Your Ultimate Guide to Moving from Adelaide to Perth

Your Ultimate Guide to Moving from Adelaide to Perth

Moving Adelaide to Perth

Moving from Adelaide to Perth is one of the most demanded removal jobs that movers get in Australia. Apart from Brisbane, these are the only two cities that have reported positive numbers when it comes to internal migrations. Adelaide to Perth removals also generates a lot of revenue for removalists because interstate removals involve long-distance traveling and more workforce. 

If you are moving from Adelaide to Perth this year, here is a complete guide to help you drive through the process smoothly and efficiently. 

Set a Moving Date and Make a Plan

Moving from Adelaide to Perth or any interstate removal for that matter requires careful planning. You cannot come back and pick up some of the stuff you forgot to pack or load. Long-distance interstate moving needs to have a blueprint or in the worst-case scenario, some sort of mental roadmap.

The first thing to do is to set a moving date. This allows you to plan the move around this date and to complete all the necessary tasks before that day. The sooner you pick a moving date, the better it is for you to go through with the entire removal. Booking a removalist, getting the right packing supplies, transferring utilities, etc. all require some time to complete. It is for this reason that a fixed moving date is so important.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Moving Date

Consider the following when picking a moving date:

  • Research online and find out the seasons when removalists are not in demand as compared to the busy seasons. This is usually during the winters but there may be exceptions. Perth, for example, is a highly commercialized place with lots of offices and industries. It is the most important city in West Australia. Why this is so important is because the removals industry follows a dynamic pricing model. When the demand is high, the rates go up as well. 
  • Similarly, the time of the month also matters a lot. The end of the month usually witnessed a higher rate as compared to the middle of the month. 
  • It is also important that you pick a date when you are not working or when your family is free from school or the office. Picking the holidays is a good option but again, the demand is pretty high then. The best way is to find a middle ground. 
  • Choose a moving date as fast as possible because it will help you book the removalists in advance. If you try to find good companies close to the busy seasons, chances are that you might miss out on the best ones. 
  • Interstate moving from Adelaide to Perth is one of the longest routes in Australia. Time is a factor here so all the aforementioned points become more important to follow. 

Chart Out a Roadmap

Most of the interstate movers will advise you to write down a plan of action – things that you have to do before you move. Of course, things like packing and getting the right supplies can be delegated to the removalists themselves. Making a plan means that you have everything in writing about how the process will unfold. From the moment you decide to move to the time you are finally settled in your new place, you should have a clear idea about the details.  

Mark out the important dates on your calendar. Set aside time for transferring your utilities. Also, it is good to inform your friends and family about the relocation. 

Find the Right Removalists

The next step is to start your search for a good removals company that can streamline your move from Adelaide to Perth. Professional interstate removalists are easy to find if you are early in your search and your search is based on the right parameters. Interstate moving becomes a whole lot simpler if you follow a few basic principles: 

Research Online

The first step to finding the right removalists is to start your research as soon as you decide that you have to move. Go online and look for interstate removalists near you. Make sure that you read online reviews and find out what other people think of various removal companies. Google review is a good place to start.  

While you are deep down in research, consider looking for the following points: 

  • What the industry standard pricing is and what kind of factors affect this pricing?  
  • What kind of services do removalists generally offer and what is included in the basic interstate packages? 
  • How long does it take for moving from Adelaide to Perth and what kind of supplies do you generally need? 
  • What are some of the industry practices that removalists follow and how you can look out for them? 

Get Multiple Estimates and Compare Them

Start by contacting the interstate movers and request the estimates that they offer. These will let you know about the exact pricing structure of different companies. Then you compare them and choose the best out of them. You should define your expense limit before you hire a removalist. Look out for overly discounted movers because there is always a catch there. Mostly, the quality of service is poor. However, many movers also add additional charges after the removal is done. Make sure that the estimates are transparent and raise specific queries in case you are in doubt about something. 

Look for Experienced Removalists

Interstate removals require a lot of planning and then proper execution. Only the most experienced movers can take you through the entire process without any hiccups. Seasoned movers are also well equipped and know exactly how to deal with unfortunate events. They offer proper mitigation plans for such situations. They have the best equipment and they understand the industry well. It helps them save costs and offer their customers better pricing. Finally, experienced removalists are better when it comes to catering to your specific demands.  

Downsize if Possible

This is a specific scenario but it can help you save some money. Moving can get rather taxing on your budget and it is better to find ways in which you can save some money. Downsizing your house while moving from Adelaide to Perth, for example, would mean that you sell or discard some of your items. These are, of course, things that you don’t need anymore. Also, you can earn some money by selling things that are useless to you. Arrange a garage sale or sell some stuff online. 

Pack an Essentials Bag

Moving interstate requires careful planning because it is hard to undo any mistakes you make along the way. Once everything is packed and loaded and the trucks are on their way, it is time to drive to your new place in Perth as well. Load your car with any items that you feel that you will need before you or the removalists start unpacking.  

The best way to do this is to pack an essentials bag that contains things like your phone charger, your important documents, bottles of water, etc. Basically, it should contain everything that you need for the first night at your new place. The trip out west from Adelaide to Perth is rather tiring so make sure that you drive well prepared.