Change of Address Checklist – Whom to Inform About the House Move

So you have fixed your moving date and hired a  reliable Adelaide removalist. With the change in your location comes a whole string of departments and providers that need to get updated with the new address. You may have certain services and people in mind whom you have to inform about the new address but moving is a chaotic time. You have many things to do when moving house that often results in forgetting things.

It’s better to make a checklist to avoid any future hassles like a lapse of services and missed bills. We have compiled a change of address checklist to know who you need to notify about the change from utility providers to your close friends. Additionally, this printable moving house checklist can be carried anywhere that makes your work simpler.

The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist:

1. Local Authorities

a) Australia Post
You should start notifying the post office about the change of address. Any mail that has been sent at the older address will get forwarded to the new address. You can update it online and set a specific date for that. We recommend you to do it a week before.

b) Australian Taxation Office
Your federal revenue and state tax agency should be aware of the address change. Forms from the IRS are available online to update your new address.

c) Australian Electoral Commission
You need to re-register yourself with the new area and updated details about your moving date to the new place.

d) Department of Work and Pensions
You need to change your address to the concerned department if you are getting any sort of money from the government. You can do it by calling on a relevant helpline.

These departments could be:
· Concession cards
· Human Services– Child Support Agency, Centrelink, Medicare
· Local Council
· Seniors Card
· Veterans’ Affairs
· School, University, TAFE

2.  Update Driving License on Roads and Maritime Services

Not only you are moving house in Adelaide but your car is taking a journey as well. You need to update the information of your car ownership, car insurance, and driving license. You don’t have to take time out from your busy moving schedule, these changes can be made online. And if your new areas are considered to be a high risk, you might pay more for the insurance premium and if the area is safer, you can receive a refund.

a) Inform the road and maritime services about the new details in 14 days. They will update your license details and vehicle registration and post the new address in 7 days.

b) You can change your vehicle breakdown covers by visiting the provider’s website. This is important for service providers who offer different rates depending on the area and to know where you need an assistant if any breakdown happens.

c) Car insurance providers need to be informed about your address change. This is for accident cases and insurance payments.

3. Change Address for Utilities

Do you a lot of subscriptions? We all have basic utilities that we need from the very first day of our move. You need to change the address on these platforms when moving so you have your basic things covered from the first day.

a) Phone
You need to inform the landline or phone company about the address change so they can send the bills on the exact location. This can be done by visiting the store or calling your service provider.

b) Cable/Satellite
You need to inform the Cable/Satellite for billing purposes and check if your new home will need a cable or satellite dish.

c) Broadband
You may want to cancel your broadband subscriptions to get a better deal when moving to a new location.

d) Electricity
There are chances that you may have to pay for ending early your subscription. In such cases, you need to check with the electricity provider if you can move the same deal to the new location. Additionally, it takes them more than 48 hours to update the information, so you need to inform them in advance.

e) TV License
Your TV license won’t work at the new property so you need to inform the TV licensing website in advance.

f) Gas
Take a reading of your electricity and gas on the day of your move. This way you don’t have to pay for things that you haven’t used beyond that particular date.

g) Water
Just like electricity and gas provider, you need to inform the water provider about your moving date and address.

4. Insurance

Inform your current insurer about the new postcode to evaluate the insurance cost and premium. If your new location falls into the category of “risky”, your insurance premiums are likely to increase and vice versa.

Certain insurance policies are not based on the areas you live and just need to update the address to send the bills. You can either visit their website or call them to change the address:

a) Home Insurance
b) Travel Insurance
c) Health Insurance
d) Pet Insurance

5. Healthcare

With a change in location, you may need to change your doctors. Your current doctor will forward your medical history to the new doctor (this is applicable for a pet).

a) Doctor
b) Dentist
c) Vet
d) Optician

6. Services

If you have hired people to maintain property then inform them about your house move or tell them about the new address. Also update your address with people whom you need to contact on a regular basis like solicitors, accountants or tenants.
Some services include:

  •  Gardner
  • Cleaner
  • Accountant
  • Window Cleaner
  • Loan Companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Store cards

7. Recreational

You will need to cancel the subscription when moving far or schedule them for a local move. These recreational activities include:

  • Newspaper/Magazine subscription
  • Health Club/Gym
  • Clubs and Societies

8. Tell Friends and Family

This depends upon you which friends you want to inform when moving house. You can inform them a few weeks later so that there are no surprise visits from your friends and family or you can inform them prior to seek help from some of them.

Changing the address takes time and taking care of this can eliminate many problems. Remember to change the address at the bank and stores to reduce any hassle. Following this change of address checklist will make your work a lot easier. I hope you find this moving house checklist Australia helpful.

Best of luck for your upcoming house moving process!

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5 Important Steps To Move a Big Screen TV When Moving House

A TV is the constant source of entertainment even in the tedious and long hours of packing. This is probably why packing your big screen TV is often left as the last task.
Moreover, it may seem an easy-breezy task to pack it.
On the contrary packing, flat-screen TVs are a bit complicated and confusing.

People usually come to us asking how to transport and pack the big screen TV? Whether to lay it down or shift it in an upright position?

Are you wondering how to pack a big screen TV for moving? To help you we have compiled a few steps to pack your fragile nature TV.
These steps are applicable if you are replacing your old TV or moving house across the city.

Use the Original TV Box
We recommend you to use the original TV box with Styrofoam for an airtight barrier between TV and the box.
But most people don’t have the original packaging as they find it hard to store the box.
While in other packing materials are too old to handle the TV. In such situations, you need to buy a TV-specific moving box.

Things You Need to Move Your LED

Things You Need to Move Your LED

  •     Flat Screen TV Box
  •     Packing Tape
  •     Twist-tie
  •     Plastic Baggie
  •     Packing Paper
  •     Foam Wrap
  •     Plastic Wrap
  •     Foam Corner Pieces or Styrofoam 
  1.   Unplug Accessories and Cords
    It is always better to unplug cords in an organized manner.
    This makes it easy to keep a tab of the cables.
    a)    Dust off the TV to work in a clean area
    b)    Label the cord with masking tape and marker
    c)    Store Cord in a zip-lock bag 
  2.  Use Blanket to Wrap the TV Screen
    You need a blanket to protect your screen from scratches.
    Here are some ways to do this.
    a)    Wrap a blanket using a bungee cord or rope
    b)    You can use plastic wrap or plastic protective sleeve made for moving
    c)    Use packing paper with painter’s tape
  3. Use Original Packaging/ Suitable Moving Box
    The original packaging is made keeping the shipping factor in mind.
    You can also use sleeves to form a barrier between packing material and screen.
    Some other options available for you are:
    a) Choose a box that has an extra space of three inches when you keep the TV inside it.
    b) You can use comforter and moving blankets to pack the TV.
    They create space and provide padding between the screen and box.
    Make sure to pick a blanket without buttons and zippers or else it might scratch your screen.
    c) Some companies sell wide and slim boxes to carry flat-screen TVs
  4. Know-How to Keep Your TV inside the Moving Vehicle
    Keep your TV in an upright position and elevated in the moving truck.
    You should place other items around the TV to eliminate the risk of it moving around.
    a) Keep your TV between sturdy furniture like mattress and sofa
    b) In case you can’t find the spot then keep it against a wall
    c) A secure TV with a bungee cord by placing one at the top section and other along with the base.
    d) Keep the screen of the TV away from the wall
  5. Unpacking with utmost care
    There are certain things you need to keep in mind after the TV has arrived at your new destination.
    First thing first, unbox the TV as soon as it arrives.
    a) Ask at least two people to move the screen out of the box.
    b) Make sure your TV has adjusted to the room temperature before turning it on.
    c)  Check if the TV stands are sturdy and large to place the TV

TVs are an expensive electronic investment. Make sure to take time to pack and move it safely. And don’t forget to clear space to avoid tripping when lifting the box. Last and not the least, make sure your box isn’t missing any parts like foal padding.
Hope you will find these tips helpful.
All the best for your moving day!

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The Advantages of Using Removal Services

Of all the things that are stressful for a common man, relocation is definitely at one of the few top things. The list of relocation work is endless – finding a new home, coordinating with the realtor or landlord, settling up the stuff at the old place, getting a proper cleaning service, getting back the deposit, changing the address, finding new service providers for installation at the new place and a lot more.

Among all these stuff, packing and transporting your stuff all by yourself ought to be a lot more challenging and highly tasking. Apart from the mental strain that relocation brings, the physical stress will also have a toll on you and those around you. To avoid stretching yourself out to the maximum, it is best to save up some of your energy and instead get excellent removal services to help you with the transportation and packing.

The Right Help at the Right Time

Not many people can help you with the other aspects of relocation like finding a new place, setting up the home and other nearby places for activities and the address notifications. It is vital to get the help wherever you can during the relocation and the one major part where you can get a great deal of assistance and take a load off your shoulders is the relocation of your stuff.

A good removal service will be able to take the entire responsibility of the relocation of your stuff right from the packing and loading to the unpacking and setting up. This will come as a major relief to you when you do not have to worry about taking out time to pack every single item you own and unpack them all when you get to the new place.

Cut Down the Stress

There are many things to be worried about during relocation. Some worry about how the new home will be for their family while others worry if their new place will be ready for them to move in time. The most common reasons many stress about is the safety of the things during the relocation – if the items will be delivered without any damages if all the items will be delivered without anything going missing, if the items will arrive on time and if the relocation happens without any incident.

All of these stressful factors will be unnecessary if you hire a professional removals service who will ensure that the items are safely transported according to the schedule. Your things will all be delivered on time without any damages and the need for any intervention from your side.

Save from Any Injuries

Unlike professional movers, not all have the necessary techniques and knowledge to complete a relocation safely. In case if you are trying to perform the entire relocation on your own, there are high chances of getting yourself or the nearby person injured. You may drop some heavy stuff on the feet; you can get cramps on your legs, you may hurt your back due to poor lifting techniques or sudden and massive work in a day. It could end with disastrous injuries from which there is no coming back. There have been such incidents reported about people who have seriously damaged their spinal cords by lifting too heavy items during the relocation. It is best to save yourself from all such massive issues and take the safest option instead – hiring proper removal services.

An experienced removalist knows all the right ways to avoid such issues in the first place and therefore, can provide you with a complete relocation experience without any untoward incident. As they have been doing this practically every day for so many years, they have overcome many such difficulties with relocation and know the correct way to carry and load your stuff without harming themselves or anyone else.

Quick Relocation Experience

You will take at least a week to pack all your things properly and to map the logistics of the move. However, a removal service can do that for you in a day or a maximum of two days. Because these packers have helped many such people move with great ease, they can quickly and swiftly pack all your stuff and help you to relocate soon in the shortest time possible.

This is especially useful for those who need to relocate in a short time or have any small kids or pets who could come in the way of the packing. Hiring a professional removal service is the best choice, under those circumstances, to help in completing the relocation fast with better efficiency.

Do you want some experienced removalists to help you relocate quickly with complete safety to your stuff? Contact CBD Movers – Adelaide Removalists now and get them on board to enjoy a safe and stress-free move!

