13 Tips for Finding the Best House Movers in Adelaide

13 Tips for Finding the Best House Movers in Adelaide

House Movers in Adelaide

A quick guide to finding the right house movers in your city

You will begin by conducting proper research on the Internet and by talking to all of your friends, colleagues, and relatives as well. Have a look at their experience and the type of move that they provide. Go through their services and their ability to come up with a custom move plan for their clients. You must compare the prices of the leading house relocation companies in your city before you narrow down to at least 5 or 6 choices. You must then conduct interviews with each individual company before you shrink your choices to 2. Then you will have an easy decision to make. Now that seems a lot to do, doesn’t it? But it has to be done. And you must consider the following factors as well.

1. Value for money should be your priority

There has to be a good balance of professionalism, ethics, efficiency, punctuality, and affordability. The entire service should make your life easier. Whether it is the equipment that they use or the type of vehicle they have, everything should be in top-notch condition. The packing materials should be high-quality and the insurance should cover a major part of the cargo. All of this is going to ensure that the money you pay for their services is worth it. 

2. Are there any extra services?

A lot of people forget to ask whether they have any additional services in the package or not. These additional services could be high-quality packing materials, loading, and unloading, choice of moving vehicle, flexibility in the moving dates, freedom to choose a preferred route, and many more. Some families also look for end-of-lease cleaning, unpacking after the transportation is done, storage facilities, and much more. All of these should be provided at competitive rates.

3. Removal insurance

Removal insurance is also a necessity these days. You can never be sure about the safety and security of your fragile and delicate belongings. If you are certain that the moving company has had a significant amount of experience in house removals, then maybe you can trust them with your belongings completely. However, it is never advised that you should take this risk. Your valuable and fragile items should always be protected with insurance. If the company is not able to provide that, you should look for a third-party cover that can give you protection against all the major and most common mishaps.

4. Accurate estimate

This you will notice when you get in touch with the representative of the house movers in Adelaide. If they are able to come up with an accurate quote or give you a realistic estimate of the entire cost, you should think about them seriously. Some companies would insist on making a personal visit and having a closer look at your cargo. This is also a more practical approach and it gives you a better idea of the conduct and professionalism of the moving company. So, if you are moving house or your office, a company that is willing to come all the way to your premises to give you an estimate is someone you can easily rely upon.

5. High-quality packing materials

Many families and homeowners prefer to enquire about packing materials that the house movers can provide them with. This is because it takes away a lot of your stress. You should not have to hunt for moving boxes or scour through the trash cans of your nearest grocery store just to find a few delivery boxes in which you can stuff your belongings. Several house movers in Adelaide have their own packing solutions that prove to be quite affordable. If you get this option, do not let it go out of your hand. Make sure that these packing materials are of high quality and resistant to extreme temperatures as well. They should be durable and suitable for transit.

6. Certifications

It is always a good option to go for a house moving company that has the necessary certificates, permits, and licenses to function as removalists. Depending upon the state you live in, make sure that the company follows all the city guidelines, rules, and regulations. They must have all the necessary documents and certifications in place before you hand them over your stuff to move.

7. References can help

References are of huge help. If you can get any from your friends or family members who may have already used the services of a particular house relocation company, moving house can become even easier. This is because they have already had the experience of working with them and you can rely on their word.

8. Online reviews are helpful

Let’s say that you haven’t had any first-hand experience with these moving companies. Let’s say that nobody in your immediate friend circle or even among your relatives has ever moved house before. What do you do? You look for reviews and testimonials on the internet. You should visit their social media profiles and have a look at what their clients are saying about their service. This will give you a better idea of whether you should go for them or not

9. What is their experience?

Needless to say, their clients are also going to talk about their service, the quality, and the total experience that they have. Look at the date of those testimonials and reviews. It will become even clearer how much experience the company has.

10. The website should be informative

Go through their official website. The first thing that you should notice is the loading time of their home page. If it is more than 3 seconds, do not go through with it. Any efficient business that means business is going to pay special attention to the load time of their website. If they are highly competitive, they will make sure that their web page loads within 3 seconds.

Moreover, the website should have a complete page dedicated to their services and another page dedicated fully to their reviews and testimonials. The information should be authentic and verifiable. Needless to say, they should also have their physical office address listed in the Google my business listing. You should look for that as well.

11. Are they a one-stop shop?

When you are looking for a removal company, make sure that they have all the services available to them. Long-term storage facilities, high-quality packing, and moving boxes, packaging services, loading and unloading services, critical furniture moving, office machinery set up, and the like or a few examples.

12. Pricing structure of house movers in Adelaide

How could you forget the pricing structure and policy of the company? Remember, there is no such thing as dirt cheap. If you go solely with a low price, the only thing that you are going to get is low-quality service. You always get what you pay for. You must find the right balance between affordability and quality service.

13. There is no such thing as massive discounts

Again, there is no such thing as heavy discounts. If you see that the company is willing to give you massive cashback offers and schemes that are too difficult to resist, they are not a name you should trust. It does not mean that they will be efficient, give you value for money, pack and move as per your convenience, offer enough flexibility, or even take care of your precious and fragile items throughout the move.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right house movers in Adelaide can be a little complicated. This blog was an attempt to simplify things for you. Go through it twice or thrice or as many times as you want. You should be able to find a dependable house removal company in the city pretty soon.