The Reality of Moving During Christmas – The Pros And Cons

Having seen our share of relocations helping families to move during Christmas, we know a thing or two more about how it really is. As Adelaide removalists, we have worked all around the holiday seasons including Christmas and New Year and can say with surety about the reality of the situation. There are disadvantages of moving house during Christmas as much as the advantages and it is up to you to to make the best decision – to move during Christmas or not.

Here are the pros and cons of moving during Christmas to help you decide.

The Pros of Moving During Christmas


    • You won’t be needing to take a break from work. When you are planning your relocation during the Christmas time, then you will already have sufficient holidays for Christmas which can be used to pack your things and get ready for your house move. You can actually save on your office leave when moving during Christmas time.
    • The traffic won’t be heavy. As not many people will be out and about traveling during Christmas, there will be less traffic than the usual days which can enable you to reach your new home much faster.
    • You can have a Christmas trip on road! Instead of the traditional ways of celebrating Christmas, you can actually do something fun like celebrating it on road. Stopping at small towns in between to enjoy the traditional festivities and getting on the road again with the holiday spirit still intact. If your family is one of those who loves traveling, then combining Christmas with travel will be the most exciting Christmas of all time!
    • You can celebrate the New Year at your new home! It will be a perfect start to your year if you start it at your new home. Moving through Christmas will make you ready to get ready for your New Year celebrations. Also, people will be warm during the holiday seasons. So you can make good friends out of your neighbors in no time when you arrive at your new home during Christmas time.

The Cons of Moving During Christmas


  • You children may miss Christmas celebrations. Generally, small children look forward to opening the presents and having a nice gathering with their family during Christmas time and there are possibilities to get them disappointed if you move during Christmas.
  • You may find it difficult to get interstate removalists at the last minute if you are moving one state to another. There are some removalists who work around the holiday season too. But they will be short-handed and there will be a great demand for them during the holiday seasons. Therefore, you won’t be able to get professional and experienced removalists for your house move at the last minute. You will need to book them at least three or four weeks in advance. Also, some removalists will have certain time restrictions during Christmas; after all, everyone deserves to celebrate Christmas. So speak with the removalists and get the timing right for your move.
  • Winter weather may add extra trouble. As Christmas seasons are generally witnessed with snow and cold weather, you will need to be prepared for the tantrums of the weather which can disrupt your relocation schedule.
    The stress of the holiday season may spoil your mood. If you are someone who looks forward to traditional Christmas celebrations every year, then this could be a hard time for you. Your mood can be dampened when you see all other families celebrating Christmas while you are loading the boxes into the moving truck.
  • There are both positives and negatives of moving during the Christmas time and it depends on your preferences to enjoy the furniture move during Christmas or dread it.

Having plans of moving during the Christmas time? Contact CBD Moversremovalists in Adelaide and book them for a safe and stress-free relocation.

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Worrying About Moving With Cats? Don’t Stress Yourself

Cats are bundles of joy bedecked with whiskers. They give a beautiful purpose to your life and adore you with their soulful eyes.

Moving house with cats?

Relocation is a big upheaval in life and tends to have a strong impact on your cat. Cats have a different temperament when compared with dogs. Cats are more territorial and tend to feel distressed when they are moved to a strange place. They love brushing and scratching themselves on objects in their vicinity and feel vulnerable when they cannot feel their scent in the surroundings. So when moving cats try to keep the atmosphere friendly

Keeping your cat safe

The days leading up to the move tend to be chaotic. Valuables are being sorted, boxes were strewn about, and a general sense of urgency hangs in the air. This period is confusing for your cats, and they may feel insecure.


Share the same with your removalists so that they can work accordingly and their house removal activities don’t cause inconvenience to your cat.

Ensure that your cat is secured in an airy room with clean bedding, a litter tray, familiar toys, a scratch post, and clean water. Entrust the care to one member of the family. This helps in maintaining the feeding schedule and prevents the scenario of your cat venturing out and getting
lost, confused by the general activities during the moving process. Microchip your cat to put your mind at ease.

It is ideal to leave them with a cat sitter during the actual day of the move. That way your cat is kept secure, and readily available when you are ready to travel.

On moving day

Leash your cat on a moving day. If you are traveling in a car, it is a good idea to put your cat in a well-ventilated crate. If your cat is timid and tends to have a nervous temperament, you can talk to your vet about calming medicines for the trip. Feeding them light with frequent stops to run about, helps your cat relax.

In the new abode

When you reach your new abode, feed your cat and secure in a room with favorite toys, and a few of your old clothes bearing the scents of your old home. A scratch post and a bowl of water will help your cat relax. Keep the door closed and go about setting up your new home.

It is advised to keep the cat leashed for at least 2 weeks when you move to the new abode. This period is generally stressful as the new house tends to have an alien smell for your cat. It is a good idea to run a tissue over your cat to pick up the personal scent profile and dab it on cat level in the new place. You can also place cat treat in strategic places to entice the cat to explore the new environment.

