How to Move House with Potted Plants

Many people have a collection of pot plants and often worry that the furniture removalists in Adelaide may not have the experience in relocating these pots from one place to another without causing any damage. However, the key lies in choosing a moving company that can safely and effectively help move your beloved pot plants without any hassle.

Truck Space

All furniture packing tips will tell you that it is important to calculate the space your furniture and other items are going to use before booking a truck. This way, you will not fall short of space during your removal. The same also holds true for pot plants. However, it is important to realize that these plants will take up more space in the truck than you envisaged, as unlike furniture, you cannot stack anything on top of pot plants. Hence, they will take extra space compared to your furniture.

If you have more than five to six pot plants, consult your furniture removalists about putting smaller pots into cartons and taping them shut. This way, the removalists will be able to stack these cartons one on top of the other and ensure there is adequate space for everything else.

Inform Removalists in Advance

If you have a lot of pot plants, don’t wait until the removalists come to inform them. Rather, it is best to let them know well ahead of time. This way, they will be able to make arrangements for a second truck to transport the pots and your household items and furniture.

Moving Barrel Pot Plants


You may wonder whether Adelaide furniture removalists have the experience in moving wine barrel pot plants. Well, not all removalists have the experience. Hence, it is essential you take the experience of moving pot plants into consideration when you hire a removalist.

When it comes to wine barrel pot plants, here are a few things you may want to consider before you organize the moving:

  • Ensure the wood is not rotting
  • Rotting wood can loosen the metal hoops, which can come off while shifting
  • Inspect the wine barrel for rot
  • If it is rotting, repot the plant into a new wine barrel before moving day
  • This will make it easier for removalists to move the barrel and the plant

Moving Pots with Cracks


Pots are usually made from ceramic, clay and concrete, and hence, are prone to breakage. That is why it is best if you inspect your pots for cracks along the sides. It is prudent to remember that pot plants are tilted and then shifted. As a result, this can worsen the cracks or in the worst case scenario, cause pot to break into two.

If there are visible cracks in the pots, it is best to re-pot the plant. Most removalists suggest repotting in a plastic pot to make it easy to transport the plant. The original cracked pot can be wrapped and transported to the final destination without worrying about further damage. This is the best option if you are attached to the original pot of the plant.

Watering Plants Before Moving

It is best to water the pot plants well about five to six days before moving day. In case the plants begin to wilt after this, mist them but refrain from watering them. The reason not to water pot plants before moving day is very simple. If you water the plants, the runoff will damage other items in the truck. Water can also increase the weight of pot plants and this can make it more difficult to move the pots, especially when it comes to larger plants.

The Bottom Line


These are a few things to consider when you are planning to relocate.

Inform the furniture removalists about the number of pot plants you have and your move should go off hassle-free.

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Tips And Tricks For Packing Your Moving Truck

The three crucial phases of moving are packing, travel and unloading. If the truck carrying your valuables is not packed correctly, there are high risks of damage. This cause loss of money and property. Therefore, knowing how to pack your belongings into the truck is very important.


The most significant trick of an efficient packing is the order in which items are loaded into the truck. Given below are the order in which items should be loaded and packed into the truck and the reasons why it is the most proficient trick.

  • Largest and heaviest objects first

Analyse the size of the truck before loading anything into it and then stage your stuff mentally. Load the largest and heaviest objects such as large furniture, washing machine, and refrigerators first. Pack them into the front of the truck before the house move. Keep them in their upright position and balance them well.

  • Longer items second

Longer items such as sofas and box springs go next. Place box springs against one of the truck’s most extended walls as they fit best on their sides. Moreover, placing them in this manner saves space. Load other items such as tables, bed frames, and bookcases. If there is any furniture with drawers, place them in such a way that they face the truck’s wall, so that they cannot open.

  • Smaller sized heavy boxes third


Next goes the boxes which are smaller in size but contains heavy items. This may include boxes filled with books and other related heavy boxes. By the time you finish this process, you will be left with only a quarter space in the truck.

  • Light and fragile items forth

Load the fragile items such as plates and glasses next. Make sure that you pack it well with bubble wraps and other packing material. If you run out of them at the last minute, use towels and sheet. They are an excellent alternative for bubble wraps. Pack mirrors in between two pillows to protect it accurately.

  • Fill in the remaining gaps with smallest items last

Fill in the remaining space with small light boxes. Things that don’t fit in the above categories fit here. These items can range from a box of clothes, linens, hangers to shoes, boots and garage items. If you want this transit to be cost-effective, pack the truck as tightly as you can, keeping in mind not to squeeze anything at the same time. This might require skill which removalists specialize in. So if you are unsure of packing everything by yourself or your friends, consider hiring reputable and reliable Adelaide removalists.


Apart from the order, remember to pack a bag of all your valuables like jewelry, laptop, and essentials such as towels and a change of clothes. Carry it with you and do not load it into the moving truck. These were some tips on how to pack the moving truck. Don’t forget to disassemble the furniture which let you do so for efficient packing and transit.

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