How Trained Professionals Will Make Your Move Easier

The right removalists could make all the difference between an enjoyable relocation and a badly messed up one. Highly trained professional removalists will have the knowledge and experience to manage and handle any circumstance or issue that comes up during the relocation. The trained removalists are equipped to face and overcome any hardship and place the safety of the goods and the satisfaction of the customers as the utmost priority.

Make sure to check for the experience of the removalists before you hire removal services. Ask some questions to understand how the removalists work and the areas in which they are highly experienced. Some removalists are well-versed with interstate removals while some are highly adept at furniture removals. By conversing and asking many questions, you can easily find out if the removalists have good knowledge required for your relocation.

The set of trained removalists can make the move easy on you. Here are some of the most significant areas where their services will be immensely helpful.

The Extent to Which Trained Removalists Can Ease Your Move

  • The right removalists can help you in choosing the proper truck that is best suited for your move and something which comes under your budget too.
  • You can get the help of the removalists for last-minute packing. With some extra charges, the removalists will arrive a day before or early the same day to help you in packing all of your bulky and valuable items safely.
  • The trained removalists are highly perceptive about packing and transportation. As they place high importance on the safety of your things, they will take every possible measure to keep your things safe at any cost during the relocation.
  • When you hire the removal services for packing, they will arrive with all the necessary packing materials. You do not need to worry about going around searching for the right sized boxes and other packing materials to pack all your belongings safely. The removalists will come equipped with all the stuff and pack your things swiftly and efficiently while you can relax and concentrate on other relocation works.
  • If you have big items to relocate like boats, vans, trailers or any heavy machines, you can always contact the removalists to deliver these items safely to your new place.
  • In case of an interstate move, your removalists will make sure that you follow all the rules of the new state about the things you can and cannot take. They will also go a step further and help you with arranging any paper works for your relocation to the next state.
  • In the times when you thought you can handle the relocation on your own but suddenly realize that you desperately need help, the professional movers can step in and complete the relocation for you. You can hand over the responsibility of the move to them with the full confidence that they will relocate your belongings on the planned date and time securely.

Professional Removalists for Quick and Secure Move

Do you have any kids at your home who are interrupting your relocation work?


Did your work demand you to work late hours leaving you with no time for packing?


Do you have pets in your home who constantly keeps disturbing you when you are packing?

There can be several reasons why you weren’t able to complete the relocation work on time as planned. It is easy to fret out at the last minute but fortunately, the trained professional movers can help. They are trained to work under tight deadlines especially. They can quickly pack your things within the chosen relocation time and securely pack them all in time for your move. Further, the removalists will have the proper equipment to load your heavy stuff to the truck which will further save you from the tiresome work of carrying everything on your own.

CBD Movers Adelaide is one such removal services who have some of the most experienced and trained removalists in all of Australia. These removalists have worked on thousands of relocations across the states with various unique requirements and have successfully helped many customers in the middle of a relocation crisis. Hire them for your next relocation and save yourself from the whole stress of the move.

How to Move Interstate on a Budget

Are you planning for an interstate move? Is logistics of your move daunting you?
This gets more horrifying when budget constraints enter into the picture.

Here’s the good news for you: With only a few tips, your interstate movers and storage is possible on a fixed budget! Let’s see how.

1. First Thing First: Start De-cluttering Your Stuff

To put it straight, the cost of your move depends on the volume of your items. So, be ruthless when you start sorting through your stuff.

You will come across a lot of belongings that you haven’t used for years or something that you have multiples of, don’t hesitate to discard them all!

The good part is:
You will be setting up a clutter-free home in the new state
Of course, you will save money on your move
You can even make some extra cash by selling those items

2. Move At The Right Time (Don’t Move During Peak Season)

It is recommended to plan your interstate move at certain times. In a nutshell, you should avoid peak seasons like school holidays, public holidays, especially the Christmas holidays.

Make sure to ask your interstate house moving and storage company about their peaks season (as they differ from company to company) when asking for sourcing quotes.

3. Free Moving Boxes


You can cut packing cost by collecting and using free moving supplies. So, start seeking out for bubble-wrap, newspaper, and boxes from online marketplaces, nearby retailers and community groups. You can also ask your friends and family for any boxes that are lying around them.

4. Pack Carefully To Maximize Space

To make your packaging stress-free, it’s recommended to hire an interstate mover. There are a number of removal companies in Adelaide who can help you make the most of every inch of space inside the moving truck and every single packing box.

In case, you have planned to do it yourself, keep the following tips in your mind:

Get a container-like object to store smaller objects

Pack heavier item boxes at the bottom and keep smaller items at the top. This is the best way to pack to the top and keep it balanced.

Take larger objects and place smaller items inside it. For example, place smaller bags inside larger bags.

5. Hire Moving Labor

When you plan to move interstate all by yourself, you need people to load and unload your truck. You can hire plenty of moving labor as an alternative to a full-service removalist company. Several services like donation pickups, junk removal services, and packaging help are also available.

6. Time To Enlist Your Family And Friends

Not only moving labors but you can also ask your family and friends to help you. However, you will have to manage around their schedules and pay them back in some other way, maybe wine or pizza.

7. How Will You Reach?

So among all the rush, people usually skip this major question- “how will we move to the new place?” Most of the time people see flying as a better option than driving. Make sure to book your tickets in advance if you are going with the flying option. This way you can avoid paying more for your travel expenses at the last minute.

8. Is Your New Place Ready?

You need to make sure that your new house is ready before shipping all your belongings there. Always ensure that your place is accessible and empty, otherwise, you will end up paying for accommodation and also for getting everything cleaned and then dumping it into storage. These expenses can blow out your budget quickly. Stay in regular contact with your real estate agent to keep yourself updated.

9. See For Discounts


You should do research on moving containers, moving supply retailer, truck rentals and moving companies in Adelaide that offers some great discounts and deals. People who have served in the military can access various military discounts.

10. Reputed Interstate Moving Company

moving company

Usually, people go for a cheapest interstate moving company. But this isn’t a profitable deal as you can eventually discover other extra charges and they might also end up damaging your goods in the delivering process. This will end up costing to even more. Rather, find a reputable, moving company to complete your move on time and at a fair price.

Have a happy moving!

Why Do You Need to Hire Expert Removalist?

There is a huge pool of removalists that it is highly confusing for a customer to choose one from. Adding to that, many of these movers are not experienced or reliable enough to provide a satisfying relocation experience that you could end up feeling stressed throughout the entire relocation period.

While some may choose based on the budget furniture removalists Adelaide, others may favor the quality over the cost. But there are only a few removalists who can provide you with an affordable relocation package with the best service. These expert relocation services know the right way to execute the relocation and give the customers a happy and stress-free experience.

To avoid all these issues and get the right kind of help with your relocation, it is important to identify and hire the expert removal experts for your relocation.

Get Help in Packing Your Stuff

It can be very tedious to pack every single thing in your home all yourself. Especially when you have a child at home or when you are a working professional or a student, you can find it hard to make the time to pack the things that sometimes you may have to cramp up and compromise on quality packing in the last few days before your relocation.


It is always good to have some help to free you from all that stress of relocation. You may have a lot of other work in addition to packing during relocation like redirecting all your posts to your new address, updating your new place with the government authorities, completing your accounts or transferring any cards you hold, etc.

Therefore, it is nice to have some experienced removalists come in and do the work for you. The removalists can help in packing some of the heavy things like your furniture and appliances which are also the ones that will cost you a lot more if it gets damaged. These movers will do a fantastic and thorough job at packing all your important stuff that it will be protected from any untoward problems during the relocation.

Better Transportation

When you are living in an apartment or have a narrow hallway to pass through, it is better to have some experts who can plan and strategize on how to take out all your stuff to the truck. When you have to carry your packed stuff through a narrow flight of stairs, it can be hard and may even lead to damage to your things. Also, you will need to make several trips up and down the stairs and lift heavy things through the narrow places which can affect your health too.

But expert removalists have the experience with handling and carrying huge stuff even in the narrowest spaces that they will have no problem in safely bringing your stuff out from your home and load them securely into the truck.

moving house

When you hire the house movers for transportation, they will not only bring your things to the truck from the difficult spaces, they will also unload all your stuff and place it back in your new home and help you with unloading them. It can save some valuable time in helping you unpack soon and get adjusted to the new home. Along with this, we can even help you plan to move during rain.

Complete Insurance Coverage


There are only some moving companies who can provide insurance coverage along with your relocation packages. The moving insurance that you opt should cover you for the accidental damages all throughout the relocation. Some relocation insurance may have some fine print in between the lines which wouldn’t cover for some of the most common damages or during damage during transit. You need to enquire and spend time reading the insurance terms before signing for it.

The moving team will not engage in any such unethical activities and will provide you complete insurance coverage for the loss you incur.

If you are looking for budget removalists in Adelaide to take care of your relocation, then it is time you make a call to the CBD Movers. We go all out to ensure that our customers felt cared and their relocation goes on smoothly without any hitch. Contact us to get a free quote for your relocation needs.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Packing Fragile Items

There can be many problems during relocation and a good majority of it can be avoided if you know the right way to do. Relocating fragile items can be a huge nightmare especially when you have some pricey stuff among them.


There are certain procedures to follow when packing fragile items and when you miss some important steps in it, you can end up breaking up your stuff. Here are some common mistakes that people generally make when packing fragile items. Keep a note of all these points when packing fragile items and ensure to avoid them.

Rushing your packing

We all make this mistake of miscalculating the amount of time we need to pack all our stuff for relocation and at the end, rush the packing to get it all done before the day of relocation. During those few rushing days, packing the fragile items may not be a good idea.

Fragile items need extra care and attention while packing to ensure that every step is performed to perfection. But when you are rushing, you may miss out some important details of packing which could prove fatal for your fragile items.

To avoid the loss of your items and your money, start your packing with the fragile items so that you can give its due time and care.

Being stingy on the packing materials

This is a big no-no. Maybe you are out of some packing materials and are lazy to go around to the shop to get more or maybe you are packing in the middle of the night when you are short of packing materials but want to complete most of your packing before the next day. No reason is good enough to go stingy on the packing materials, especially for those fragile items.

There is a procedure to pack every fragile item like china dishes, wine glasses, arts, etc. And every procedure requires a certain amount of packing materials. Skipping any of the packing materials could get your items damaged.

Always have a surplus of the packing materials so that you don’t have to rush in the middle of the store. Don’t be stingy with the packing materials. See the bigger picture here: a few more bucks of packing materials or a pricey art?

Also keep in mind about the weather conditions because if it’s raining, then you have to plan for moving during rain. The packing material should be waterproof so that if in any case, your packages get drenched in rain and you have already prepared for it in advance. it will save a lot of your efforts

Forgetting to mark your boxes as ‘fragile’


When you are packing your stuff by yourself and have hired removalists to just relocate your things, then you need to make sure that the removalists working on your relocation know which boxes have your fragile items.

You may point out the boxes and tell them but in the sea of boxes, it can get mixed up. Therefore, the simple universal way to let the removalists know which boxes need to be given extra care is by writing the word ‘fragile’ in big, bold letters on all sides of the boxes. Also, don’t forget to mark which side is up to not mess up your airtight packing.

Things will become easier if you have hired removalists for relocation. Consult a removal agency and consult with them for house removals along with your fragile items.

