Everything You Need to Know About Moving Insurance for Your Relocation


It’s time to relocate. You have decided a reliable Adelaide removalist. You have packed most of your things. Everything is happening as per the schedule. But one thing that you left out is taking out a moving insurance.

moving insurance

No matter if you have hired professional removalists for your relocation, doing it all on your own or taking the helping of furniture removal experts you will need to have a moving insurance. This becomes more important when you are moving interstate.

Where can you get moving insurance?

If you are doing the relocation all on your own, then you get insured from authorized third-party insurance providers. Or, in case if you are hiring removalists from Adelaide, you can get insurance from them and any proper removalist will be willing to cover for the damage caused during transportation or negligence.

Make sure to ask about the service provider of the insurance and the exact coverage it will offer. The removal company is obliged to enclose all the details pertaining to the insurance and the breadth of the coverage it will offer.

Getting moving insurance on your own

moving insurance calculator

In case if you are not satisfied with the answers provided by the removalists about the insurance or if the coverage provided by the provider isn’t proper, then you can always find an external insurance service provider and take the insurance directly from them without involving your relocation company.

In times when you have already finalized the removalist but want to take the moving insurance at the last minute, then going for a third-party provider is the best way. Let them know about the removalist Adelaide you have hired and ask for recommendations about the best coverage that will be suitable for you.

From whomever you take the moving insurance, it is their responsibility to state the terms of the insurance and clear the doubts you have about the coverage of your goods in the insurance.

Types of moving insurance


The two main types of insurance provided are:

  • Full coverage insurance which is the broad category available which covers all kinds of damages caused on the insured goods
  • Restricted cover insurance covers only the damages caused to the insured properties through certain causes like fire, explosion, flood, lightning and/or overturning of the transportation vehicle carrying the insured goods.

There are two ways in which the amount for the loss incurred can be settled.

  • A market value option is used to cover the insurance and provided the equivalent amount of the damaged insured goods considered along with its wear and tear, age and condition.
  • Replacement cost will cover the cost of the actual goods totally subjected to the agreed terms and conditions signed earlier when obtaining the insurance.

These are the basic types of insurance coverage schemes offered by the service providers. The restricted cover insurance is a bit cheaper when compared to the full coverage insurance. Before you sign on any insurance paper, make sure to ask questions about the coverage and the amount you will get in case of loss or damage to your insured goods.

Whenever you take a moving insurance, ensure that you are provided with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Financial Services Guide (FSG) in your name or in the name of the person officially taking the insurance.

There are few other types of insurance schemes like the released value insurance which are calculated based on the mass and the total insured value which may result in a total loss for you letting you get just a fraction of the cost of the damaged insured goods. So it is better to choose the safe option preferably the full coverage insurance.

Based on the house or office movers you hire, your insurance policies will be safer providing a wide coverage. CBD Movers removalist Adelaide team will provide a full insurance coverage and you will get a fully satisfied relocation service from one of the most experienced Adelaide removalists including specific options like storage facilities all over Australia and furniture removals in Adelaide.

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