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What are Two Men and A Truck Service?

Two Men and a truck is a comprehensive service for office and house moving which includes packing, moving, transporting and unpacking. We are proud to provide professionally-trained movers and packers along with top-of-the-line equipment and resources to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our goal is to provide customized services which specifically meet all the moving needs of the clients. As the title suggests, we provide 2 Men and a Truck as per the volume of the items that need to be moved.

The size of the truck varies as per the size of the move, along with 2 crew members.

If the size of the move is big, then the moving van will also be big, and if a few things need to be moved, then a small moving van is used. When you hire Two Men and a Truck in Adelaide, the house removals will load your personal belongings in one of their common 26-feet moving vans. Once your possessions are loaded well in the truck, 2 Men and truck removalists will transport everything to your new location or keep them in temporary storage, as per the clients’ discretion.

Our two men and a truck service, as industry leaders, go well beyond typical home relocation. Over the previous 6 years, we’ve continued to add more service alternatives, including corporate relocation services. You’ll get the same great customer care and quality for both employee relocation and office relocation services that have helped us establish ourselves as a trusted moving provider.

Our professionally trained employees, who are all background checked, drug-screened, and permanent employees of CBD Movers Adelaide, will provide you with unrivaled attention and service, just like our regular house moving service.


24/7 Customer Support

We have 24/7 availability to provide our services. Whether it is a holiday or a normal day, we provide complete assistance anytime.

Highly Professional 2 Men and Truck

CBD Movers Adelaide ensures all services you choose must be executed by a professional team of 2 Men and a truck. All moving vehicles are well equipped with protective measures and tie-downs.

Instant Booking at an Affordable Price

We believe to work at the convenience of clients. So, we offer the best services in an affordable price range. Whenever you want the service, our experts will be at your doorstep to eliminate your stress.

Understanding the Quote System of Two Men and Truck

When you choose to get the 2 men and truck service you can receive two types of quotes, a binding quote and a non-binding quote. The accurate quote depends on the overview of the number of boxes and furniture you plan to move. In a non-binding quote, based on experience in similar jobs, you will get an estimate. The quote can vary depending on the time it takes to complete the moving process and how correct the information about the number of items is. In a binding quote, there will not be any change in the quote because a company representative creates an onsite estimate before the move of the possessions.

01. Economical Price Range

From house moving to office relocation, we are here to cater to all services to make your relocation experience completely stress-free and affordable. The hourly rate is for local moves and is charged as long as you are using the truck and the two provided movers. The different sizes of moving van are suitable to fit all kinds of requirements.

As per your style of movement, the vehicle size will be and you do not need to pay unnecessarily for the common moving van. Many cheap movers claim to be giving the best two men and truck service, but during the move, they escalate the price, which eventually puts an impact on the budget of the client. However, our movers and packers are determined to give you complete transparency on the cost and provide the best services. Thus, two men and truck rates are economical, and they do not put a burden on the pocket of the client.

02. Highly Professional Staff

We have highly experienced movers and packers in our 2 men and truck services. They can completely understand and cooperate according to the requirements of the clients. With the level of expertise, the Adelaide removals leave no room for error. All movers undergo proper training to make a struggling and exhausting moving a very serene experience. The home removals use advanced and modern equipment and techniques to do the house moving.

If you are still in the dilemma about which professional home removals to choose as two men and truck service, then we can make your confusion vanish. Our past work and clients vouch for our quality and efficiency. From office relocation, house moving, and other commercials spaces, our team of 2 men and a truck has diverse experience in handling all kinds of jobs and requirements.

03. Customer Satisfaction

At CBD Movers Adelaide, we will try to provide customer satisfaction. We have a long list of satisfied clients applauding us regarding the quality of work that we do. We do consider our clients the biggest asset of the company. Our staff of two men and a truck are courteous, polite, and hardworking, being respectful and mindful of your personal belongings and special requirements while displaying an enviable work ethic.

When our clients get to be treated by our cooperative staff, then there is no room left for complaints and disappointment on the work front. While dealing with the relocation process, our house removals do make sure to diminish the stress level and provide a completely seamless experience.

04. Moving Van

Our two men and truck services are incomplete unless we have an intriguing moving van. As we have already discussed, the moving van varies according to the size and value of the items. For home removals, we have different sizes of trucks as per the requirements of the client, and the charges are also as per the size and moving van you choose.

The same applies for office relocation also, whether it is complete office relocation or partial moving of some items, we can cater to all the needs in our different and well-equipped moving van.

05. Authenticity

People may find many cheap movers while browsing on the internet for furniture removalists near me, but they are not good enough in providing professional 2 men and a truck. Such unprofessional services just increase the stress level of the clients while not planning the service properly and not fulfilling the requirements of the customers. Whereas, at CBD Movers Adelaide, our two men and truck services are completely authentic and genuine, which gives a complete experience of a hassle-free relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, we can provide you with an estimate over the phone; simply contact or email us to get started. We may need to come to your home to give you a more precise estimate in some circumstances. You may require an in-home estimate if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Is your home at least 1,500 square feet?
  • Do you have any large or bulky goods (such as safes or pianos) that you think would be difficult to transport safely and securely?
  • Do you have any tight hallways, entrances, or stairwells in your home where furniture won’t fit?
  • Do you require our packing and unpacking assistance?

We do not transport cash, jewellery (including watches), or medications, so keep these items on hand and plan to transport them in your vehicle on moving day. Bring everything you or your family will need on the day of your move with you, including snacks, phone chargers, a change of clothes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, tea/coffee, and your children’s favourite toys.

Important papers (such as birth certificates and passports) should also be kept away, as should anything of high value or sentimental value. Place these critical items in a box or bag that you’ll carry with you to your new house on moving day.

This depends on how busy we are on the day of your relocation. Weekends and end-of-month dates, as well as school vacations, are always our busiest times. Our recommendation is to book as soon as you know when you’ll be moving. Remember that you can always reschedule with no penalty if you give us advanced notice.

Don’t worry, things happen, and if you give us at least 24 hours’ notice, we’ll be pleased to change your appointment without penalty (subject to availability).

Credit cards of all major denominations are accepted. Additional payment choices may differ depending on the region.