Packing the items too tight

Most fragile items have a tendency to break when hard pressure is applied to it. This happens when you try to stuff in more items in the box so that all your fragile items are very tightly applying pressure on each other. If in any case, you have an expensive wine collection, check out our article on how to pack wine bottles

During the transportation, this long applying pressure could break your fragile items even after a secure packing.

Therefore, it is important to know the difference between packing a box tight and super tight with high pressure.

It is okay to pack a box tight so that things don’t move but when you can see the box bulging on the outside or the items held too tight with each other that there are chances of it to break when to try to remove them, then it is advisable not to proceed.

Not using shock absorbers

When you are relocating your stuff in a vehicle, there is bound to be some bumpy rides along the way. These jumps could send shock waves inside the boxes which the fragile items can’t withstand. Therefore, line the bottom of the boxes with bubble wraps, newspapers, packing papers, etc to absorb the shock.

For items like glasses, bowls, etc which has a hollow surface, the hollow part has to be filled with bubble wraps or any clothes to absorb the shock.

Our article on tips to pack your moving truck will help you adjust your delicate house items properly in the vehicle.

Getting Your Furniture Prepared for Your Move

Packing your whole house into a truck isn’t an easy feat. You have to be smart with the packing options keeping in mind the space constraints. Of all the things in your home that take up a whole load of space, furniture will top that list.

Packing your furniture for relocation needs patience and expertise to safely transport them in a good condition to use next. Getting your huge couch out through your tiny doorway, disassembling the furniture without any damage, assembling the furniture in the right setting are just a few of the issues that you may face with relocating your furniture.

You can save yourself a lot of time and probably some money if you take to spend time getting your furniture prepped for the move. Here are simple, easy tips that everyone can follow to ensure that their furniture relocation is a successful one.

Know which ones to disassemble


Well, this is a crucial one, obviously. If you, by any chance, try to disassemble furniture, that shouldn’t be disassembled, then it could end in disastrous results probably making the furniture unsuitable for use.

To know which furniture to disassemble and which ones you shouldn’t, here is a simple way to identify. For all those furniture that came in pieces along with a manual to guide you install it all together, you can confidently disassemble them provided you have the manual to guide you to assemble them back in your new house.

In case you remember installing the furniture on your own, and therefore know that you can disassemble the furniture, but don’t have the manual to guide to assemble it back, then it is best to get the help of the removalists. Furniture removalists from a good removals company will have the experience of handling various type of furniture and therefore they can assemble your furniture without the help of manuals.

Now that we have seen the furniture that you need to disassemble, there is some furniture that you absolutely shouldn’t disassemble. Some antique furniture or furniture that hasn’t been disassembled from the time you were a child or any other furniture that came in one piece when you bought should be relocated as such without trying to disassemble them.

If you have any doubts about whether you can disassemble furniture or not, it is best to get the help of the removalists you have hired to guide you. It is important to consult them before you take matters in your own hand and try to disassemble furniture on a hunch.

Packing your furniture

packing furniture

If you have original packing box the furniture came in, then it is best to pack them back in it. You will have all the covers, bubble wraps in the packing box and all you need to do is fit the furniture parts in the box and seal it with packing tape.

In case if you don’t have the original box of the furniture, you can get some good sturdy boxes from your local supermarket or any hardware stores. Use bubble wraps to fully cushion your furniture against any breakage. Any other packing materials you use should be checked thoroughly to see if it doesn’t contain any sharp or scraping material in it which could damage the furniture.

While using your own box for the packing, use enough packing materials so that the furniture is properly sealed in and doesn’t move during the transportation. Use sufficient packing materials both above and below the box so that it can withstand any shocks during the ride.

When you are getting boxes to pack your furniture in, always ensure that the finally packed box can pass easily through your doorway. If you think there might be some difficulty, you can always pack it outside the house and transport them directly.

Packing your moving truck and relocating the heavy furniture can be a tiring process. If you can afford to spend a little more money, you can hire furniture removalists to disassemble, pack and assemble the furniture. CBD Movers Adelaide is a reliable removals company who will work on your furniture relocation from scratch. They will even bring their own packing material; therefore, you do not need to worry about the safe relocation of your furniture at all!

Relocating Heavy Objects: When Safety is Essential

We have all seen the DIY relocation tips and the methods to do it. Of course, it looks easy to read about it or see a video on the internet. In fact, some of it seems enticing enough to make us try.

Only when we actually get down to work and try to do it on our own do we see the difficulties and the exhaustive work that accompanies it. Only a few can handle the whole relocation work all on their own – without any help from friends, families and most of all, removalists.

It is okay to spend time trying out the DIY relocation ideas before spending money on hiring a removals company. It is fine when you try the DIY packing tips for packing your clothes in polythene covers or use that new method of labeling the boxes. But as the level of difficulty increases enough to threaten our safety or the safety of anyone near us, then this is where we need to draw the line.

One important area where you need to properly consider before going the DIY way is relocating the heavy objects. Here are a few things that you need to definitely consider before going around and relocating the heavy objects all on your own.

Understand the risks involved

It may look like a small wooden tea table to you which may even seem of normal weight when lifted for a second. But when you carry around a normal weight through a flight of stairs and down to the truck, then it automatically becomes more and more difficult.


If this is the case for a tea table, then think about the other bigger furniture in your house. Maybe you have an eight-member antique dining table or a heavy piano.

There are high chances that you may pull your back, drop the heavy object on your leg or anyone else standing near you, or pull any muscles. Anything could happen when you are carrying around a heavy object and it is best to understand the risks involved in it. moving house requires expertise so think twice before doing anything

Even if you are ready for furniture removal after understanding the risks, it is important to clear out the way you will take, ensure that everybody stays out of the path and take enough rest to let your body re-energize in between your work. Have a first aid kit in your home for any problem that may need immediate attention.

Know the limits

If you are used to lifting a lot of weights in the gym, then this can seem simple to you. But it is important not to overjudge yourself or over judge your ability. You must where you limit ends and where you need to stop.
Keep in mind the consequences of pushing yourself over and away from your limits which can end in damaging your body.

Also, it generally takes two people to move the heavy objects and therefore, know the limits of the other person too. If you see them getting tired or feeling a little white, then take a break and allow them to cool off. Don’t try to overexert them to pick just that small table one last time. When the other person says they need a break, respect their wishes and give them enough time to recuperate. When they say that they can’t do it, anyone, respect their decision because nobody knows their body better than themselves.

When to make the right call

When you have tried to relocate the heavy objects on your own but couldn’t, then it is important to stop yourself from trying so hard and hire removalists to do it.

Removalists have been trained to do just these kind of work and experienced removalists from reputed removal companies will complete the job in such a short time that you would be surprised at their efficiency!

CBD Movers Adelaide is one such removal company which is specialized in house and office relocation in and out of Adelaide and its nearby suburbs. We have experienced removalists who can pack and relocate all kinds of furniture and heavy objects with ease. Contact us today to get a free quote immediately.

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What to Consider When Choosing A Storage Facility

However big our home is, most of us tend to wish for that little extra space that we need. If you have ever felt like that, then you can possibly understand why many make use of the storage spaces. There are a lot of factors that come in while choosing the right storage space.

The first and important detail that you need to look for in long-term storage is the nearness to your home. If you wish to access your storage facility frequently, then you definitely need to look for one that is in the nearby facility. After you have shortlisted some of the decent storage locations in your area, you will then need to look for a few other factors before finalizing on that one location. Here are some of the important points that you definitely need to consider when you are zeroing in on one storage location.

Take stock of the storage space


If you are storing your things for a short time, say during your relocation, then you may go with a storage location recommended by your removal services and ask the removalists to drop off and pick up your stuff on your own.

In case if you are looking for a long-term option, then it is best to visit the storage facility on your own. See the size that the different storage facility offers. Take stock of the entire volume of the space. It is always best to consider a little bigger size than what you need. It is better to have some free space than be short of space and have things piled up on one another till every inch of the ceiling. Consider the things that you can’t stack on one another and consider the volume of the storage space.

You can also take the suggestion of the manager at the storage unit to choose the right sized facility for your things.

Consider the security measures


Security is one of the important factors that you need to scout out and this can only be done when you visit in person. Even though you may have a conversation over call about the security measures in place, nothing comes close to seeing all the measures on your own and getting a secure feeling about the measures employed.

See the number of security guards they have, security cameras, accident kits, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, the locks on the storage facilities and the system of gated entries. Only when you are sure that every one of the listed security measures is sound and functioning, you can choose that storage facility to save your belongings.

Consider the ease of use

See how easily you can load and unload your things from the allocated storage facility. If you are planning to visit often, then you need an easily accessible storage location. Depending on the size of the things you store, see if it will be easy for you to take in and out. Consider the pathway you need to take with the heaviest things you are placing in the storage facility.

Some storage options may be on the first level for which you need to maneuver your way to the above with the stuff. Therefore, consider the size, the distance and the accessibility of the pathways when choosing a storage facility.

CBD Movers has a lot of storage facilities all around Australia with some of the cheapest options for long-term storage facilities. Contact us now to get a free storage quote in your nearest area.

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4 Ways by Which You Can Save Money During House Relocation

You may have just bought a new house, taken a long trip outside or have an outstanding loan that is robbing every penny you earn. Whatever the reasons are, if you are worried that relocation is going to cost heavily on your pocket, then these tips will help you save a lot of valuable money.

Pick a normal weekday to move

Moving on the weekend or on holidays will generally cost you a lot even if you are hiring local or interstate removalists just for the purpose of transportation. On the other hand, the removal services will be far less cheap in the weekdays as the demand will be lower. So if you want to save money on your relocation, the first place you can start is by seeing which is the least demanding day for the removalists.

Get free packing boxes

packing boxes

By packing boxes, it doesn’t essentially mean the cardboard ones but also the wooden ones which will be necessary if you want to keep valuable things safe. If you are buying these boxes, they could cost you some considerable money. To save your money, you can visit the nearest supermarket during their closing hours or their loading hours to get lots of good quality cardboard boxes of different sizes. If you are lucky, you may even have your pick and get sufficient boxes along with some packing materials too.

If you want wooden boxes for free, go to the local businesses which deal in the supply side. Most of these businesses will have a lot of spare or unused wooden boxes which they will be looking to discard. You can also try your hand at a bookstore or a liquor store who may have the sturdy boxes which will be great to pack your electronic stuff and arts.

If you know anyone working in such a place where they may have access to the packing boxes, then don’t feel shy to ask for their help.

Hire removalists smartly

hire removalists

Removalists charge separately for every kind of work in relocation – packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, transportation, packing materials and so on. If you want to save money on your relocation, get a complete plan of how the removal company charges and try to do the easy work on your own and hire them only for specific needs. You will, of course, need the removalists for transportation; so you can maybe do the packing on your own and use their services for loading and unloading alone.

There are some furniture removalists who will charge by the hour. To save your money while hiring such removalists, you can fast forward the work they do by keeping everything ready and accessible for them so that they can get to work the minute they come in. If there are light boxes on the upper floor, you can carry them yourself downstairs. You can help them while they are doing the work – by guiding them to the next box and keeping the path clear for them to do the work and in turn, reduce their working hours and eventually, save your money.

