Getting Your Furniture Prepared for Your Move

Getting Your Furniture Prepared for Your Move

Getting Your Furniture Prepared

Packing your whole house into a truck isn’t an easy feat. You have to be smart with the packing options keeping in mind the space constraints. Of all the things in your home that take up a whole load of space, furniture move will top that list.

Packing your furniture for relocation needs patience and expertise to safely transport them in a good condition to use next. Getting your huge couch out through your tiny doorway, disassembling the furniture without any damage, and assembling the furniture in the right setting are just a few of the issues that you may face with relocating your furniture.

You can save yourself a lot of time and probably some money if you take to spend time getting yourself prepared for the furniture move. Here are simple, easy tips that everyone can follow to ensure that their furniture relocation is a successful one.

Know Which Ones to Disassemble


Well, this is a crucial one, obviously. If you, by any chance, try to disassemble furniture, that shouldn’t be disassembled, then it could end in disastrous results probably making the furniture unsuitable for use.
To know which furniture to disassemble and which ones you shouldn’t, here is a simple way to identify. For all those pieces of furniture that came in pieces along with a manual to guide you to install it all together, you can confidently disassemble them provided you have the manual to guide you to assemble them back in your new house.

In case you remember installing the furniture on your own, and therefore know that you can disassemble the furniture, but don’t have the manual to guide you to assemble it back, then it is best to get the help of a professional furniture removalist. Furniture removalists from a good removals company will have the experience of handling various types of furniture and therefore they can assemble your furniture without the help of manuals.

Now that we have seen the furniture that you need to disassemble, there is some furniture that you absolutely shouldn’t disassemble. Some antique furniture or furniture that hasn’t been disassembled from the time you were a child or any other furniture that came in one piece when you bought should be relocated as such without trying to disassemble them.

If you have any doubts about whether you can disassemble furniture or not, it is best to get the help of the removalists you have hired to guide you. It is important to consult them before you take matters in your own hand and try to disassemble furniture on a hunch.

Packing Your Furniture

If you have the original packing box the furniture came in, then it is best to pack them back in it. You will have all the covers, and bubble wraps in the packing box and all you need to do is fit the furniture parts in the box and seal it with packing tape.

In case you don’t have the original box of the furniture, you can get some good sturdy boxes from your local supermarket or any hardware stores. Use bubble wraps to fully cushion your furniture against any breakage. Any other packing materials you use should be checked thoroughly to see if it doesn’t contain any sharp or scraping material which could damage the furniture.

While using your own box for the packing, use enough packing materials so that the furniture is properly sealed in and doesn’t move during the transportation. Use sufficient packing materials both above and below the box so that it can withstand any shocks during the ride.

When you are getting boxes to pack your furniture in, always ensure that the finally packed box can pass easily through your doorway. If you think there might be some difficulty, you can always pack it outside the house and transport them directly.

Packing your moving truck and relocating the heavy furniture can be a tiring process. If you can afford to spend a little more money, you can hire professional furniture removalists to disassemble, pack and assemble the furniture. CBD Movers Adelaide is a reliable removals company that will work on your furniture relocation from scratch. They will even bring their own packing material; therefore, you do not need to worry about the safe relocation of your furniture at all!