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Two Men and Truck

CBD Movers can provide you with moving and packing services of every scope and size. We offer various services and one of them is Two Men and Truck in Adelaide.

If you are looking to move to a studio or small apartment or two or three large items, our cheap two men and truck service is ready to meet all your needs.

We will provide you with two removalists to pack everything with the best of their abilities in time. Our removalist and packer staff goes beyond to ensure a pleasant experience.

1. You get two removalists to move your belongings with safety
2. The assigned truck has a volume of 25 cubic meters

Why Choose Our Men and Truck Service?

To stay successful in our business, we offer our customers with different packages. Our “Two men and a truck” is a great package for people looking to move into a studio, one bedroom or to a two bedroom unit in and around Adelaide. An additional benefit of this service is it doesn’t cost you much.

Our professional removal company offers mini movers, office moves and home moves:

1. Home Move: If you are planning to move to a studio or a small apartment, we provide special services for all your needs. Our trained house removals staff understands the value of your fragile item, both emotionally and financially.

a) Insurance available
b) Advanced moving equipment
c) Clean Trucks
d) Professional and trained movers and packers
e) Available throughout Australia

2. Business Move: If you are planning to shift your business location or thinking of making an office move, our team is available for your service. Your commercial goods are expensive and valuable that needs skilled and experienced movers and a big truck. We move your electronic equipment with extreme care to help you set-up and operate considerably faster from the word “go”.

a) Office Relocation
b) Moving Internal Servers and Mainframes
c) Reduce risk
d) Insurance
e) Lift, Carry, Load and Pack your office technology
f) Special services
g) Non-profit/NGO

What you can expect from our two men and truck services:

1. Two men and truck will upload your belongings into the truck on a room-to-room basis

2. They pack everything with care and cover fragile items with transit blankets

3. We apply a flexible approach when moving your belongings

4. Our men are well equipped with stocked with toolbox and blanket to pack and move everything
with extra care

5. Our team has trained movers who are reliable, friendly and are dressed properly to disassemble your furniture and transport your possession with the utmost care

6. We ensure our trucks are serviced, clean and working in good condition

7. We even allow you to select a time to do things based on your convenience.

8. Our two men and truck service in Adelaide move you to your new destination in a hassle-free manner within your budget.

9. Our team uses a GPS system to ensure they go to the right address without wasting time for both the parties.

10. Our Adelaide movers team is trained in heavy lifting and transports your items from home into the truck securely.

11. We offer multiple services to help you focus on the other priority aspect of your moving.

List of Benefits:

1. Public Liability Insurance for your small move services

2. You get the fastest turnaround time

3. A door to door service to save time and let you do the rest of the important work

4. No double handling of goods

5. No minimum weight limits

6. We have fully trained removalist and drivers

7. Entire carrier for your possessions

8. We respect and care for your precious items

9. GPS tracked trucks to avoid any complication reaching to your place

10. Packing and materials and boxes are available

11. We have a fleet of reliable vehicles

12. Secure Storage utility transfer

13. We have fair and competitive prices

14. Our excellent customer service is always ready for you

15. Attentive and caring services from experts

Why us:

1. Fully Insured
Our experts will fix and replace your furniture damage during the move.

2. Special Services
We offer multiple services to make your move hassle-free and secure.

3. On Time
We arrive on time to transport your belongings safely within the stipulated time.

4. Professional and Friendly
Our friendly movers take pride in our services and make your move hassle-free and smooth.

5. Highly Trained and Reliable Furniture Removalists and Packers
Our experts have been offering moving service for years from now and know the entire nitty-gritty of a move. They also get ongoing training sessions to have continuous improvement in their quality of work.

6. Packing Material
We have advanced protective moving boxes, packing material, and steel shipping containers to secure your belongings in transit.

7. Eliminate Double Handling
Our trained team members carefully unload your belongings into custom design shipping containers. We believe in reducing double handling to end the risk of damage.

8. A fleet of Modern Moving Trucks
We possess a fleet of custom built moving trucks to safeguard your treasures and offer you peace of mind.

If you need time efficient removal services at competitive rates, you don’t have to go anywhere now since you are at the right place. Let us know your details and requirements of the move and schedule your moving day as per your convenience. We make sure that you will enjoy a hassle-free move. Our big sized trucks can easily accommodate your stuff be it furniture or any other item. We CBD Movers are among the most sought after removalists in Adelaide and offer unmatched house move services. We are the most trustworthy house remover in Adelaide and we deliver you satisfactory results. We are your most trusted removals in Adelaide.

Contact us to hire 2 men & truck services for your meet your smaller needs.

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