Plan your substitutes for the pricey packing

There may be some packing things that you can’t do without but getting a good substitute in place of it will help you save huge bucks.

packing wardrobe

For example, getting a wardrobe box for packing all your clothes can be pricey. You can substitute these wardrobe boxes by normal trash bags which will give the same amount of security to your clothes. You can then place these clothes in normal boxes and securely pack the box with plastic wrapping.

Similarly, packing supplies for arts, pricey liquor (wine bottles packing), fragile dishes, books and so on can get expensive. Think of smart alternatives and look for DIY tips before you decide to spend good money on it.

Have You Packed Your Open-First Box During Your House Move?

For all those who are wondering what open-first box is, here is a short introduction. Open-first box is a number of things that you will need immediately after you move into your new home.

While packing all our things for relocation, we pack everything and anything we could get our hands on. Only when we reach our new home with the packed boxes do we realize that we don’t have access to almost anything to start your life at the new home. Then comes the searching those the numerous boxes scattered all around the house to find the basic amenities you need. Feels tiring, isn’t it?

Open-first box will solve all those problems and it also gives you a breather when you move to your new home. You can have all of the things that you will be needing for the first few days after you move into your new home in that box and use it comfortably without opening any other boxes.

Checklist for Open-First Box


Even before you start packing your home, it is essential to have a checklist for the open-first box so that you don’t leave anything out. As there can be a few things from each room you pack, you may forget about packing things separately for the open-first box sometimes and this can lead to a lot of confusions. So make a checklist of all the things that you need compulsorily in the open-first box and keep these things aside before you start packing to ensure that you don’t mistakenly pack it along with the other things. So here is the list of essentials to get you started with.

  • A couple of change of clothes for all your family members. (You can add it your overnight bag or have it in here in the open-first box too.)
  • The basic cooking items you may need like tea bags, sugar cubes, coffee mugs, etc.
  • A kettle for making tea and maybe a pan if you need to make omelet or eggs.
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other essential cosmetics. (It is better to have a travel package for these things so that they don’t take much of the space.)
  • Bathroom towels
  • Toilet rolls
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Basic medicine sets and first aid kit
  • A couple of blankets if it is a winter season
  • Bottles or jugs and glasses for waterThese are just a few bare essentials you may need. You can add your own items to the list according to your preferences. Think of this open-first box as a bag which you pack when you are going out for a trip. Think about all the essential items you will need to take with you. This will cover most of your items and you will just need to add in the kitchen things and your box will be good to go.

Things to Remember:

  1. Your open-first box shouldn’t be more than two boxes at the most. Don’t clutter the box with too many things that you will find it difficult to find the items you need even from the open-first box.
  2. It is best to have your open-first box in case if you are traveling to your new house by car. If you are taking any public transportation for the relocation and hiring removalists for the relocation of your things, then you can ask the removal companies to place the open-first box at the top of all the boxes. Ask the movers who unload to keep the open-first box aside when they unload all the boxes and make a good definite marking to easily identify the box even if it gets lost in midst of the other boxes.
  3. Keep in mind that the open-first box should be the last one to be sealed. As the things you have planned to add in the open-first box are items that you may require till the last minute, have the box open in a visible place at your house and ensure to seal it at the last, preferably a few hours before the relocation transportation.

Moving Tips: How to Pack Wine Bottles

You may have some really special and pricey wine bottles that you had saved for some special occasion. When you are in the position to move, you don’t want to open that special bottles of wine but at the same time, want to take it to the new home.

Packing your wine bottles need extreme care. Some wine bottles may get damaged when they are placed on their side or damage their works while some may break from the shock of the moving if they aren’t properly cushioned. If you want all of your wine bottles to be safe during the relocation, then follow the following steps to pack your wine bottles safely.

Take stock of the wine bottles


If you have a lot of wine bottles that will make your packing difficult and strenuous, then you can give out some wine bottles as gifts and use the other ones as a celebratory drink on the day of your relocation. Have a count of the wine bottles according to the boxes you have and the space you will need to pack them tightly and then proceed with the packing.

Getting the right packing materials

Get a thick cardboard box for transporting the wine bottles. For those special wines, you have, have a sturdy wooden box specifically for them. You can procure it from the vintage wine shops and get it for a little price. You can also ask the removalists who have come for your house move or furniture removals to provide you with the right box for packing wine bottles.


When you have got the box ready, you will need a proper divider to separate the bottles which you can again get it from the shops. It is better to go with small sized boxes than the large ones. Get some packing paper, packing tapes and other cushioning materials.

Getting the box ready

First double seal the bottom of the cardboard box with packing tapes to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the wine bottles. Next, place the divider inside the box but cutting it out in the right size such that it fits exactly inside the size of the box. Some would add some glue to the bottom of the divider before placing it in so that it stays in its place. Trim the top of the divider so that the top flaps of the box rests comfortably over the divider without protruding or leaving too much gap.

Packing the bottle


Take a packing paper and roll it over the wine bottle. Tightly secure it with some packing tape. Take extra care in the neck area of the wine bottle and ensure that the cork is tightly secure and wrap it too with the packing paper. Tuck in the paper as you roll and don’t stop until all the wine bottle is immersed under the rolls of packing paper and stick them with packing tape.

Placing it inside the divider


Gently place the wrapped wine bottle inside one section of the divider carefully without letting the packing paper unwound. There will be some gaps in the side of the bottle with the divider especially in the neck of the bottle. Fill those gaps with bubble wraps so that the bottle doesn’t move during the transportation.

I hope this step to step guide to pack glasses for moving will help you not only save time but also the risk of damage

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The Reality of Moving During Christmas – The Pros And Cons

Having seen our share of relocations helping families to move during Christmas, we know a thing or two more about how it really is. As Adelaide removalists, we have worked all around the holiday seasons including Christmas and New Year and can say with surety about the reality of the situation. There are disadvantages of moving house during Christmas as much as the advantages and it is up to you to to make the best decision – to move during Christmas or not.

Here are the pros and cons of moving during Christmas to help you decide.

The Pros of Moving During Christmas


    • You won’t be needing to take a break from work. When you are planning your relocation during the Christmas time, then you will already have sufficient holidays for Christmas which can be used to pack your things and get ready for your house move. You can actually save on your office leave when moving during Christmas time.
    • The traffic won’t be heavy. As not many people will be out and about traveling during Christmas, there will be less traffic than the usual days which can enable you to reach your new home much faster.
    • You can have a Christmas trip on road! Instead of the traditional ways of celebrating Christmas, you can actually do something fun like celebrating it on road. Stopping at small towns in between to enjoy the traditional festivities and getting on the road again with the holiday spirit still intact. If your family is one of those who loves traveling, then combining Christmas with travel will be the most exciting Christmas of all time!
    • You can celebrate the New Year at your new home! It will be a perfect start to your year if you start it at your new home. Moving through Christmas will make you ready to get ready for your New Year celebrations. Also, people will be warm during the holiday seasons. So you can make good friends out of your neighbors in no time when you arrive at your new home during Christmas time.

The Cons of Moving During Christmas


  • You children may miss Christmas celebrations. Generally, small children look forward to opening the presents and having a nice gathering with their family during Christmas time and there are possibilities to get them disappointed if you move during Christmas.
  • You may find it difficult to get interstate removalists at the last minute if you are moving one state to another. There are some removalists who work around the holiday season too. But they will be short-handed and there will be a great demand for them during the holiday seasons. Therefore, you won’t be able to get professional and experienced removalists for your house move at the last minute. You will need to book them at least three or four weeks in advance. Also, some removalists will have certain time restrictions during Christmas; after all, everyone deserves to celebrate Christmas. So speak with the removalists and get the timing right for your move.
  • Winter weather may add extra trouble. As Christmas seasons are generally witnessed with snow and cold weather, you will need to be prepared for the tantrums of the weather which can disrupt your relocation schedule.
    The stress of the holiday season may spoil your mood. If you are someone who looks forward to traditional Christmas celebrations every year, then this could be a hard time for you. Your mood can be dampened when you see all other families celebrating Christmas while you are loading the boxes into the moving truck.
  • There are both positives and negatives of moving during the Christmas time and it depends on your preferences to enjoy the furniture move during Christmas or dread it.

Having plans of moving during the Christmas time? Contact CBD Moversremovalists in Adelaide and book them for a safe and stress-free relocation.

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Worrying About Moving With Cats? Don’t Stress Yourself

Cats are bundles of joy bedecked with whiskers. They give a beautiful purpose to your life and adore you with their soulful eyes.

Moving house with cats?

Relocation is a big upheaval in life and tends to have a strong impact on your cat. Cats have a different temperament when compared with dogs. Cats are more territorial and tend to feel distressed when they are moved to a strange place. They love brushing and scratching themselves on objects in their vicinity and feel vulnerable when they cannot feel their scent in the surroundings. So when moving cats try to keep the atmosphere friendly

Keeping your cat safe

The days leading up to the move tend to be chaotic. Valuables are being sorted, boxes were strewn about, and a general sense of urgency hangs in the air. This period is confusing for your cats, and they may feel insecure.


Share the same with your removalists so that they can work accordingly and their house removal activities don’t cause inconvenience to your cat.

Ensure that your cat is secured in an airy room with clean bedding, a litter tray, familiar toys, a scratch post, and clean water. Entrust the care to one member of the family. This helps in maintaining the feeding schedule and prevents the scenario of your cat venturing out and getting
lost, confused by the general activities during the moving process. Microchip your cat to put your mind at ease.

It is ideal to leave them with a cat sitter during the actual day of the move. That way your cat is kept secure, and readily available when you are ready to travel.

On moving day

Leash your cat on a moving day. If you are traveling in a car, it is a good idea to put your cat in a well-ventilated crate. If your cat is timid and tends to have a nervous temperament, you can talk to your vet about calming medicines for the trip. Feeding them light with frequent stops to run about, helps your cat relax.

In the new abode

When you reach your new abode, feed your cat and secure in a room with favorite toys, and a few of your old clothes bearing the scents of your old home. A scratch post and a bowl of water will help your cat relax. Keep the door closed and go about setting up your new home.

It is advised to keep the cat leashed for at least 2 weeks when you move to the new abode. This period is generally stressful as the new house tends to have an alien smell for your cat. It is a good idea to run a tissue over your cat to pick up the personal scent profile and dab it on cat level in the new place. You can also place cat treat in strategic places to entice the cat to explore the new environment.

Encourage your cat to explore one part of the house at a time, and slowly get accustomed to the new abode. Cats tend to panic when they are forcefully introduced to new surroundings. Take them around, but let them acclimatize at their own phase. It takes anything between 2 weeks to a month for your cat to feel secure in the new environment.

Try to take pictures of your old house before the relocation and after moving furniture, adjust the things as they were in the new house to create a homely atmosphere that resembles your old house.

General checklist when moving with a cat

1. Always have a few familiar toys handy to calm your cat.

2. Register with a veterinary practice as soon as you move to the new place.

3. Maintain feeding times and sleep routines.

4. Keep your cat on a leash when exploring the new place.

With reinforced discipline and a solid support from you, your cat will feel right at home in no time.

