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Do you have small children in your home who keeps getting in your way when you are packing stuff for your house moving? Do you have to cramp in the relocation stuff in the middle of your office breaks and the weekends? Do you have a big home with lots of stuff that you feel that you won’t be packed in time for your relocation?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you definitely need a couple of house removalists in Adelaide to come to your aid. House moving can be overwhelming with a lot of jobs that need to be completed at the same time, like changing the address for the postal deliveries, getting your official details changed, ensuring that your new home is ready and the accounts transferred or closed, and many more. These are all the jobs that you need to do on your own.

But there are a few important tasks that don’t need your involvement, like the packing and transportation of your belongingness to your new location. The best choice is to hire a professional removal company to help you with your relocation so that you can concentrate wholly on the other aspects of your relocation that needs your involvement.
To handle all such jobs associated with relocating your belongings, CBD Movers Adelaide is the right choice. With more than a decade of experience in helping the residents of Adelaide move out to the nearby localities and among the Adelaide suburbs or to other states, our removalists have played a vital role in easing the stress off from the relocation.

Everybody has their own problems during the relocation that do not let them get on with packing their stuff: be it a mischievous child or a strict boss. During such times, you can let our removalists handle all the responsibilities of relocating your stuff.

Adelaide House Moving Experts

house moving adelaideOur services of house removals Adelaide have helped numerous families to let their stress off and complete their relocation on a happy note. We have a proven track record of moving houses without a single damage to any of their things.

Our Adelaide house moving experts have been with us since the beginning of CBD Movers Adelaide and are therefore able to perfect their work with each passing day. Many of our customers have felt relief after hiring our removalists for their home relocation due to their excellent work in packing and the careful transportation of their belongings.

We provide one of the most budget-friendly removal services for house moving in Adelaide with the most experienced local as well as interstate removalists. Our house removalists can efficiently pack all your things in their proper boxes and get them ready for the relocation. You don’t need to provide them with anything; we will come with our own packing materials and get all your things as fast as possible with maximum efficiency.

We also provide storage facilities equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance technology all around Australia with affordable storage options with pick up and drop options to and from the storage facilities.

When you hire CBD Movers, one of the best removal companies in Adelaide for your relocation needs, you don’t need to do any work regarding relocating the stuff. We will do everything on your behalf with complete awareness of the safety of your things.

Why Hire CBD Movers for House Moving in Adelaide?

Every person has a certain expectation or some worries regarding their relocation. We ensure that we sit down with our customers and know what is bothering them about the relocation and make sure that it is addressed properly.

You may be bothered about that pricey coffee table that you just bought or that designer clothes that are stacked up in the box. There may be a deadline to get the belongings delivered to the new location. Your new house may have suddenly become unavailable at the last minute.

Whatever your problems are with the relocation, you can let us know and we will do everything we can to come up with a solution for you. We help hundreds of such families move around Australia in a week and therefore, we are fully equipped to deal with any weird request you have for us!

Apart from packing and the storage options, we also help you unpack your things, install the equipment and the furniture in its right place and help you start with setting your home, all at an affordable package.

We at CBD Movers believe that every move be it complete or few items, should be stress-free so that the person can have a good time. We are a reliable house removalists company and offer our moving services in every part of Adelaide. If you need removalists in Adelaide Hills, or removalists in Northern suburbs Adelaide, don’t just wait and give us a call.

We understand how challenging it is to move house and one wrong decision can lead to great problems. When you search Adelaide removalists on the internet, you will end up being confused with so many names. Yet, there is no trust factor. CBD Movers is the most reliable house removalists in Adelaide. We own great expertise in every type of move whether it is a few items or complete removals in Adelaide.

People keep moving from place to place. Knowing some really amazing companies offering services of house removals in Adelaide is truly a great help. From local removals in Adelaide to interstate removalists in Adelaide, you can completely rely upon us. And we make sure that your job will be in safe and responsible hands. We not only do house moving but remove tensions as well.

If you want to know more about the services we provide, contact one of our experts now!


  • 1. What if I wanted to upgrade my moving job?

    Yes, any client moving with can upgrade the job by informing the CBD Movers team in advance by calling on 1300 585 828 or via email it is subject to availability of the next size of truck and removalists if it is required.
  • 2. What if I wanted to change/update my addresses?

    Yes, you can call on 1300 585 828 or email support@cbdmovers.com.au to change the addresses. Our customer service agent will update the same in the booking form.
  • 3. Do you work 24/7 ?

    Yes, we are available 24*7. You just need to call us on our number to get a free quote.
  • 4. When will I get my invoice ?

    You will receive the tax invoice within 24-48 business hours after the job completion.
  • 5. Is the CBD Movers vehicle fully equipped to move my goods ?

    Our movers are fully equipped with blankets, straps, trolleys, dollies in trucks. Also, all our trucks are equipped with a hydraulic tailgate lift.

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