Change of Address Checklist - Things To Do When Moving House

Change of Address Checklist – Whom to Inform About the House Move

Change of Address Checklist

So you have fixed your moving date and hired a reliable Adelaide removalist. With the change in your location comes a whole string of departments and providers that need to get updated with the new address. You may have certain services and people in mind whom you have to inform about the new address but moving is a chaotic time. You have many things to do as a change of address checklist when moving house that often results in forgetting things.

It’s better to make a checklist to avoid any future hassles like a lapse of services and missed bills. We have compiled a change of address checklist to know who you need to notify about the change from utility providers to your close friends. Additionally, this printable moving house checklist can be carried anywhere making your work simpler.

The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist:

1. Local Authorities

a) Australia Post
You should start notifying the post office about the change of address. Any mail that has been sent at the older address will get forwarded to the new address. You can update it online and set a specific date for that. We recommend you do it a week before.

b) Australian Taxation Office
Your federal revenue and state tax agency should be aware of the address change. Forms from the IRS are available online to update your new address.

c) Australian Electoral Commission
You need to re-register yourself with the new area and updated details about your moving date to the new place.

d) Department of Work and Pensions
You need to change your address to the concerned department if you are getting any sort of money from the government. You can do it by calling on a relevant helpline.
These departments could be:

  • Concession cards
  • Human Services- Child Support Agency, Centrelink, Medicare
  • Local Council
  • Seniors Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs
  • School, University, TAFE

2.  Update Driving License on Roads and Maritime Services

Not only you are moving house in Adelaide but your car is taking a journey as well. You need to update the information on your car ownership, car insurance, and driving license. You don’t have to take time out from your busy moving schedule, these changes can be made online. And if your new areas are considered to be a high risk, you might pay more for the insurance premium and if the area is safer, you can receive a refund.

a) Inform the road and maritime services about the new details in 14 days. They will update your license details and vehicle registration and post the new address in 7 days.

b) You can change your vehicle breakdown covers by visiting the provider’s website. This is important for service providers who offer different rates depending on the area and to know where you need an assistant if any breakdown happens.

c) Car insurance providers need to be informed about your address change. This is for accident cases and insurance payments.

3. Change Address for Utilities

Do you have a lot of subscriptions? We all have basic utilities that we need from the very first day of our move. You need to change the address on these platforms when moving so you have your basic things covered from the first day.

a) Phone
You need to inform the landline or phone company about the address change so they can send the bills to the exact location. This can be done by visiting the store or calling your service provider.

b) Cable/Satellite
You need to inform the Cable/Satellite for billing purposes and check if your new home will need a cable or satellite dish.

c) Broadband
You may want to cancel your broadband subscriptions to get a better deal when moving to a new location.

d) Electricity
There are chances that you may have to pay for ending early your subscription. In such cases, you need to check with the electricity provider if you can move the same deal to the new location. Additionally, it takes them more than 48 hours to update the information, so you need to inform them in advance.

e) TV License
Your TV license won’t work at the new property so you need to inform the TV licensing website in advance.

f) Gas
Take a reading of your electricity and gas on the day of your move. This way you don’t have to pay for things that you haven’t used beyond that particular date.

g) Water
Just like the electricity and gas providers, you need to inform the water provider about your moving date and address.

4. Insurance

Inform your current insurer about the new postcode to evaluate the insurance cost and premium. If your new location falls into the category of “risky”, your insurance premiums are likely to increase and vice versa.

Certain insurance policies are not based on the areas you live and just need to update the address to send the bills. You can either visit their website or call them to change the address:
a) Home Insurance
b) Travel Insurance
c) Health Insurance
d) Pet Insurance

5. Healthcare

With a change in location, you may need to change your doctors. Your current doctor will forward your medical history to the new doctor (this is applicable for a pet).
a) Doctor
b) Dentist
c) Vet
d) Optician

6. Services

If you have hired people to maintain property then inform them about your house move or tell them about the new address. Also update your address with people whom you need to contact on a regular basis like solicitors, accountants or tenants.
Some services include:

  • Gardner
  • Cleaner
  • Accountant
  • Window Cleaner
  • Loan Companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Store cards

7. Recreational

You will need to cancel the subscription when moving far or schedule them for a local move. These recreational activities include:

  • Newspaper/Magazine subscription
  • Health Club/Gym
  • Clubs and Societies

8. Tell Friends and Family

This depends upon you which friends you want to inform when moving house. You can inform them a few weeks later so that there are no surprise visits from your friends and family or you can inform them prior to seeking help from some of them.

Changing the address takes time and taking care of this can eliminate many problems. Remember to change the address at the bank and stores to reduce any hassle. Following this change of address checklist will make your work a lot easier. I hope you find this moving house checklist Australia helpful.
Best of luck with your upcoming house moving process.