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How to Plan Ahead to Move During Rain

Sudden rain in the middle of your relocation can be your worst nightmare. It could bring all kinds of problems with it leading to the delay in delivery or damage to your things. It is advisable to avoid relocating in the middle of the rain. If you are forced with no other option but to move during the rain, then here are some points to keep in mind for a smooth relocation even in a rain.

Keep yourself updated with the weather conditions


From the time you have decided on a relocation date, start checking for the weather condition and it is even better to check on the weather before you zero in the relocation date. Heavy rains and stormy weather could wreak havoc on your whole relocation schedule so it is better to avoid them as much as possible.

Even if you are presented with the most unfortunate situation to relocate during the rain, at least you can be prepared if you know the lay of the day beforehand. Listen to the local news about any diversions on the route, traffic or any dangerous condition on your way.

Plan meticulously


Plan, plan and then plan some more! To brave through the rain and complete a successful relocation, it is essential to plan. Draw out the schedule of the relocation day and decide every step by step action that you need to take to prevent the rain from damaging your plan. If you are planning for a long distance relocation, then decide on the routes you will take. You can also choose a few alternate routes in case your planned route isn’t accessible.

It is important to have a few safe places where you can get shelter in times when the weather becomes tough. Mark out some motels, restaurants, and fuel stops on the way and have the contact number of some vehicle mechanics with you. It is always better to be prepared than sorry; therefore, ensure that you have worked out all the possibilities and have the solution for it. Also, inquire everything about moving insurance and get it for your relocation to get on the safe side.

One more thing, if you have pets to move with you don’t let the stress take over because it will only impact your move in a bad way and might cause inconvenience to you and your pets.

Foolproof packing


While packing should always be given the utmost importance, during the rain, it becomes the most essential one. If you have known at least a few days early that your relocation day could be affected by rain, then you can start ensuring that your packing is secure. You can also wrap around plastic covers over the already packed boxes. Seal the bottom of the boxes properly and it is better if you can double seal them.

Generally, electronic items will be packed a few days before. Therefore it gives you the advantage to pack them well to help withstand the rain. Pack the electronic items with proper cushioning materials after wrapping the electronic stuff with waterproof covers. Seal the box tightly and wrap another plastic cover over it, just to be safe.

You can even read our article on “Ticks and Tricks For Packing Your Moving Truck” for more clarity

Be armed with the essential rainy day gear


Stock yourself with raincoats, ponchos, plastic vehicle covers, umbrellas and so on to carry it with you. Have all the necessary rainy day clothing for all members of your family even if it means carrying an extra bag or two. Do not wear clothes that are too light. Pick out something that will keep you warm. Wear strong, fully covered shoes, especially the knee-length or ankle-length shoes or boots to your legs from getting soaked in water. If you have small children traveling with you, have an extra set of warm clothes for them and some eatables that your family can sustain for a day. Have a lot of towels with you. You may never know when it could come in handy.

Get the help of movers

During the times of rain, it is best to hire experienced and professional moving house removalists who are capable of moving in the rain successfully. Especially at times when it is a long distance relocation, these experienced professionals will have the knowledge of the routes and will be able to adapt to the weather conditions and ensure the safety of your things all throughout. These experts will have their own official stops throughout the route which may help in times when they are a heavy downpour.

You can even get the help of packers once the weather condition of your relocation day is announced as rainy. Packing for a normal relocation is fine but packing for a relocation on a rainy day requires expertise to ensure that there isn’t a single mistake which could jeopardize the safety of your things.

CBD Movers are one of the top removalists of Adelaide who are adept at handling the relocation through all challenges. Our removal experts can also provide budget furniture removals, packing and storage options all over Australia which could come in handy during the rainy season.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Insurance for Your Relocation

It’s time to relocate. You have decided a reliable Adelaide removalist. You have packed most of your things. Everything is happening as per the schedule. But one thing that you left out is taking out a moving insurance.

moving insurance

No matter if you have hired professional removalists for your relocation, doing it all on your own or taking the helping of furniture removal experts you will need to have a moving insurance. This becomes more important when you are moving interstate.

Where can you get moving insurance?

If you are doing the relocation all on your own, then you get insured from authorized third-party insurance providers. Or, in case if you are hiring removalists from Adelaide, you can get insurance from them and any proper removalist will be willing to cover for the damage caused during transportation or negligence.

Make sure to ask about the service provider of the insurance and the exact coverage it will offer. The removal company is obliged to enclose all the details pertaining to the insurance and the breadth of the coverage it will offer.

Getting moving insurance on your own

moving insurance calculator

In case if you are not satisfied with the answers provided by the removalists about the insurance or if the coverage provided by the provider isn’t proper, then you can always find an external insurance service provider and take the insurance directly from them without involving your relocation company.

In times when you have already finalized the removalist but want to take the moving insurance at the last minute, then going for a third-party provider is the best way. Let them know about the removalist Adelaide you have hired and ask for recommendations about the best coverage that will be suitable for you.

From whomever you take the moving insurance, it is their responsibility to state the terms of the insurance and clear the doubts you have about the coverage of your goods in the insurance.

Types of moving insurance


The two main types of insurance provided are:

  • Full coverage insurance which is the broad category available which covers all kinds of damages caused on the insured goods
  • Restricted cover insurance covers only the damages caused to the insured properties through certain causes like fire, explosion, flood, lightning and/or overturning of the transportation vehicle carrying the insured goods.

There are two ways in which the amount for the loss incurred can be settled.

  • A market value option is used to cover the insurance and provided the equivalent amount of the damaged insured goods considered along with its wear and tear, age and condition.
  • Replacement cost will cover the cost of the actual goods totally subjected to the agreed terms and conditions signed earlier when obtaining the insurance.

These are the basic types of insurance coverage schemes offered by the service providers. The restricted cover insurance is a bit cheaper when compared to the full coverage insurance. Before you sign on any insurance paper, make sure to ask questions about the coverage and the amount you will get in case of loss or damage to your insured goods.

Whenever you take a moving insurance, ensure that you are provided with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Financial Services Guide (FSG) in your name or in the name of the person officially taking the insurance.

There are few other types of insurance schemes like the released value insurance which are calculated based on the mass and the total insured value which may result in a total loss for you letting you get just a fraction of the cost of the damaged insured goods. So it is better to choose the safe option preferably the full coverage insurance.

Based on the house or office movers you hire, your insurance policies will be safer providing a wide coverage. CBD Movers removalist Adelaide team will provide a full insurance coverage and you will get a fully satisfied relocation service from one of the most experienced Adelaide removalists including specific options like storage facilities all over Australia and furniture removals in Adelaide.

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5 Tips to Purge Before Your Long Distance Move

You are moving to a location far away. It is all about fresh beginnings and happy first times once again. You are quite excited about the move but something about leaving out all your old packages seems to prick you at the back of the mind.

It is often said that a good quarter portion of what we own is some things that we have no use at all. But just for the familiarity with these things, we end up hanging on it though we know very well that it wouldn’t be put to use.

A long distance relocation is a perfect reason to get rid of all those things weighing in and hogging unwanted space in your house. The time you spend to pack and transport these unnecessary things can very well be used for something productive. Moreover, if you are using any house moving services to help you with the move, then you can reduce the packing charge for the house removals if you can cut down your things considerably.

It is understandable to feel the difficulty in purging those things that you had kept with for so long. To help you with your relocation purge, here are a few tips to help you start with.

Stick on to the rule


When you start purging, you will be faced with a lot of questions and you will end up spending a lot of time contemplating about whether to retain an item. Therefore, before randomly starting the purge, create a rule and stick on with it at all costs. The rule may actually be a set of a questionnaire for you to answer and based on the total score of the answers, you can apply a rule to keep the item or to purge it.

Or, you can ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Have you used the item any time in the past five years for a considerable purpose?
  • Do you see any use of this item in the next five years?
  • How many times have you remembered to be having such an item?
  • Where was this item placed?
  • Closet, garage or the display case?Answer these questions honestly and you will know whether you want to purge it or not. Sometimes, parting with a few things may be difficult but once you have a rule in place to adhere at any cost, then the process will be made simpler for you.

Start early


Purging in urgency closer to the date of your relocation isn’t going to work. Start at least a few weeks early before the date of your house or office relocation so that you will have enough time to finish the purge, do what you want to with the purged items and get to packing the remaining things.

Plan your day beforehand and go through one room at a time. Start small so that you are not overwhelmed with the work. Do it during the leisure times and pick up the pace slowly and if you are moving for the first time then make it look fun.

Rummage your closet


We know very well that closet is the one space where you will never get the mood to purge. Unfortunately, as the situation demands, emptying some of the closet space will go a long way to help you pack.

Do away with the oversized or the undersized clothes, clothes which are so out of fashion that you haven’t worn them since your high school, clothes which are damaged that you can’t use them now and so on. Make a pile of them and donate them or sell them off.

Push the knick-knacks out


We may think that the knick-knacks won’t occupy so much of space but if you put together all such items you have got, it would definitely take up an entire box or two. It is time to go through it and throw away the things that can’t be of use.

When relocating your furniture, you will need to consider it from the point of view of the new house.

  • Do you have a place in the new home for all these types of furniture
  • Do you think these types of furniture will match your new house?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘no’, then it is time to reconsider. You can always sell the furniture and use that money to buy new furniture for your new home. It could also considerably reduce the amount you need to pay for your furniture removalists.

If you are from Adelaide and looking for professional and experienced removal services, then CBD Movers’ Adelaide removalists are the right choice for you offering affordable relocation packages!

How to Move House with Potted Plants

Many people have a collection of pot plants and often worry that the furniture removalists in Adelaide may not have the experience in relocating these pots from one place to another without causing any damage. However, the key lies in choosing a moving company that can safely and effectively help move your beloved pot plants without any hassle.

Truck Space

All furniture packing tips will tell you that it is important to calculate the space your furniture and other items are going to use before booking a truck. This way, you will not fall short of space during your removal. The same also holds true for pot plants. However, it is important to realize that these plants will take up more space in the truck than you envisaged, as unlike furniture, you cannot stack anything on top of pot plants. Hence, they will take extra space compared to your furniture.

If you have more than five to six pot plants, consult your furniture removalists about putting smaller pots into cartons and taping them shut. This way, the removalists will be able to stack these cartons one on top of the other and ensure there is adequate space for everything else.

Inform Removalists in Advance

If you have a lot of pot plants, don’t wait until the removalists come to inform them. Rather, it is best to let them know well ahead of time. This way, they will be able to make arrangements for a second truck to transport the pots and your household items and furniture.

Moving Barrel Pot Plants


You may wonder whether Adelaide furniture removalists have the experience in moving wine barrel pot plants. Well, not all removalists have the experience. Hence, it is essential you take the experience of moving pot plants into consideration when you hire a removalist.

When it comes to wine barrel pot plants, here are a few things you may want to consider before you organize the moving:

  • Ensure the wood is not rotting
  • Rotting wood can loosen the metal hoops, which can come off while shifting
  • Inspect the wine barrel for rot
  • If it is rotting, repot the plant into a new wine barrel before moving day
  • This will make it easier for removalists to move the barrel and the plant

Moving Pots with Cracks


Pots are usually made from ceramic, clay and concrete, and hence, are prone to breakage. That is why it is best if you inspect your pots for cracks along the sides. It is prudent to remember that pot plants are tilted and then shifted. As a result, this can worsen the cracks or in the worst case scenario, cause pot to break into two.

