experience. We are totally trustworthy, experienced, and highly skilled in catering to all types of removals and storage solutions for our esteemed clients. Here at CBD Movers, our interstate removals in Adelaide are dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable service at a reasonable price as compared to other interstate moving companies.

Our local and interstate movers are known for providing top-notch moving and storage services. Our interstate removals can move both large and heavy furniture and appliances, as well as a variety of delicate objects such as paintings, glass features, mirrors, and more. Our storage facilities provide everything you need to keep your possessions safe from breakage, decay, and other sorts of harm. We’ll take care of the packing, loading, and transportation while you take care of the rest. We put all our efforts into providing outstanding results.


We Aim To Make Each Relocation A Hassle-Free Experience

When you request an interstate moving quote from CBD Movers, we will provide an estimate for services that are customized to fit your budget. Our staff will examine your house to approximate the size and weight of your load. You will subsequently get the opportunity to discuss packing and service options to customize a moving process that completely fits your specific requirements. Our professional interstate removalists know the importance of safely handling the stuff at the time of relocation.

Our professional experts perform every task in an efficient order so that there are fewer opportunities for accidents. We have the expertise to assist you in creating a clear picture of the required arrangements in getting your house or office relocated to a new destination. Our professional team will efficiently handle logistics during your interstate relocation.

House or office furniture, fragile and precious items along with necessary stuff will be classified, loaded, and transported with extreme care. Our skilled interstate removals do not practice any recklessness and can efficiently organize additional special services to suit your relocation requirements.

Removals interstate in Adelaide perform your transition to your highest satisfaction and your belongings are relocated as you expected in safe and secure condition. We, being renowned as CBD Movers, play a massive part in reducing your stress and executing your relocation part with complete ease.

01. Pre-Move Evaluation

This term is the solution to present a reasonable price. It makes sure that there are no hidden costs and always stress-free interstate removals in Adelaide. Our members of staff will visit your house and access the size of the move, which has the quantity and size of the item that will be going to move. Our professional interstate removalists come with proper modern tools and equipment to securely move your house or commercial place. However, based on this inspection, an accurate amount can be estimated for the move.

02. Assign a Highly Experienced Team

Once the evaluation is done, our removalists interstate in Adelaide do appoint a special team to know the specific requirements and provide as per the client’s expectations. Our experts will help you in planning the move and complete a list of items that you need to prepare for the move. Our coordinator will always keep a check on each step to make sure that everything is fulfilled on time and efficiently. The moving coordinator gives proper assistance in house and office moving while considering customer satisfaction in mind.

03. Economical Service

Many people tend to save their money in interstate moving and they hire cheap interstate removalists in Adelaide. To save money, they hire some unprofessional removalists, which results in likely damage to products. If you are relocated to a new house or office in a different state, then you need to get the best for yourself because the major concern is the security of the goods. CBD Movers Adelaide comes up with some competitive prices which can fit in with your budget easily and the level of professionalism is also top-notch to match up with the expectations of the consumers.

04. Storage Facility

CBD Movers is being most trusted removal interstate in Adelaide and we have come up with some really impressive and manageable storage facilities. There may come a situation in which you cannot move the goods to their new location and you need the place where you want to keep your belongings safe. Our warehouses have short- and long-term storage facilities to accommodate any size of items from big to small. Some items like fine art or antiques and fragile items are kept in a properly secured manner. We make sure that all of your possessions are considered valuable and that they all get proper care as you expected.

05. Complete Information on Locations

Our Adelaide interstate removalists have experience of so many years assisting to relocate to different places. They have a vast knowledge of the various routes in Australia which makes them prepared enough for the relocation. We acknowledge the best roads and routes so that you can reach your destination safely. Our team of experts is always ready to avoid the onset of any obstacle or issue related to the move. They always have an alternate ready in case of jeopardy.


Our Best Ever Storage facility

CBD Movers Adelaide offers the best temporary storage solutions. From furniture to all delicate items, they are kept under proper protection. Our modern and advanced-equipped storage facilities are meant to keep your personal belongings safe and sound. Later, as per the request of the clients, those items are delivered safely to your new location.

Our motive here is to give you a completely stress-free moving journey. We do understand the need to store the house in storage and the protection concerns. From house to office relocation, some of the stuff cannot be shifted immediately, then we come to the rescue to take all of your burdens to store the goods.

Here’s a list of locations where we provide our Interstate Removalists Services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the location, transit times may vary. In some cases, an interstate move can be completed in less than a week. However, it is more normal to wait 2–4 weeks. In general, the faster the service is, the more things you can send. One home load, for example, can be shipped right away in a container. When sending a modest amount, however, we must consolidate freight so that each client pays a percentage of the container/cost. To be both cost and time-efficient requires time and logistical planning.

Yes. There is no such thing as a small or large job. These objects can be stored in furniture as well.

You can utilize the box that the television arrived in if you still have it. We provide television boxes and can pack them for you if necessary.

Yes. Flammables, hazardous chemicals, gas bottles, and guns are all examples. Moving plants to Western Australia and Tasmania is subject to tight laws.

School holidays and the summer months, especially from November to March, are the busiest times for all moving businesses. What’s the short answer? Give yourself as much time as possible. Interstate relocations, as well as relocations to New Zealand and the United Kingdom, will take longer to plan than container relocations and furniture relocations in Perth. If you have some flexibility in your delivery dates, please let us know so that we can organize packing, removalists, trucks, containers, and shipping accordingly. For further information, see our relocation checklist.