4 Ways Which Can Save Your Money During House Relocation

4 Ways by Which You Can Save Money During House Relocation

4 Ways by Which You Can Save Money

You may have just bought a new house, taken a long trip outside, or have an outstanding loan that is robbing every penny you earn. Whatever the reasons are, if you are worried that relocation is going to cost heavily in your pocket, then these tips will help you save a lot of valuable money.

1) Pick a Normal Weekday to Move

Moving on the weekend or on holidays will generally cost you a lot even if you are hiring local or interstate removalists just for the purpose of transportation. On the other hand, the removal services will be far less cheap on weekdays as the demand will be lower. So if you want to save money on your relocation, the first place you can start is by seeing which is the least demanding day for the removalists.

2) Get Free Packing Boxes

By packing boxes, it doesn’t essentially mean the cardboard ones but also the wooden ones which will be necessary if you want to keep valuable things safe. If you are buying these boxes, they could cost you some considerable money. To save your money, you can visit the nearest supermarket during their closing hours or their loading hours to get lots of good quality cardboard boxes of different sizes. If you are lucky, you may even have your pick and get sufficient boxes along with some packing materials too.

If you want wooden boxes for free, go to the local businesses which deal in the supply side. Most of these businesses will have a lot of spare or unused wooden boxes which they will be looking to discard. You can also try your hand at a bookstore or a liquor store that may have sturdy boxes which will be great to pack your electronic stuff and arts.

If you know anyone working in such a place where they may have access to the packing boxes, then don’t feel shy to ask for their help.

3) Hire Removalists Smartly

hire removalists
Removalists charge separately for every kind of work in relocation – packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, transportation, packing materials and so on. If you want to save money on your relocation, get a complete plan of how the removal company charges and try to do the easy work on your own and hire them only for specific needs. You will, of course, need the removalists for transportation; so you can maybe do the packing on your own and use their services for loading and unloading alone.

There are some furniture removalists who will charge by the hour. To save your money while hiring such removalists, you can fast forward the work they do by keeping everything ready and accessible for them so that they can get to work the minute they come in. If there are lightboxes on the upper floor, you can carry them yourself downstairs. You can help them while they are doing the work – by guiding them to the next box and keeping the path clear for them to do the work and in turn, reduce their working hours and eventually, save your money.

4) Plan Your Substitutes For The Pricey Packing

There may be some packing things that you can’t do without but getting a good substitute in place of it will help you save huge bucks.

packing wardrobe

For example, getting a wardrobe box for packing all your clothes can be pricey. You can substitute these wardrobe boxes with normal trash bags which will give the same amount of security to your clothes. You can then place these clothes in normal boxes and securely pack the box with plastic wrapping.

Similarly, packing supplies for arts, pricey liquor (wine bottles packing), fragile dishes, books and so on can get expensive. Think of smart alternatives and look for DIY tips before you decide to spend good money on them.