If there are visible cracks in the pots, it is best to re-pot the plant. Most removalists suggest repotting in a plastic pot to make it easy to transport the plant. The original cracked pot can be wrapped and transported to the final destination without worrying about further damage. This is the best option if you are attached to the original pot of the plant.

Watering Plants Before Moving

It is best to water the pot plants well about five to six days before moving day. In case the plants begin to wilt after this, mist them but refrain from watering them. The reason not to water pot plants before moving day is very simple. If you water the plants, the runoff will damage other items in the truck. Water can also increase the weight of pot plants and this can make it more difficult to move the pots, especially when it comes to larger plants.

The Bottom Line


These are a few things to consider when you are planning to relocate.

Inform the furniture removalists about the number of pot plants you have and your move should go off hassle-free.

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Tips And Tricks For Packing Your Moving Truck

The three crucial phases of moving are packing, travel and unloading. If the truck carrying your valuables is not packed correctly, there are high risks of damage. This cause loss of money and property. Therefore, knowing how to pack your belongings into the truck is very important.


The most significant trick of an efficient packing is the order in which items are loaded into the truck. Given below are the order in which items should be loaded and packed into the truck and the reasons why it is the most proficient trick.

  • Largest and heaviest objects first

Analyse the size of the truck before loading anything into it and then stage your stuff mentally. Load the largest and heaviest objects such as large furniture, washing machine, and refrigerators first. Pack them into the front of the truck before the house move. Keep them in their upright position and balance them well.

  • Longer items second

Longer items such as sofas and box springs go next. Place box springs against one of the truck’s most extended walls as they fit best on their sides. Moreover, placing them in this manner saves space. Load other items such as tables, bed frames, and bookcases. If there is any furniture with drawers, place them in such a way that they face the truck’s wall, so that they cannot open.

  • Smaller sized heavy boxes third


Next goes the boxes which are smaller in size but contains heavy items. This may include boxes filled with books and other related heavy boxes. By the time you finish this process, you will be left with only a quarter space in the truck.

  • Light and fragile items forth

Load the fragile items such as plates and glasses next. Make sure that you pack it well with bubble wraps and other packing material. If you run out of them at the last minute, use towels and sheet. They are an excellent alternative for bubble wraps. Pack mirrors in between two pillows to protect it accurately.

  • Fill in the remaining gaps with smallest items last

Fill in the remaining space with small light boxes. Things that don’t fit in the above categories fit here. These items can range from a box of clothes, linens, hangers to shoes, boots and garage items. If you want this transit to be cost-effective, pack the truck as tightly as you can, keeping in mind not to squeeze anything at the same time. This might require skill which removalists specialize in. So if you are unsure of packing everything by yourself or your friends, consider hiring reputable and reliable Adelaide removalists.


Apart from the order, remember to pack a bag of all your valuables like jewelry, laptop, and essentials such as towels and a change of clothes. Carry it with you and do not load it into the moving truck. These were some tips on how to pack the moving truck. Don’t forget to disassemble the furniture which let you do so for efficient packing and transit.

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Easy & cost-effective tips for apartment moving

Moving is a stressful period, and you have just one question running on your mind all the time which is: how can I make moving easier? Moving need not be as stressful as it gets if you keep you follow certain moving tips given below.

Moving boxes


People usually forget that they can get moving boxes from places such as grocery stores liquor stores, bookstores, school, workplace, pharmacy, restaurants, hardware stores, recycling centers, and malls. You end up wasting a considerable amount of money buying these boxes which is superfluous. While some of these stores might charge a minimal amount of money, others let you take these boxes free of charge. These are strong quality boxes as they are used to transport heavy and delicate items to the stores. You can also ask for moving boxes from someone who moved recently or a professional moving company if you hired any. professional moving companies have the best quality boxes as they specialize in moving.

Utilizing towels and sheets

Towels and sheets take up a lot of space. But they can be used as an alternative to bubble wraps. You can wrap all your delicate items with it and also save up money on packing material.

Loading furniture with drawers

Some furniture has drawers with handles that stick out. You can utilize these drawers to store different things in the move. But their handles occupy extra space and scratch other items in the move. To avoid these scenarios, unscrew the hardware and place the handles on the inside.

furniture moving

If you don’t want to risk damage, leave the job to furniture removal experts. They will not only make sure your furniture is safe but also help you relocate within your timeframe

Packing clothes

Packing clothes is a tedious task. The easiest way to pack your clothes is to pack them on hangers. It is just a waste of time if you remove the clothes from hangers, fold them, unfold them after the move, and rehang them again. Instead, you can zip-tie all the hangers (with clothes) together and wrap the whole lot in a plastic wrap, thus saving a lot of time.

Labeling boxes

It is difficult to organize boxes before moving and locate your boxes while unpacking. Though you may have a plan on which room to start with, the plan is bound to get ruined if you do not know in which box the contents of that particular room are in. To avoid the confusion and waste of time, all you have to do is use color-coding.

Pick a color for each room, label the door of each room with that corresponding color and stick to the same color on the box while loading it. For example, red for bathroom and yellow for the kitchen. Stick the same colors on the box and load all the contents of the kitchen in the box colored yellow. Upon arrival stick the same colors to the rooms you had allocated. Stick yellow to the kitchen and red to the washroom and start unpacking. In this way, you can identify the contents if the box in a glance.

Packing fragile items

Packing breakable items such as plates, mirrors, pictures, and TV is no less than a challenge. To avoid broken dishes, pack them vertically and cover with a bubble wrap. Pack glass picture frames and mirrors separately, wrap them in a bubble wrap and label the outside of the box as fragile.

To pack the TV, cover the screen with a towel, and build a custom box for it. Using its original box is ideal. Moreover, the original box will already have all the packing material in it. Always keep the flat screen upright. And if you plan to hire expert removalists for your job, do make sure you cross check how they pack and move your items

These are some of the apartment moving tips which will not only help you plan your packaging but also save up on a lot of money.

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Complete guide on easing the transition with dogs

Relocating is undoubtedly a stressful procedure but not as much if you choose the right removalist for moving. Even with so many helping hands you are constantly worrying about messing it up or breaking something. But this can reduce to a great extent with professional moving companies.

Many might pour in their advice about moving to keep your cost of packing low. You might have a wrong notion about moving companies with their charges. But the fact is that if you hire removal companies in Adelaide, it is beneficial in a long run as they ensure that your valuables are in good hands. Moreover, they provide all the removal, packing & storage services at affordable prices.

Whether you are moving house locally or interstate, relocation is bound to get worse if you have pets and small kids. Even if your canine friend is the calmest dog in the world, moving can freak him out twice as it can freak you out. They often interrupt your packing leaving you thoroughly exhausted. Sometimes, they are not good with traveling which adds on the stress of moving them. They can be fuzzy at times, but we love them nonetheless. They need extra attention and be careful to be patient with them throughout.

So here is a guide on moving house with dogs.


packing before move

• Do not pack your dog’s stuff in the beginning. Pack the toys, dog dish, and bedding last as these are the things that comfort a dog.

• Leave your dogs in a room while you are packing. Preferable a quiet room which will keep them away from all the chaos happening in the house. You can also consider leaving them at your friends or neighbors place.

• Keep them busy. Make sure that you leave them in the room with adequate food and toys. Often they whine when hungry and interrupt your packing. Also leaving them with toys will keep them busy.

Preparing your dog:

• If your dog is not good with traveling, then make them get used to it before the move. Start taking them for small drives, so they don’t get stressed on a moving day. Also, do not feed it for around 4 hours before the move if your dog is travel-sick.

• Attach your dog’s leash with a tag mentioning your phone number and address on a moving day. This identification tag on its collar is vital for moving.

• Make sure that your dog is healthy for the travel. The journey might make him sicker.

While moving:

• Sedate the dog if you think it is necessary, but do so only after consulting the vet.

• Pay attention to the ventilation of the vehicle. Your dog needs ventilation and may feel nauseous if it does not receive enough ventilation.

• While on the move, secure the dog safely to your vehicle with a dog gourd, travel crate or car harness. Do not keep it in a standing position.

• Do not leave your dog alone in the vehicle in extreme weather conditions. If a small stop is necessary, then park the vehicle in the shade.

• If the trip is too long, then take breaks and stop for food and water breaks for your dog.

• Do not open the vehicle window too much. Dogs get tempted to jump out of it even on the move. Also, if its head is outside the window, it can cause some serious eye injuries.

• If your dog salivates a lot, take plenty of tissue papers and towels along for the journey in the vehicle.

Upon arrival:

• Your dog needs a walk even after you move to your new home. So it is better you study your new surroundings to take your dog for a walk.

• Your dog may behave differently after moving to the new house. Also, he may end up damaging your valuables. He may make a mess or some accidents to your carpet. Be patient with them and do not keep punishing them as they are getting used to the new place.

• Introduce the dog to your new neighbors and milkman or usual delivering person who your dog will see often.

• Do not send your dog out alone till it gets familiar to the new place. You may also consider buying a GPS tracking collar for it.

So these were some tips on moving house with your dogs. You must not forget that your dog has a difficult time to keep up with all the things happening around it. Things don’t sound, look or smell the same, and it can cause anxiety for your dog. So keep them as comfortable as you can.

professional removalists Adelaide

Moreover, professional removal experts in Adelaide give you all the specifications on how to handle your dog while moving. So if you have hired a reputed moving company for relocating your pets, you need not have to worry at all. They’ll make your move comfortable & stressfree

5 Reasons why shouldn’t panic while moving office

Just the thought of relocating your office can cause give you panic attacks, and for valid reasons too. You are constantly worried about things not working out and the ease of transferring and its effect on your business. But there are numerous reasons why shouldn’t panic while moving your office. Given below are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t panic, and some packing tips for office moves.

Just the thought of relocating your office can cause give you panic attacks, and for valid reasons too. You are constantly worried about things not working out and the ease of transferring and its effect on your business. But there are numerous reasons why shouldn’t panic while moving your office. Given below are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t panic, and some packing tips for office moves.

1. Panic affects your business: Stress is beneficial to a certain extent but harmful in excess. Stress has the ability to distract you from your target and increase your workload. You’re adding a load of your business to the pressure of moving. This can affect your business and even halter the continuity of your business in the tenure of relocating.

Tip: Be optimistic about the entire process. This will make your business moving easy. Many things such as fear of the unknown and uncertainty of the whole process can send shivers down your spine buy you must be optimistic about it. Being optimistic relaxes your mind and lets you focus on the things that matter and on the things you can work on and help. Having a pessimistic point of view will cause delays and procrastination in your business.

2. Panic affects your employees: When your boss is stressed, you know for sure that it’s worth sweating about. So when you are panicking about moving, this affects your employees to a great extent as well. Many of them might be already stressed about you firing them because of the relocation. This can result in low productivity from your employee’s side thus, affecting your business.

Tip: Remember that your employees have a significant role to play in your office relocation. So involve them in the process and communicate well. Be honest and do not hide any relevant information about the relocation pertaining to the employees. Build a healthy communication strategy.

