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Why Two Men and a Truck Is the Best Choice For Your Move

Two Men and a Truck

Moving houses requires patience and a lot of effort. Most people go for a moving company who can help them out. Some research on the services that moving companies generally offer will land you to the most common one. This is Two Men and a Truck service. Apart from being the most common service, it is one of the most effective ones out there.

You can use the two men and a truck service in different scenarios. This flexibility and versatility makes this ideal for furniture removal, house moves, office moves, and more. It is therefore quite useful to hire a moving company and avail their two men and a truck service.

Apart from this flexibility, there are other advantages of hiring two men and a truck company. We will discuss these in detail in just a while. Before we talk about those though, there are two major questions that customers generally have:

  1. How much does two men and a truck cost locally?
  2. Who is the best movers to use for out of state?

Local Two Men and a Truck Prices

Prices for the two men and a truck service are dynamic and change from time to time. The following points are important and must be remembered:

  • Movers and packers’ charges are hourly.
  • Prices are dynamic and there are off-seasons and busy seasons.
  • Prices during the off-season are lower. The off-season in Australia are the cold months.
  • Hourly rates are calculated based on other factors. These include the road infrastructure, gas prices, taxes, quality of moving vans, availability, and more.
  • You can get an idea about the prices of a moving or a furniture removal company by asking them for an estimate.
  • It is more expensive to move during the holiday seasons, the weekends, and the end of the month. Availability of the moving company is the major factor that drives this surge.

To answer the main question at hand, the average cost of moving locally ranges from $50 to $100 per hour. For local moves, the total amount can be anywhere between $200 to $500.

The Best Movers to Move Interstate

Interstate removals are obviously more expensive. The mathematics are not exactly the same as local moves too. The hourly charges increase as well. This is because the infrastructure and the resources required are greater and more sophisticated. For interstate moves, the hourly charges are almost 3 to 4 times the cost of moving locally.

It is also a point worth noting that the number of trucks required to move interstate are more. This is because round trips are not possible and everything has to be moved in one go.

The best movers to help you with interstate removals are obviously CBD Movers. They are a professional and affordable interstate moving company that excels in the two men and a truck sector. There are several reasons why CBD Movers are the best choice. The next few points on why you need movers can help you explain this better.

The Reason Why Two Men and a Truck are Necessary for Your Next Move

Movers know exactly what to do

Moving companies are experienced and know how to help you move safely and quickly. Time is always a major factor when you are moving. Since you are paying by the hour, you’d want the minors to complete the job quickly. However, haste is different from a speedy quality of service. The worst thing that can happen is your belongings getting lost or damaged in the process.

This is why professional movers pay so much attention to the safety of your items. Moving on your own is never the right choice. You may be able to cope up with the loss of a cracked glass or two. However, what if your prized piano or your large centerpiece gets damaged on the way. Movers and packers know how to do their job. It is all about muscle memory for them at this point. They do this day in and day out.

Therefore, it is safer to let the movers handle the tricky part of packing, loading, and moving expensive items.

Money is not the only factor here. There are so many things that hold a certain sentimental value for you. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. Let the movers handle all of this since they know exactly how to move specific times of items.  

To add to this, moving companies have plans to reduce the risk factor. They don’t wait for something bad to happen. They are always prepared with their resources so that the entire process unfolds efficiently.

Professional movers can help you downsize your house

Did you know that you can actually save some money during the removal. House moving is an expensive affair, there is no doubt about that. It is not only the removal company that will charge you a sum. Other stuff like cleaning, buying supplies, etc. will also add to your expenses.

There are movers who can help you declutter and downsize your house before the move. This means that they will assist you in discarding useless stuff like old magazines, useless appliances, scrappy furniture, etc. This reduces the number of things that you have to move. The lesser the load, the easier and faster it is to move everything else. You can also sell some of the stuff and earn a few extra bucks. A garage sale or an online auction is the way to go!

You don’t have to buy packing supplies or moving equipment

One of the best things about hiring two men and a truck company is that they are a one stop shop. This means that you don’t have to go out and buy moving supplies or packing supplies. They will come prepared with everything. This means that all you have to do is hire the right house moving company and then sit back and relax. They will do all the planning and the preparation apart from the actual moving itself.

Movers also relocate your house using tools and techniques that make the removal faster and more efficient. For example, they have ramps and sliders for moving heavy items. They also have wheeled carriers for moving your bed or cupboards. All in all, the entire process is handled in the most professional way possible.

Your move is stress-free

All of the above points make quite a stirring argument for hiring two men and a truck. The best part of it all is that you can simply sit back and supervise the move. Furniture removal or house removal with a professional company is so much simpler than going DIY.

After all, there are so many other things that demand your focus. Let the professional house movers worry about the relocation.