Furniture Moving Top 7 Tips To Make Your Relocation Successful

Top 7 Furniture Moving Tips


Relocation can be a daunting task if you have heavy furniture to move. The best thing to do while relocating, be it office or home relocation, is you need professional furniture movers to take care of the entire moving process without the threat of any damage to your furniture.

Below are a few tips that you should read before moving your furniture:

1. Research the removal company you wish to hire
When you fix the date of your relocation, take time to do some research on the removal companies. If you are in Australia, then there are good furniture movers in Adelaide that provides both local and interstate moving service. You need to check the website, read the contents thoroughly, and understand the process of moving furniture. Different moving companies in Adelaide have separate methods for shifting furniture and other belongings. You need to decide which moving company you will be comfortable with.

2. Get quotes and price estimates
After you have chosen a few moving companies in Adelaide, start asking for free quotes and price estimates. This will help you to understand how much you need to spend for your relocation. Another useful tip to remember is that adhere to a strict budget and not go beyond it.

3. Disassemble the furniture
Before you start the relocation process, disassemble your furniture that is bigger in size and weighs heavier. You can do it yourself or leave it to the professionals of the moving companies or you can do it with their help as well. This step is necessary because of the following reasons-

  • Some furniture like a king or queen-size bed is too big and heavy to move without disassembling. These often do not pass through standard door openings and narrow hallways.
  • Heavy almirahs, beds, and cupboards are heavy enough, and moving them without damage is quite difficult. Disassembling them will accelerate the process of easily removing them.
  • Some furniture pieces like costly vases and glass side tables are fragile and proper care needs to be taken while moving them. To stay on the safer side and protect your valuable belongings disassemble the heavy furniture first.

4. Pick the Right Moving Day
Another thing that you need to follow if you are choosing a moving company in Adelaide is to hire them a month before. There are certain times of the year when the rush increases leading to delays in getting dates from the movers. Book potential dates beforehand to avoid any delay. Moving companies in Adelaide are mainly busy on weekends as everyone tries to relocate on these days. So, you may take a leave from your workplace and plan your relocation on weekdays.

5. Get storage boxes
If it is possible for you to get some storage boxes then you can reduce the cost of the movers. They charge for storage boxes and packaging. So, you can leave your clothes, shoes, and other light items in the cupboards that are not very heavy and for the rest of the small things around the house, you can bubble wrap them and put it in the boxes. Leave the packaging and loading of heavy furniture with the professionals of the moving company.

6. Proper tools need to be used for moving furniture
We suggest you not move any furniture, be it heavy or light out of your house without professional help. This is because the right kind of tools is needed for removing them. Amateur moving can lead to damage to valuable belongings.

7. Ensure the movers have an insurance option
Before finalizing a mover, ensure that they have an insurance option. If they do not have this, then don’t go ahead with that service. If your furniture incurs any damage, the insurance can help you in such a case.

Keep these tips in mind before relocating. Good Adelaide Removalists will take care of all your relocation needs. We do not subcontract out and hence offer moving service at an affordable price. Contact us today for a free price quote and get ready to move to your new location!