3. Anxiety affects your relocation on the whole: As mentioned above, panic affects your employees and your business. Thus effects your entire relocation procedure. Panic cause delays in moving and you may not be able to reach before your timeline, thereby causing more anxiety and stress.

 You can avoid anxiety if you are organized. In fact, being organized can aid your office moving process. There are many ways to be organized including starting early and maintaining a checklist.

4. Avoid any negative thoughts:  You do you need to worry when there are organizations who will do the work for you? There are many office removalists in Adelaide which are highly reputable and professional. They approach your valuables with caution and help you relocate with ease. They assist in relocating before the timeline to ensure the continuity of your business. These organizations will remove the load of moving from your shoulders in a hassle-free manner.

You need to research thoroughly to select the best. While you research, search for the moving companies in Adelaide which provide you with real-time updates along with offering cost-effective packages. Make sure that they provide quality service which you can get from their ratings and customer reviews.

5. There are a lot of options out there:  There are many interstate removalists in Adelaide, and if you are not satisfied with one moving company, you always have the option of searching for another one. Each company will offer you something unique, and you can go for one that meets your expectations and fits your budget.

Tip: Many companies make the mistake of choosing a company only because of their reputation. There can be many novice moving companies which can offer you more for a lesser price. Always consider the options. So these were the reasons why you shouldn’t panic while moving office and some of the tips which will help you panic less. There’s no need to panic and remember everything’s still under control.

And if in any case, you face issues with packing and all, read our blog on office packing tips before moving.

Getting Rid Of Termites In Furniture – Effective Treatments

If you have found piles of wood dust under your furniture during spring cleaning or relocation, it is a sign that you have a termite infestation. Many Adelaide homeowners are surprised to learn that they have a termite problem. Usually, our local clients discover the issue during their house removals in Adelaide. You should deal with termites right away, as not only will they destroy

If you have found piles of wood dust under your furniture during spring cleaning or relocation, it is a sign that you have a termite infestation. Many Adelaide homeowners are surprised to learn that they have a termite problem. Usually, our local clients discover the issue during their house removals in Adelaide.

You should deal with termites right away, as not only will they destroy your expensive furniture, but they can also start feeding on the foundation of your home. If you have detected termites gnawing away at your furniture, then you need to read this blog.

Here are some effective termite removal tips for you:

  • Eliminate the Moisture

Moisture is one of the main reasons that termites enter your home. The Mediterranean climate of Adelaide creates the perfect environment for termites to thrive and flourish. Hence, it is best to invest in a dehumidifier to suck out the humidity from the air so that conditions insides your home are not conducive to termites.

  • Fix those Leaks

If you have a leaking roof or a damp basement, you are inviting termites into your home. So, before they decide to enter your home and feast on your furniture, call in a professional and ensure any leaks and decays in the house are addressed.

  • Declutter Your Home

Over the years, people collect furniture and other things in their home. Make use of professional help if you have furniture that you are not going to use, ever. Instead, get the removal company to donate the furniture to a charity. Also, get rid of old newspapers and magazines as they tend to attract termites.

  • Keep Distance Between Wood and Soil

Experts state that there should be a minimum of 18-inch distance between your home and the surrounding garden. This prevents termites from entering your home and nibbling on your furniture and foundation. You can use things like cement or pavers to separate the soil from any wood feature, like a patio and gazebo, in your home.

  • Segregate Furniture

If you find that one room of your home is affected by termites, don’t mingle that furniture with the ones that are unaffected by termites. One of the first furniture moving tips is to inspect furniture and then separate the affected ones from the ones that are fine. If there is sunshine outside, place the affected furniture in the sun. Termites hate sunlight as the heat of the sun kills them.

  • Smear Aloe Vera Gel on Furniture

You may be aware that aloe vera is good for your health and skin. But, did you know you could use it to stop termites from attacking your furniture? If you have aloe vera growing in your garden, crush some to extract the gel. Now, wear gloves and smear the gel over the furniture. The gel acts as a deterrent and keeps termites at bay.

  • Spray Olive Oil and White Vinegar

Vinegar has antibacterial properties and many homeowners use it to clean and disinfect surfaces and drains. When it comes to termites, vinegar can come to your rescue. Blend olive oil and white vinegar and spray it on the furniture. It acts as a termite barrier and prevents them from eating your furniture.

  • Use Proper Packing Materials

If you are relocating or shifting home, don’t be tempted to use old newspaper and books to cushion delicate furniture and other household items or reuse old cartons for packing. Check online for furniture packing tips to find the materials you can use to pack your furniture during a removal. Alternatively, you can use the services of professional Adelaide removalists. Such local removal companies will have clean and hygienic cartons, packing peanuts, packing blankets, and more to ensure that you will not invite a termite problem during relocation and shifting.

So, now you know how not to let termites make merry with your furniture. Use furniture removalists in Adelaide and let us know if they were effective in saving your furniture.

You Don’t Need Superpowers To Move Furniture: Just Some Expert Advise

When we talk about moving houses and offices, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to manage all of our moves! With many things to keep in mind, the biggest of our concerns is always the furniture and how to transport it from one place to another. Even with the help of furniture removalists in Adelaide or in any other place the discussion

When we talk about moving houses and offices, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to manage all of our moves! With many things to keep in mind, the biggest of our concerns is always the furniture and how to transport it from one place to another. Even with the help of furniture removalists in Adelaide or in any other place the discussion of moving furniture is a hard thing to do and take care of. From packing to cleaning and to transporting your furniture, everything takes an indisputable amount of work and thinking.

If you are planning to move your furniture by yourself then you will need to know to know certain things:

  • The Right tools: moving out for the first time, you probably won’t know that there are various kinds of tools that help you get your work done. Without specific tools, you cannot find the correct way to remove various objects and furniture. Making use of the wrong tools can also damage your furniture.
  • You will need some supplies: When you decide to remove your own furniture, be it large or small, you will need some supplies. Supplies may include:
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Tapes
    • Adhesives
    • Straps
    • Stair Rollers
    • Bubble wrap
    • Plastic wrap
    • Knives, etc.
  • You will need some help: While you may feel that you are comfortable with packing and moving your furniture around, you will still need some help with the heavy lifting. You will need help with moving heavy furniture upstairs and taking it from one place to another. To make sure that you do most of the cleaning and packing, hire a moving company only for transporting your furniture from one place to another. If you need the company to move one item of furniture or perhaps some more, even then you can hire a moving company to help you out.

Tips to help you move out without any problems

If you are bent on finding the correct way to move from your old place to a new one, here are some handy furniture moving tips that will help you out:

  • Use your brain: Working hard is not the same thing as working smart. Moving your furniture by your own is a hard task, granted. However, with the help of a bit of smart thinking, you will find your work extremely easy and simple. Rather than waiting around for help to arrive, you can begin your own process of cleaning and packing. Pack smaller things into small things, put empty boxes in a larger empty box and disassemble valuable electronic items.
  • Don’t pull, push: One of the biggest mistakes you can make while packing and moving your furniture, is applying the force in all the wrong directions. Find the right way of moving your furniture and push your furniture out. Pulling requires more strength and tires you out without offering you any results. Above all, pushing will help you get more done even when you are alone, no more lifting and waiting for people to help you out. You can make use of gliders to help you slide the furniture easily. Furthermore, throwing a carpet on the floor will also help you out.
  • Stand your couches: If you feel that you can’t push your couch out of the room, try standing it or rolling it sideways. This way the couch will easily roll out of your room and will not offer any hindrance. Furthermore, you should try the same trick with various other kinds of furniture, such as cupboards and tables.
  • Disassembling various appliances: If you have appliances, that you wish to take but are too huge for you to carry on your own, then here is a simple way of handling this. Disassemble all the moving parts of the appliance and add it to a single box. Furthermore, remember to add all the parts that you disassemble in the same box so that you do not lose them. Other than this, you can find some labels to stick on the boxes and put down the name of the appliance on it.
  • Pack them properly: This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but the thing is you need to be extremely careful with your furniture. Make use of cellophane sheets, stretch plastic and bubble wrap to wrap your furniture securely. Other than this, you should also try to add some protective padding before you load your furniture on the truck. Furthermore, you can make use of rubber corner protectors for the furniture that has pointed edges, to keep your furniture safe and secure.

Certain things to keep in mind

It goes without saying that you will need some help moving furniture within homes and outside your home. Although you can possibly do all of it on your own, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid lifting your furniture or pulling your furniture. Always push or slide them.
  • Make use of the correct tools and materials.
  • Know what you are doing and where you wish to put certain things.
  • Have all the materials ready, keep knives, tapes, adhesives, etc. in a toolbox and create a kit for yourself. Keep this kit around for as long as possible.
  • If you are not sure how to protect your furniture, then make use of blankets. Blankets provide enough cushioning to the furniture that saves it from being damaged. Add a layer of plastic on top of it, so that the blanket does not slip off.
  • Disassemble all that you can and take apart all that you believe you can. This will help you to save space and will allow you to make your shifting, lifting and packing easy.
  • Remember to put all disassembled parts in a safe place.

Working with people or finding your own methods of packing and moving, always remember that organization is the key to success. Plan everything from the very beginning and stick to your schedule. Contact CBD Movers for more assistance

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Packing Tips for Office Moves – CBD Movers

Moving an office is just as hard as moving house. Be in the same city, state or to a different location, there are many things to keep in mind. All your excitement can turn into a daunting task if not planned properly. If you are moving your office, here are some tips to help. Offices are much more complex. With many valuable documents and equipment, you need to consider everything. Begin planning your move

Moving an office is just as hard as moving house. Be in the same city, state or to a different location, there are many things to keep in mind. All your excitement can turn into a daunting task if not planned properly.

Packing Tips for Office Moves

If you are moving your office, here are some tips to help:

  1. Plan Ahead: Offices are much more complex. With many valuable documents and equipment, you need to consider everything. Begin planning your move at least a couple of months before the actual move. Get yourself cartons or hard boxes in quantity so that you can start with your packing. Visit your new office and decide on the layout. Be prepared beforehand so that you don’t waste your time in settling after reach.
  1. Hire Professionals: Rather than doing everything on your own, hire a team of professional office removalists in Adelaide or in any other place, to help you with packing and moving your office’s valuables. Relocation and Removalists go hand in hand. Exhausting yourself before the move is not a good idea. Hire professionals who’ll make it much easier for you to move offices.
  1. Deep Clean: Offices are intricate and stuffy. There are many kinds of documents and office equipment that need to be taken and some need to be discarded. Decide what you want to keep or sell. Also, discard the things you do not need, this will help you lessen the burden of packing and moving. Sell out or donate unnecessary furniture. Avoid carrying it with you to the new office.
  1. Label your Boxes and Furniture: What if you are just stuffing up everything into boxes and not labeling them? Chaos! You won’t find your things when you’ll need them. It’s better to categorize your stuff into documents, files, and stationary and label every box. Also label everything including chairs, desks, lamps, etc. Make sure the label on your furniture is visible and every good is added to your checklist. This way on the day of your move you can easily check out your stuff and be sure about every belonging.
  1. Fragile Items: Keep your fragile items in a separate container. It’s better to wrap each and every item with newspaper or use bubble wrap. Label it as “FRAGILE ITEMS” on all sides. It’s even better to leave the packing of fragile items to the removalist. Removalists are experts, with years of experience and training they know how to carry and pack such items.
  1. Equipment: Computers, printers, fax machines, copiers are all valuable equipment that needs to be properly packed before the move. Make sure that the computers and other equipment are packed with bubble wrap and taped properly. Avoid applying tape on the monitor. Do not use boxes for carrying such equipment and avoid stacking computers on top of each other. Also, check on the instructions for the equipment before detaching their parts.