Encourage your cat to explore one part of the house at a time, and slowly get accustomed to the new abode. Cats tend to panic when they are forcefully introduced to new surroundings. Take them around, but let them acclimatize at their own phase. It takes anything between 2 weeks to a month for your cat to feel secure in the new environment.

Try to take pictures of your old house before the relocation and after moving furniture, adjust the things as they were in the new house to create a homely atmosphere that resembles your old house.

General checklist when moving with a cat

1. Always have a few familiar toys handy to calm your cat.

2. Register with a veterinary practice as soon as you move to the new place.

3. Maintain feeding times and sleep routines.

4. Keep your cat on a leash when exploring the new place.

With reinforced discipline and a solid support from you, your cat will feel right at home in no time.

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How to Plan Ahead to Move During Rain

Sudden rain in the middle of your relocation can be your worst nightmare. It could bring all kinds of problems with it leading to the delay in delivery or damage to your things. It is advisable to avoid relocating in the middle of the rain. If you are forced with no other option but to move during the rain, then here are some points to keep in mind for a smooth relocation even in a rain.

Keep yourself updated with the weather conditions


From the time you have decided on a relocation date, start checking for the weather condition and it is even better to check on the weather before you zero in the relocation date. Heavy rains and stormy weather could wreak havoc on your whole relocation schedule so it is better to avoid them as much as possible.

Even if you are presented with the most unfortunate situation to relocate during the rain, at least you can be prepared if you know the lay of the day beforehand. Listen to the local news about any diversions on the route, traffic or any dangerous condition on your way.

Plan meticulously


Plan, plan and then plan some more! To brave through the rain and complete a successful relocation, it is essential to plan. Draw out the schedule of the relocation day and decide every step by step action that you need to take to prevent the rain from damaging your plan. If you are planning for a long distance relocation, then decide on the routes you will take. You can also choose a few alternate routes in case your planned route isn’t accessible.

It is important to have a few safe places where you can get shelter in times when the weather becomes tough. Mark out some motels, restaurants, and fuel stops on the way and have the contact number of some vehicle mechanics with you. It is always better to be prepared than sorry; therefore, ensure that you have worked out all the possibilities and have the solution for it. Also, inquire everything about moving insurance and get it for your relocation to get on the safe side.

One more thing, if you have pets to move with you don’t let the stress take over because it will only impact your move in a bad way and might cause inconvenience to you and your pets.

Foolproof packing


While packing should always be given the utmost importance, during the rain, it becomes the most essential one. If you have known at least a few days early that your relocation day could be affected by rain, then you can start ensuring that your packing is secure. You can also wrap around plastic covers over the already packed boxes. Seal the bottom of the boxes properly and it is better if you can double seal them.

Generally, electronic items will be packed a few days before. Therefore it gives you the advantage to pack them well to help withstand the rain. Pack the electronic items with proper cushioning materials after wrapping the electronic stuff with waterproof covers. Seal the box tightly and wrap another plastic cover over it, just to be safe.

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Be armed with the essential rainy day gear


Stock yourself with raincoats, ponchos, plastic vehicle covers, umbrellas and so on to carry it with you. Have all the necessary rainy day clothing for all members of your family even if it means carrying an extra bag or two. Do not wear clothes that are too light. Pick out something that will keep you warm. Wear strong, fully covered shoes, especially the knee-length or ankle-length shoes or boots to your legs from getting soaked in water. If you have small children traveling with you, have an extra set of warm clothes for them and some eatables that your family can sustain for a day. Have a lot of towels with you. You may never know when it could come in handy.

Get the help of movers

During the times of rain, it is best to hire experienced and professional moving house removalists who are capable of moving in the rain successfully. Especially at times when it is a long distance relocation, these experienced professionals will have the knowledge of the routes and will be able to adapt to the weather conditions and ensure the safety of your things all throughout. These experts will have their own official stops throughout the route which may help in times when they are a heavy downpour.

You can even get the help of packers once the weather condition of your relocation day is announced as rainy. Packing for a normal relocation is fine but packing for a relocation on a rainy day requires expertise to ensure that there isn’t a single mistake which could jeopardize the safety of your things.

CBD Movers are one of the top removalists of Adelaide who are adept at handling the relocation through all challenges. Our removal experts can also provide budget furniture removals, packing and storage options all over Australia which could come in handy during the rainy season.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Insurance for Your Relocation

It’s time to relocate. You have decided a reliable Adelaide removalist. You have packed most of your things. Everything is happening as per the schedule. But one thing that you left out is taking out a moving insurance.

moving insurance

No matter if you have hired professional removalists for your relocation, doing it all on your own or taking the helping of furniture removal experts you will need to have a moving insurance. This becomes more important when you are moving interstate.

Where can you get moving insurance?

If you are doing the relocation all on your own, then you get insured from authorized third-party insurance providers. Or, in case if you are hiring removalists from Adelaide, you can get insurance from them and any proper removalist will be willing to cover for the damage caused during transportation or negligence.

Make sure to ask about the service provider of the insurance and the exact coverage it will offer. The removal company is obliged to enclose all the details pertaining to the insurance and the breadth of the coverage it will offer.

