Easy & cost-effective tips for apartment moving

Moving is a stressful period, and you have just one question running on your mind all the time which is: how can I make moving easier? Moving need not be as stressful as it gets if you keep you follow certain moving tips given below.

Moving boxes


People usually forget that they can get moving boxes from places such as grocery stores liquor stores, bookstores, school, workplace, pharmacy, restaurants, hardware stores, recycling centers, and malls. You end up wasting a considerable amount of money buying these boxes which is superfluous. While some of these stores might charge a minimal amount of money, others let you take these boxes free of charge. These are strong quality boxes as they are used to transport heavy and delicate items to the stores. You can also ask for moving boxes from someone who moved recently or a professional moving company if you hired any. professional moving companies have the best quality boxes as they specialize in moving.

Utilizing towels and sheets

Towels and sheets take up a lot of space. But they can be used as an alternative to bubble wraps. You can wrap all your delicate items with it and also save up money on packing material.

Loading furniture with drawers

Some furniture has drawers with handles that stick out. You can utilize these drawers to store different things in the move. But their handles occupy extra space and scratch other items in the move. To avoid these scenarios, unscrew the hardware and place the handles on the inside.

furniture moving

If you don’t want to risk damage, leave the job to furniture removal experts. They will not only make sure your furniture is safe but also help you relocate within your timeframe

Packing clothes

Packing clothes is a tedious task. The easiest way to pack your clothes is to pack them on hangers. It is just a waste of time if you remove the clothes from hangers, fold them, unfold them after the move, and rehang them again. Instead, you can zip-tie all the hangers (with clothes) together and wrap the whole lot in a plastic wrap, thus saving a lot of time.

Labeling boxes

It is difficult to organize boxes before moving and locate your boxes while unpacking. Though you may have a plan on which room to start with, the plan is bound to get ruined if you do not know in which box the contents of that particular room are in. To avoid the confusion and waste of time, all you have to do is use color-coding.

Pick a color for each room, label the door of each room with that corresponding color and stick to the same color on the box while loading it. For example, red for bathroom and yellow for the kitchen. Stick the same colors on the box and load all the contents of the kitchen in the box colored yellow. Upon arrival stick the same colors to the rooms you had allocated. Stick yellow to the kitchen and red to the washroom and start unpacking. In this way, you can identify the contents if the box in a glance.

Packing fragile items

Packing breakable items such as plates, mirrors, pictures, and TV is no less than a challenge. To avoid broken dishes, pack them vertically and cover with a bubble wrap. Pack glass picture frames and mirrors separately, wrap them in a bubble wrap and label the outside of the box as fragile.

To pack the TV, cover the screen with a towel, and build a custom box for it. Using its original box is ideal. Moreover, the original box will already have all the packing material in it. Always keep the flat screen upright. And if you plan to hire expert removalists for your job, do make sure you cross check how they pack and move your items

These are some of the apartment moving tips which will not only help you plan your packaging but also save up on a lot of money.

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Complete guide on easing the transition with dogs

Relocating is undoubtedly a stressful procedure but not as much if you choose the right removalist for moving. Even with so many helping hands you are constantly worrying about messing it up or breaking something. But this can reduce to a great extent with professional moving companies.

Many might pour in their advice about moving to keep your cost of packing low. You might have a wrong notion about moving companies with their charges. But the fact is that if you hire removal companies in Adelaide, it is beneficial in a long run as they ensure that your valuables are in good hands. Moreover, they provide all the removal, packing & storage services at affordable prices.

Whether you are moving house locally or interstate, relocation is bound to get worse if you have pets and small kids. Even if your canine friend is the calmest dog in the world, moving can freak him out twice as it can freak you out. They often interrupt your packing leaving you thoroughly exhausted. Sometimes, they are not good with traveling which adds on the stress of moving them. They can be fuzzy at times, but we love them nonetheless. They need extra attention and be careful to be patient with them throughout.

So here is a guide on moving house with dogs.


packing before move

• Do not pack your dog’s stuff in the beginning. Pack the toys, dog dish, and bedding last as these are the things that comfort a dog.

• Leave your dogs in a room while you are packing. Preferable a quiet room which will keep them away from all the chaos happening in the house. You can also consider leaving them at your friends or neighbors place.

• Keep them busy. Make sure that you leave them in the room with adequate food and toys. Often they whine when hungry and interrupt your packing. Also leaving them with toys will keep them busy.

Preparing your dog:

• If your dog is not good with traveling, then make them get used to it before the move. Start taking them for small drives, so they don’t get stressed on a moving day. Also, do not feed it for around 4 hours before the move if your dog is travel-sick.

• Attach your dog’s leash with a tag mentioning your phone number and address on a moving day. This identification tag on its collar is vital for moving.

• Make sure that your dog is healthy for the travel. The journey might make him sicker.

While moving:

• Sedate the dog if you think it is necessary, but do so only after consulting the vet.

• Pay attention to the ventilation of the vehicle. Your dog needs ventilation and may feel nauseous if it does not receive enough ventilation.

• While on the move, secure the dog safely to your vehicle with a dog gourd, travel crate or car harness. Do not keep it in a standing position.

• Do not leave your dog alone in the vehicle in extreme weather conditions. If a small stop is necessary, then park the vehicle in the shade.

• If the trip is too long, then take breaks and stop for food and water breaks for your dog.

• Do not open the vehicle window too much. Dogs get tempted to jump out of it even on the move. Also, if its head is outside the window, it can cause some serious eye injuries.

• If your dog salivates a lot, take plenty of tissue papers and towels along for the journey in the vehicle.

Upon arrival:

• Your dog needs a walk even after you move to your new home. So it is better you study your new surroundings to take your dog for a walk.

• Your dog may behave differently after moving to the new house. Also, he may end up damaging your valuables. He may make a mess or some accidents to your carpet. Be patient with them and do not keep punishing them as they are getting used to the new place.

• Introduce the dog to your new neighbors and milkman or usual delivering person who your dog will see often.

• Do not send your dog out alone till it gets familiar to the new place. You may also consider buying a GPS tracking collar for it.

So these were some tips on moving house with your dogs. You must not forget that your dog has a difficult time to keep up with all the things happening around it. Things don’t sound, look or smell the same, and it can cause anxiety for your dog. So keep them as comfortable as you can.

professional removalists Adelaide

Moreover, professional removal experts in Adelaide give you all the specifications on how to handle your dog while moving. So if you have hired a reputed moving company for relocating your pets, you need not have to worry at all. They’ll make your move comfortable & stressfree

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