5 Reasons to Hire Professional Interstate Removalist while Moving from Adelaide to Sydney

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One of the common dilemmas homeowners face is – should they hire a professional to get the furniture pieces moved or do they do it on their own? Unlike other small and light belongings, furniture needs the right tools and a perfect technique to be removed. Only professional and experienced removalist companies in Adelaide can lift and shift these heavy pieces of furniture from one location to another without causing any damage.

Even if you gather the local furniture removal tools, the chances that you might hurt yourself in the process or damage the furniture pieces are high. Do you know around 50 people in Australia get serious injuries due to furniture lifting? Things get even more complicated when you try to do it alone. Here we’ve mentioned a few important reasons why you should hire a professional interstate Adelaide removalist while moving your furniture from Adelaide oy Sydney.

1. Value for Money –

If you’ve already looked into hiring a truck to move or doing multiple trips in your car, you’ve probably calculated the time and money it’s going to take to complete your move. Once you’ve added in petrol, toll and trolley costs, as well as how many days you’ll have to take off work, hiring a professional Adelaide removalist starts becoming more value for money.

Professional Adelaide Removalist provides an inclusive quote upfront so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Knowing how much you’re going to spend on a move and what jobs professional Adelaide removalist will complete for you also makes it easier to budget for the other expenses that come with owning a house

2. Stress-free/ Zero Damage Guarantee

Interstate Removalists Adelaide Guarantee

Professional Adelaide removalists are known for their professionalism. They take the utmost care of your possessions. No matter how heavy or delicate the furniture piece is, you can rest assured that our Professional removalist  will do the job carefully

At professional Adelaide removalist, we train our staff to use professional packing processes to ensure your household goods are protected at every stage of the move. We use a range of packing techniques and specially designed boxes to keep every one of your items safe. We also take extra measures to ensure your home is protected while we’re moving in and out of the property.

3. Save you from Injuries –

When you don’t know the right technique to lift a furniture set, you should avoid doing it yourself. This is because many people end up getting musculoskeletal disorders when they try to relocate the heavy sofa or dining table. Even if there is no visible wound, heavy lifting can affect your neck, joints, arms, and back. That’s one of the reasons why doctors recommend you avoid heavy lifting.

That’s not the only damage. Sharp furniture such as glass tables can result in cuts and scratches on your ankles and hands. Hurting yourself is the last thing you want in the house shifting process. That being said, it makes sense for homeowners to leave this crucial task to professionals. Professional Adelaide removalists are the experts in furniture removals. They know which part is to be carried in what way.  

4. Customized Services –

Removalists can do a lot more than simply move and relocate your belongings. At professional Adelaide removalist, we offer a comprehensive range of removal services. These services include:

  • Storage Solutions
  • Pet Relocation
  • Vehicle Transfer
  • Home Cleaning Service
  • Valet Service
  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Furniture Removals

5. Save Time and Energy

House shifting isn’t just about furniture removals. You might have a plethora of products to be moved. So, why not use your energy and time in shifting the lightweight and other precious products and leave the rest to our Professionals Removalist! You may also have to de-clutter your home, pack other valuables, look after your kids and pets during the moving process, and so on.

Our expert knowledge is what sets us apart from the rest and we use our industry expertise to help you at every stage of the moving process, starting with our easy to use Moving House Checklist.

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