Getting Rid of Termites In Furniture - Effective Treatments

Getting Rid of Termites In Furniture – Effective Treatments

Getting Rid Of Termites In Furniture – Effective Treatments

If you have found piles of wood dust under your furniture during spring cleaning or relocation, it is a sign that you have a termite infestation. Many Adelaide homeowners are surprised to learn that they have a termite problem. Usually, our local clients discover the issue during their house removals in Adelaide.

You should deal with termites right away, as not only will they destroy your expensive furniture, but they can also start feeding on the foundation of your home. If you have detected termites gnawing away at your furniture, then you need to read this blog.

Here are some Effective Termites Removal Tips for you:

  • Eliminate the Moisture

Moisture is one of the main reasons that termites enter your home. The Mediterranean climate of Adelaide creates the perfect environment for termites to thrive and flourish. Hence, it is best to invest in a dehumidifier to suck out the humidity from the air so that conditions inside your home are not conducive to termites.

  • Fix those Leaks

If you have a leaking roof or a damp basement, you are inviting termites into your home. So, before they decide to enter your home and feast on your furniture, call in a professional and ensure any leaks and decays in the house are addressed.

  • Declutter Your Home

Over the years, people collect furniture and other things in their homes. Make use of professional help if you have furniture that you are not going to use, ever. Instead, get the removal company to donate the furniture to a charity. Also, get rid of old newspapers and magazines as they tend to attract termites.

  • Keep Distance Between Wood and Soil

Experts state that there should be a minimum of 18-inch distance between your home and the surrounding garden. This prevents termites from entering your home and nibbling on your furniture and foundation. You can use things like cement or pavers to separate the soil from any wood feature, like a patio and gazebo, in your home.

  • Segregate Furniture

If you find that one room of your home is affected by termites, don’t mingle that furniture with the ones that are unaffected by termites. One of the first furniture moving tips is to inspect the furniture and then separate the affected ones from the ones that are fine. If there is sunshine outside, place the affected furniture in the sun. Termites hate sunlight as the heat of the sun kills them.

  • Smear Aloe Vera Gel on Furniture

You may be aware that aloe vera is good for your health and skin. But, did you know you could use it to stop termites from attacking your furniture? If you have aloe vera growing in your garden, crush some to extract the gel. Now, wear gloves and smear the gel over the furniture. The gel acts as a deterrent and keeps termites at bay.

  • Spray Olive Oil and White Vinegar

Vinegar has antibacterial properties and many homeowners use it to clean and disinfect surfaces and drains. When it comes to termites, vinegar can come to your rescue. Blend olive oil and white vinegar and spray it on the furniture. It acts as a termite barrier and prevents them from eating your furniture.

  • Use Proper Packing Materials

If you are relocating or shifting home, don’t be tempted to use old newspapers and books to cushion delicate furniture and other household items or reuse old cartons for packing. Check online for furniture packing tips to find the materials you can use to pack your furniture during a removal. Alternatively, you can use the services of professional Adelaide removalists. Such local removal companies will have clean and hygienic cartons, packing peanuts, packing blankets, and more to ensure that you will not invite a termite problem during relocation and shifting.

So, now you know how not to let termites make merry with your furniture. Use furniture removalists in Adelaide and let us know if they were effective in saving your furniture.