Getting moving insurance on your own

moving insurance calculator

In case if you are not satisfied with the answers provided by the removalists about the insurance or if the coverage provided by the provider isn’t proper, then you can always find an external insurance service provider and take the insurance directly from them without involving your relocation company.

In times when you have already finalized the removalist but want to take the moving insurance at the last minute, then going for a third-party provider is the best way. Let them know about the removalist Adelaide you have hired and ask for recommendations about the best coverage that will be suitable for you.

From whomever you take the moving insurance, it is their responsibility to state the terms of the insurance and clear the doubts you have about the coverage of your goods in the insurance.

Types of moving insurance


The two main types of insurance provided are:

  • Full coverage insurance which is the broad category available which covers all kinds of damages caused on the insured goods
  • Restricted cover insurance covers only the damages caused to the insured properties through certain causes like fire, explosion, flood, lightning and/or overturning of the transportation vehicle carrying the insured goods.

There are two ways in which the amount for the loss incurred can be settled.

  • A market value option is used to cover the insurance and provided the equivalent amount of the damaged insured goods considered along with its wear and tear, age and condition.
  • Replacement cost will cover the cost of the actual goods totally subjected to the agreed terms and conditions signed earlier when obtaining the insurance.

These are the basic types of insurance coverage schemes offered by the service providers. The restricted cover insurance is a bit cheaper when compared to the full coverage insurance. Before you sign on any insurance paper, make sure to ask questions about the coverage and the amount you will get in case of loss or damage to your insured goods.

Whenever you take a moving insurance, ensure that you are provided with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Financial Services Guide (FSG) in your name or in the name of the person officially taking the insurance.

There are few other types of insurance schemes like the released value insurance which are calculated based on the mass and the total insured value which may result in a total loss for you letting you get just a fraction of the cost of the damaged insured goods. So it is better to choose the safe option preferably the full coverage insurance.

Based on the house or office movers you hire, your insurance policies will be safer providing a wide coverage. CBD Movers removalist Adelaide team will provide a full insurance coverage and you will get a fully satisfied relocation service from one of the most experienced Adelaide removalists including specific options like storage facilities all over Australia and furniture removals in Adelaide.

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5 Tips to Purge Before Your Long Distance Move

You are moving to a location far away. It is all about fresh beginnings and happy first times once again. You are quite excited about the move but something about leaving out all your old packages seems to prick you at the back of the mind.

It is often said that a good quarter portion of what we own is some things that we have no use at all. But just for the familiarity with these things, we end up hanging on it though we know very well that it wouldn’t be put to use.

A long distance relocation is a perfect reason to get rid of all those things weighing in and hogging unwanted space in your house. The time you spend to pack and transport these unnecessary things can very well be used for something productive. Moreover, if you are using any house moving services to help you with the move, then you can reduce the packing charge for the house removals if you can cut down your things considerably.

It is understandable to feel the difficulty in purging those things that you had kept with for so long. To help you with your relocation purge, here are a few tips to help you start with.

Stick on to the rule


When you start purging, you will be faced with a lot of questions and you will end up spending a lot of time contemplating about whether to retain an item. Therefore, before randomly starting the purge, create a rule and stick on with it at all costs. The rule may actually be a set of a questionnaire for you to answer and based on the total score of the answers, you can apply a rule to keep the item or to purge it.

Or, you can ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Have you used the item any time in the past five years for a considerable purpose?
  • Do you see any use of this item in the next five years?
  • How many times have you remembered to be having such an item?
  • Where was this item placed?
  • Closet, garage or the display case?Answer these questions honestly and you will know whether you want to purge it or not. Sometimes, parting with a few things may be difficult but once you have a rule in place to adhere at any cost, then the process will be made simpler for you.

Start early


Purging in urgency closer to the date of your relocation isn’t going to work. Start at least a few weeks early before the date of your house or office relocation so that you will have enough time to finish the purge, do what you want to with the purged items and get to packing the remaining things.

Plan your day beforehand and go through one room at a time. Start small so that you are not overwhelmed with the work. Do it during the leisure times and pick up the pace slowly and if you are moving for the first time then make it look fun.

Rummage your closet


We know very well that closet is the one space where you will never get the mood to purge. Unfortunately, as the situation demands, emptying some of the closet space will go a long way to help you pack.

Do away with the oversized or the undersized clothes, clothes which are so out of fashion that you haven’t worn them since your high school, clothes which are damaged that you can’t use them now and so on. Make a pile of them and donate them or sell them off.

Push the knick-knacks out


We may think that the knick-knacks won’t occupy so much of space but if you put together all such items you have got, it would definitely take up an entire box or two. It is time to go through it and throw away the things that can’t be of use.

When relocating your furniture, you will need to consider it from the point of view of the new house.

  • Do you have a place in the new home for all these types of furniture
  • Do you think these types of furniture will match your new house?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘no’, then it is time to reconsider. You can always sell the furniture and use that money to buy new furniture for your new home. It could also considerably reduce the amount you need to pay for your furniture removalists.

If you are from Adelaide and looking for professional and experienced removal services, then CBD Movers’ Adelaide removalists are the right choice for you offering affordable relocation packages!

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