Other than this, when you move your office, remember to send in applications, wherever necessary, about your company changing office. This will help you avoid many uncomfortable situations in the future and also keep you safe from the situation of lost letters and other important documents.

You can even check our blog on Furniture Moving Tips to save yourself from a tiresome moving experience. For more details contact CBD Movers Adelaide now

Move To Melbourne Made Easy with These 4 Tips

Are you planning for an interstate move in Australia on an affordable budget? Whether you are moving to Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane, you must prepare yourself for the relocation. Moving from Adelaide to Melbourne requires proper planning, preparation, and a moving guide. There is no doubt that relocation is a tough job, but following some simple

Are you planning for an interstate move in Australia on an affordable budget? Whether you are moving to Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane, you must prepare yourself for the relocation. Moving from Adelaide to Melbourne requires proper planning, preparation, and a moving guide.

There is no doubt that relocation is a tough job, but following some simple tips and hiring moving companies can help you to have a hassle-free moving experience. Here, we have come up with 4 simple tips that can help you and your family move from Adelaide to Melbourne with ease.

  1. Keep in mind the weather condition

The ideal time for relocation inside Australia in autumn and spring. When you are moving interstate, considering season becomes very important as rainy weather or cold season can make your moving process quite challenging. Therefore, choose an ideal season so that the move becomes hassle-free for you and also easier for the moving company.

  1. Plan the move and prepare yourself

Once you have selected the season and the date for the move, start with the preparation and planning for your interstate relocation from Adelaide to Melbourne. Get in touch with any of the moving companies in Adelaide and follow our moving tips. You need to de-clutter your belongings, pack some of the valuables in a box and leave the rest for the moving company to take care of. Having a proper plan before the move and keeping yourself prepared beforehand gives you a peace of mind throughout the relocation process.

  1. Look for a suitable moving company

As already mentioned, you need to find a reputed and suitable Adelaide removal agency for this purpose. Relocating to Melbourne is a tough task as there are many factors that need to be kept in mind like weather condition, proper packing for a long distance move etc. Professional movers are experts in this niche and they can guide you properly. The company will at the same time take care of all your belongings until they deliver it to your new residence. Reputed moving companies in Adelaide and Melbourne have the option of insurance also. You can check our blog on furniture moving tips if you have any heavy furniture to move.

Search tip: Here is an additional tip that we would like to give you on how to search for the right company. Well, search a few companies in your area, go through their reviews, ask for a price quotation, shortlist and finally choose according to your budget and the tailor-made moving needs that the moving company offers.

  1. Get rid of unwanted items

More belonging means you have to pay more to the removalist. The distance between the two places is more than 700 km and it will take around 10-12 hours to complete the entire moving process. So, ensure that you remove all the items that you no longer need and either donate it to charity or sell it at a garage sale.

Interstate moving is a big decision, be the moving be for work or any other purpose, the entire relocation process should be smooth and stress-free. We at CBD Movers, excel in relocation and ensure that all your belongings including move are safe with us throughout the interstate move. Get in touch with us for a free price quote for interstate removalists in Adelaide today!

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8 Things to Do Before You Move

Are you moving your house or office? Well, if you are, then you probably already know that there is no task harder than planning your move. Office or homes, both places are a host of memories and things, some of which have been long forgotten. First things first, remember to organize your work. Divide your days into doing things, sort things out and make a list of things to do. This will help you save a lot of

Are you moving your house or office? Well, if you are, then you probably already know that there is no task harder than planning your move. Office or homes, both places are a host of memories and things, some of which have been long forgotten.

Here is a list of 8 things to do before you move out:

  • Organize: First things first, remember to organize your work. Divide your days into doing things, sort things out and make a list of things to do. This will help you save a lot of time in the near future.
  • Plan: Once you are done with organizing, you need to plan. You need to imagine and come up with the most effective way of packing your things and transporting them.
  • Hiring Professionals: Once you have a set idea and plan about your move and the items you need to pack and take, you need to find a good team of interstate removalists Adelaide or in any other place. This will help you reduce the packing and moving time substantially.
  • Smart Packing: Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you do not need to rely on the professionals to do everything. Lend a hand and pack certain small things on your own. Make use of smart ways of packing by packing boxes in larger boxes and adding smaller stuff in them to avoid cramming everything everywhere.
  • Proper care: While you are packing your fragile objects and furniture, remember to be extra cautious with them. You will need to find packing materials such as Styrofoam for some, bubble wraps, stretch plastic and various other things which will help you pack the fragile pieces of furniture and ensure that they do not get damaged on the way.
  • Cardboard Boxes: Make sure that when you plan your big move, you arrange your cardboard boxes beforehand. If you get them from your moving or transport company, you may have to pay some extra cash. However, if you source them on your own, there will be nothing to worry about.
  • Mark the Boxes: Keep some marker around and mark the box once you have packed the boxes. This will help you remember which boxes hold fragile objects and which ones don’t. Furthermore, this will make it easy for the moving company to handle your boxes.
  • Ditch the Unnecessary: Another thing you need to do before you move out is, to ditch the unnecessary things. This will help you reduce the number of things to pack and take.

If you are looking to move to Australia, then there are many Adelaide removalists that offer you the perfect service for moving and packing. Furthermore, you can look up companies in your area that offer you moving and packing services.

Remember to book in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Top 7 Furniture Moving Tips

Relocation can be a daunting task if you have heavy furniture to move. The best thing to do while relocating, be it office or home relocation, you need professional furniture movers to take care of the entire moving process without the threat of any damage to your furniture. When you fix the date of your relocation, take time to do some research on the removal companies. If you are in Australia,

Relocation can be a daunting task if you have heavy furniture to move. The best thing to do while relocating, be it office or home relocation, you need professional furniture movers to take care of the entire moving process without the threat of any damage to your furniture.

Below are a few tips that you should read before moving your furniture:

1. Research on the removal company you wish to hire

When you fix the date of your relocation, take time to do some research on the removal companies. If you are in Australia, then there are good furniture movers in Adelaide and Brisbane that provides both local and interstate moving service. You need to check the website, read the contents thoroughly and understand their process of moving furniture. Different moving companies in Brisbane have separate methods for shifting furniture and other belongings. You need to decide which moving company you will be comfortable with.

2. Get quotes and price estimates

After you have chosen a few moving companies in Brisbane or Adelaide, start asking for free quotes and price estimates. This will help you to understand how much you need to spend for your relocation. Another useful tip to remember is that adhere to a strict budget and do not go beyond it.

3. Disassemble the furniture

Before you start the relocation process, disassemble your furniture that is bigger in size and weighs heavier. You can do it yourself or leave it to the professionals of the moving companies or you can do it with their help as well. This step is necessary because of the following reasons-

Some furniture like king or queen size bed is too big and heavy to move without disassembling. These often do not pass through standard door openings and narrow hallways.

Heavy almirahs, beds, cupboards are heavy enough and moving them without damage is quite difficult. Disassembling them will accelerate the process of easily removing them.

Some furniture pieces like costly vases, glass side tables are fragile and proper care needs to be taken while moving them. To stay on the safer side and protect your valuable belongings disassemble the heavy furniture first.

4. Pick the Right Moving Day

Another thing that you need to follow if you are choosing a moving company in Brisbane or Adelaide is to hire them a month before. There are certain times of the year when the rush increases leading to delay in getting dates from the movers. Book potential dates beforehand to avoid any delay. Moving companies in Adelaide and Brisbane are mainly busy on weekends as everyone tries to relocate on these days. So, you may take a leave from your workplace and plan your relocation on weekdays.

5. Get storage boxes

If it is possible for you to get some storage boxes then you can reduce the cost of the movers. They charge for storage boxes and packaging. So, you can leave your clothes, shoes and other light items in the cupboards that are not very heavy and for the rest of the small things around the house, you can bubble wrap them and put it in the boxes. Leave the packaging and loading heavy furniture with the professionals of the moving company.

6. Proper tools need to be used for moving furniture

We suggest you not to move any furniture, be it heavy or light out of your house without professional help. This is because the right kind of tools is needed for removing them. Amateur moving can lead to damage of valuable belongings.

7. Ensure the movers have an insurance option

Before finalizing a mover, ensure that they have an insurance option. If they do not have this, then don’t go ahead with that service. If your furniture incurs any damage, the insurance can help you in such a case.

Keep these tips in mind before relocating. Good Adelaide Removalists will take care of all your relocation needs. We do not subcontract out and hence offer moving service at an affordable price. Contact us today for a free price quote and get ready to move to your new location!

Are you looking forward to an easy business moving?

It is never so easy to move your business office from one place to another. It exhausts a great effort, time, and the skill to maintain a disruption-free environment to office work, employees, clients, and vendors. So, it is most essential and recommended to hire the professional services of office movers in Adelaide. At CBD Movers Adelaide,

It is never so easy to move your business office from one place to another. It exhausts a great effort, time, and the skill to maintain a disruption-free environment to office work, employees, clients, and vendors. So, it is most essential and recommended to hire the professional services of office movers in Adelaide.

At CBD Movers Adelaide, we have gained over a decade of moving and lodging experience along with the best support of skilled professionals, and equipment for the successful execution of moving job and happy office moving.

Here, we are sharing a checklist that helps in delivering perfect service on every stage during the moving process:


  • Select a well-equipped office space with all essential tools, equipment, and supplies to ensure the quick and trouble-free operation of the office moving practices.
  • Outline and organize all your essential things according to your new office’s floor plan. This will help you cut short on your moving and packing bill to clean or donate your extra stuff.
  • When you get to know about the confirmed moving date, approach a trusted yet cheap removalist Adelaide to discuss with them all the things you wish to move along with you. Some office moving services also offer their customers technical help and support to move their electronic equipment or office computers.
  • You can even tell your employees to pack and clean their individual workstations to make the moving process quick, convenient, and hustle-free.

During Move:

  • Make sure each and every moving stuff is perfectly box packed and loaded into the vehicle.
  • Go for hiring a professional service of reliable removalists that holds a well-established service network for the required assistance and support at the origin and destination points.
  • Adopt a joint removal plan that comprises of removal, dismantling, packing, loading, shifting, unloading, and reassembling work at the new office.
  • Keep all your expensive and delicate stuff under insurance cover to prevent any financial liability due to unfortunate loss or damage of valuable office belongings.

As one of Australias’s most reliable removalists, at CBD Movers, we offer world-class and distinctive office moving house Adelaide for the shifting of all office stuff. As amongst the professional and cheap movers Adelaide, we offer high-quality moving and storage services at the affordable rates. Book our out-of-the-box services now and enjoy customized and most economical office removal deals.

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