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Worrying About Moving With Cats? Don’t Stress Yourself


Cats are bundles of joy bedecked with whiskers. They give a beautiful purpose to your life and adore you with their soulful eyes. Are you worried about moving with cats? Below is the solution for your all queries.

House Moving with Cats?

Relocation is a big upheaval in life and tends to have a strong impact on your cat. Cats have a different temperament when compared to dogs. Cats are more territorial and tend to feel distressed when they are moved to a strange place. They love brushing and scratching themselves on objects in their vicinity and feel vulnerable when they cannot feel their scent in the surroundings. So when moving with cats try to keep the atmosphere friendly

Keeping your cat safe

The days leading up to the move tend to be chaotic. Valuables are being sorted, boxes were strewn about, and a general sense of urgency hangs in the air. This period is confusing for your cats, and they may feel insecure.

Share the same with your removalists so that they can work accordingly and their house removal activities don’t cause inconvenience to your cat.

Ensure that your cat is secured in an airy room with clean bedding, a litter tray, familiar toys, a scratch post, and clean water. Entrust the care to one member of the family. This helps in maintaining the feeding schedule and prevents the scenario of your cat venturing out and getting lost, confused by the general activities during the moving process. Microchip your cat to put your mind at ease.

It is ideal to leave them with a cat sitter during the actual day of the move. That way your cat is kept secure, and readily available when you are ready to travel.

On moving day

Leash your cat on a moving day. If you are traveling in a car, it is a good idea to put your cat in a well-ventilated crate. If your cat is timid and tends to have a nervous temperament, you can talk to your vet about calming medicines for the trip. Feeding them light with frequent stops to run about, helps your cat relax.

In the new abode

When you reach your new abode, feed your cat and secure in a room with favorite toys, and a few of your old clothes bearing the scents of your old home. A scratch post and a bowl of water will help your cat relax. Keep the door closed and go about setting up your new home.

It is advised to keep the cat leashed for at least 2 weeks when you move to the new abode. This period is generally stressful as the new house tends to have an alien smell for your cat. It is a good idea to run a tissue over your cat to pick up the personal scent profile and dab it on cat level in the new place. You can also place cat treats in strategic places to entice the cat to explore the new environment.

Encourage your cat to explore one part of the house at a time, and slowly get accustomed to the new abode. Cats tend to panic when they are forcefully introduced to new surroundings. Take them around, but let them acclimatize to their own phase. It takes anything between 2 weeks to a month for your cat to feel secure in the new environment.

Try to take pictures of your old house before the relocation and after moving furniture, adjust the things as they were in the new house to create a homely atmosphere that resembles your old house.

General checklist when moving with a cat

1. Always have a few familiar toys handy to calm your cat.
2. Register with a veterinary practice as soon as you move to the new place.
3. Maintain feeding times and sleep routines.
4. Keep your cat on a leash when exploring the new place.

With reinforced discipline and solid support from you, your cat will feel right at home in no time.