Moving/Relocation to Adelaide? 9 Best Advice To Make Your Move Easier

Moving/Relocating to Adelaide? 9 Best Advice To Make Your Move Easier to the City

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Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and holds an important role in the dynamics of the country. It is an economic and administrative hub. This crucial position attracts a large number of people to this city – as tourists, for business visits, and for permanent relocation. If you are shifting to Adelaide, this blog focuses on everything that you can do to make the move better for you. We have covered everything from choosing the right furniture removal company to labelling your boxes.

9 Things To Do When Moving To Adelaide

1. Make a checklist and a timetable

Planning is an important part of making your move to Adelaide efficient and easy. Whether you are moving with a professional firm or are doing it on your own, a to-do list will come in handy. Your checklist should also be synchronised with a timeline. This allows you to work towards a due date and plan your moves better. Ensure that your checklist includes tasks such as:

  • Picking a moving date.
  • Research your options for house removalists.
  • Buying packing supplies and moving boxes.
  • Transfer utilities such as power, gas, and water.
  • Decluttering your house.
  • Make an inventory of everything you want to move.
  • Ensuring that your kids and pets are taken care of while you are busy with your move.

2. Declutter your house

Sometimes used synonymously with downsizing, decluttering can simplify your relocation by quite a margin. This step involved getting rid of anything that you don’t need. You can do this by discarding, donating, or selling. Decluttering allows you to manage the move easily and reduces the burden on the removalists as well. It is important, however, to make an inventory first before decluttering. Ensure that you mark down what you don’t need before taking any action.

3. Start things off as soon as possible

Getting a headstart for your move to Adelaide can do wonders. Simply put, having some leeway on your relocation gives you time. It is also easier to undo any missteps along the way. It allows you to choose your moving company after proper consideration. You have the flexibility of choosing your moving date from more options. The biggest advantage is that you get the best removalists if you book them in advance. Short notice calls often result in most of the decent companies already unavailable on the day you want them.

4. Get the right moving and packing supplies

If you are moving on your own, ensure that you have the appropriate supplies to help you move. Even if you have a ‘man with van’ service, you might want to pack on your own. The right moving and packing supplies include everything from moving boxes, furniture covers and blankets, to bubble wrap, tape rolls, etc. For heavy furniture removal needs, you might want to rent dolly, sliders, or portable ramps. All in all, you must be sure that you have everything before the packing and moving dates.

5. Compile your requirements before hiring a moving company

Small things such as a moving truck with a ramp or telling the removalists that your stairs are slippery make all the difference. Apart from your general requirements, these small details can help you get your move completed much more quickly. Make a list of everything you need your removalists to do and point out any specific details you demand. If you own heavy pieces of furniture or have fragile items, it is better to let the movers know about them. This will help you get more accurate estimates.

6. Research pricing and make your budget

An important part of moving is to look for loose ends and cut costs whenever possible. Moving, packing, house cleaning, etc. are all quite expensive if you add them up. Therefore, it is better to acquaint yourself with the industry and its pricing beforehand. Make note of the different factors that change the pricing of the removals industry. The time of the year as well as the month also has a role to play. Things like these can be very helpful when you are signing your contract with the movers and packers.

Ensure that you get price quotes from multiple movers and packers. Once you know what kind of costs you will face, you can set up your budget and work around it. It is always a good idea to keep your loose expenses low and focus on the things you actually need.  

7. Hire an experienced man with van company

Experience is one of the biggest pros that you can get with any service-based company. Seasoned movers and packers know all about the pain points of their customers and have solutions for them. Moreover, they have the right packages that are more likely to serve practical requirements. Experienced and professional movers and packers usually have a solid infrastructure and are able to cater to demand surges during the on-season.

8. Pack your essentials separately

Relocating to Adelaide from another city, you will need all your essentials on the first night in your new house. It is wildly impossible to finish everything in one day. Even the movers will need some time to start unpacking. Either you can travel later and move into a fully furnished house, but that’s never the case. You would want to keep things and arrange stuff the way you want. Anyway, for your first night, make sure you have all the essentials ready in a different bag. Stuff like your phone charger, medicines, important documents, etc. can all go in this bag.

9. Stress is your biggest enemy

Finally, make sure that you keep your calm throughout the process. It is easy to lose your nerves during the move. However, remember that this will just complicate things further. If any mishaps or accidents happen, it is better to keep a level head and take the right calls. A ‘stressful you’ will make the move much faster and more efficient.