What will be the cost of moving my house?

The Cost of moving your house will depend on the type and size of stuff you want to move, total distance covered from origin to the destination, and the type of moving service availed. At CBD, our surveyor will visit your current home location and professionally analyze and calculate the amount as per your moving need and also provide a free quotation for your moving job. You can also call us or contact to arrange a visit.

How much time will it take to complete the move?

This will also depend on the size of your belongings, distance from where you are moving from and to and the type of removals service availed. As per your circumstances, a house move may take between 1 and 3 days and could be longer. You can clear any of your doubt by calling or reaching us.

What type of packing services available to you?

As per your moving need, we can offer you a range of packing services, such as Full packing, Delicate or Fragile packing, and Owner Packed (DIY)
Full Packing
In full packing service, we take charge to professionally box pack all your movables carefully and efficiently to save your time and effort. So, we will let you enjoy complete peace of mind and concentrate on other matters.
Delicate or Fragile Packing
In this service, we will pack all or part your delicate or fragile moving items around the home. Our skilled packing professionals will allow you take rest while we look after those delicate and valuable items at your home.
Owner Packed (DIY)
If you can do all your packing job by yourself in advance then we can supply you with purpose made cartons to ensure that you use the correct type of boxes to pack the items. If you want any advice on how to pack or need a suggestion for a bespoke packing option then we are always ready to help you.
For more information or any query feel free to call us or visit.

Will you provide insurance facility for our moving goods?

Of course, we can provide you removals insurance to cover all risks of physical loss or damage (subject to the enclosed terms and conditions with your quotation). Our representative will explain you in detail about its full cover at the time of your survey.

When should I request a quote?

As a professional moving service provider, we very well know that house moving can be a stressful affair for you if not planned in advance as per your budget. At CBD, we can provide you a free quote for moving your house on the next day, or in a year’s time. If you just want to know the total cost of your moving need then you can call us visit us to fill an online form for your moving need.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company in Adelaide

Choosing a local mover isn’t easy because pricing seems to differ greatly between the removal companies in Adelaide. It’s very necessary to understand that many moving companies in Adelaide have hidden charges that they will share with you only when the move is complete. At CBD Movers Adelaide, we don’t do such practices. We are transparent & honest about the way we charge our clients. Your search for the best moving companies in Adelaide ends here.

Our local customers trust us with their valuable and fragile belongings. It’s because we are performance-driven and offer better moving services than other removal companies Adelaide based.